Friday, April 30, 2010

The Unexpected

Round 3 - Spring 2032
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Amanda Carlson is 35, Corbin Gray is 35, (Celeste Sky is 22)

She has always read her nerdy science books alone. Always. It was what happened to shy people. They faded away into the books they usually had their noses buried in. It was a very lonely life.........but it wasn't lonely for Amanda anymore.........

And Baby Makes Three

Round 3 - Spring 2032
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 25

Kinsley Knowles was amazed. She would never have thought 10 years ago that she would be where she was today. Talk about a Cinderella story! Who knew that falling in love with Kevin Knowles would be the best thing that ever happened to her? Not only did he help motivate her to get out of Englewood, he married her and enabled her to stay in a beautiful loft-style apartment in the warehouse district of LaQuest Beach. She knew that her life would have been quite different had she not met him. Maybe it wouldn't have turned out horrible, but it wouldn't have been the wonderful experience that it has been thus far.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini-Update: Celeste Sky

Round 3 - Winter 2031
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Celeste Sky is 22, Starema Orionious is 121

She couldn't believe it. Not only was there an alien on her couch. A real, live, being from another planet. But this alien was telling her that SHE was an alien too! Starema had showed up on Celeste's front yard months ago. Since then, Celeste refused to talk to the old alien. Refused to talk to her mother. But now she needed answers......

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number!

Round 3 - Winter 2031
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Donna Foster is 47, DeJuan is 44, Taesha is 15, and Brian Johnson is 17

She felt it some days. Felt like she was almost 50 years old. 50! Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday that Kinsley was dancing on her father's toes. Now she was a grown married woman with a life of her own and Donna had remarried. She didn't know if she would find love again after Kinsley and Brian's father died. But DeJuan came along and changed all of that for her.

Fall Birthdays/Knowles

Round 3 - Fall 2031

Lots of birthdays this time!

Joe and little Kayden patiently awaited the arrival of the newest memeber of the Carr family. Kayden had no idea that he was about to become a big brother, but Joe was excited about his new child!

Hot N Cold

Round 3 - Summer 2031
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Marshal White is 35, Shamella Reeves is 32

Shamella Reeves was confused. So confused that she gave herself a headache on a daily basis! Marshal White was the most infuriating man she had ever met. He was also the sweetest. She moved in with him about 6 years ago and they still had yet to move to the next level. Some days it didn't bother her. Some days it did. She didn't know what she wanted either she guessed. A proposal would be nice.........

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring 2031 Teaser

Round 3 - Spring 2031
Last update/ Next update
Celeste Sky is 21, Starema Orionious is 156

She couldn't sleep. She kept hearing voices in her head. She knew it was insane, knew that it wasn't possible. But it didn't stop the voice. It's time Andromeda Orionious. Things are coming to past, the order of your world is about to change. Come to me, my child. Come to me and learn about who you truly are. She was losing her she was contemplating whether to check herself into a hospital, she saw a bright light outside..........

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bad Day

Round 3 - Spring 2031
Last update/ Next update
Kip and Kimber Henderson are 38, Caleb is 10

Caleb Henderson was a happy little boy. He was an only child whose parents doted on him daily, what's not to love? Sometimes he did feel a little lonely and wished that he had someone to play with all the time. But he could just call one of his friends over. Simple answer to a very simple problem!

The Only Exception

Round 3 - Winter 2030
Last uupdate/ Next update
Ariel Carr is 30, Joe Carr is 35, Kayden Carr is 1.
She had to remind herself sometimes to breathe. Ariel's life was completely overwhelming one minute and terribly boring the next. She never knew how her days were going to go. It all started when she decided to marry Joe. It wasn't that she didn't love Joe. She did. Although that was why he thought she didn't want to get married. But it wasn't that. She loved him more than she thought was possible. It's just that having Kayden and falling in love was not a part of her plan. She was in her thirties and had never become the singer she thought she would become. It wasn't the end of her life, but she had a family now......she couldn't just do what she after alot of proding from her brother Marshal, she decided to become Ariel Carr.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Round 3 - Winter 2030
Last update/ Next update
Tabitha Coners is 40, Terrence is 39, Imani and Imara are 3, and Kenny is 16
(Orlando Centowski, Brian Johnson and Nicole Thompson are 16, Taesha Foster is 14)

Tabitha loved being a mother. Oh it was tiresome and there were times when she wished there were more hours in the day, but there was nothing in the world she loved more than her little angels. They were growing so fast and would be in preschool next fall. Time was moving too fast, she wanted to keep them small. But she would love those hours of freedom she would have once they were in school. It was hard to get things accomplished while running after toddlers! She had quit her job in oceanography so she would be there with them. She was thinking of maybe opening a hair salon here in Camden Park once they started school. She could make her own hours and work while the girls were gone. It was something she planned to talk to Terrence about.

Different Shades of Gray

Round 3 - Fall 2030
Last update/ Next update
Tessa Gunner is 34

She doesn't know what happened or how she wound up here, in this small house in Talum Heights. She was living a good life, bartending at a club she helped open, and having fun everyday of the week. It was the life she always wanted.......then Derick went and messed everything up with his anger and jealousy. In her heart, she knew that he wouldn't be able to handle her being with other men, even though that was the deal. He wanted marriage and kids.....with HER! She couldn't understand why or how he became so obsessed with her. So now she was living from paycheck to paycheck and Brandon Lillard wouldn't even ackowledge her existence.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Somewhere I Belong

Round 3 - Fall 2030
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Celeste Sky is 21

She taught herself quantum physics. TAUGHT herself. Celeste knew she was different. It was why her real parents gave her away. Or so she thought. Why else would a family leave their baby on the steps of a church? There were times when she thought it might have been for another reason.......times when she felt like she didn't belong here. Not just in LaQuest Beach, but here, this planet with these people. She didn't know anyone else in the world who looked like her. Didn't know of a skin condition that could have caused it.......but she also didn't think she was an alien. Didn't aliens have big, pupil-less eyes, and green skin and huge heads? She looked like everyone else with the exception of her pale skin. She had pupils but her irises were so large and such a dark green that it was hard to see them. And then there was her forehead..........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New LaQuest Beach

I'm pretty much done decorating the hood, I've put all of my sims in a house, now I just have to decorate their homes! It's a pain in the ass, but so far I have seemed to clear myself of the bugginess that was LaQuest Beach V.1. Things didn't change in regard to where the different areas are located. But I did group lots together better I think.
Englewood - Still the hood, more urban part of LaQuest Beach, but I removed the duplex that the Johnsons and Marshal White were living it. There were issues with people not being able to pick up dirty dishes and sims resetting themselves, which all made me nervous enough to bulldose the lot. I'm still looking for lots to add to it but it's fine for now. Since Derrick Pace's home club didn't work out, I've built him one in the Englewood area called Zazu's......he'll be taking out a loan and buying it.
Downtown - This is where the mayor's office and most of the stores and restuarants for LaQuest Beach are located. I think I place a couple of homes there in case any of my sims seem like the type to live in a downtown area instead of the suburbs.
Lorrington - Place where the richest sims in LaQuest are. Mayor Christian Brown and his family currently live in Lorrington.
Talum Heights - Talum Heights has nice affordable homes away from the bustling downtown side of LaQuest Beach. Donna Foster and her new husband DeJuan and their kids live here, as well as Tessa Gunner.
Warehouse District - Lots of old warehouse buildings that have been converted into homes, clubs and stores. Kevin and Kinsley Johnson live here.
Along all the shore are beach houses and shops. Some have private beaches but most do not. Amanda Carlson and Corbin Gray as well as Tanner Knowles and his family live along this area.
Camden is the small rural shopping district of LaQuest Beach. There is plenty of land for farming and it's tucked away from the fast paced city life. Terrence Coners and his family live here.
LaQuest Beach University is a state funded university and will be where all residents who pursue higher education will attend. They also have an online program for those adults who may want to obtain a degree. Marshal White is taking part in the online program.
I've also decided to utilize some of the supernatural things offered by the sims. I don't plan to get too unrealistic, but I think that aliens and witchcraft isn't too far off the path. So meet LaQuest Beach's newest citizen, Celeste Sky.
Celeste has no idea where she's from. She only knows that she was dropped off at an orphanage as a baby and that she has always been different from those around her. She could pass for normal if it wasn't for the intricate markings that permanently mark her face and her unusually large pupils. She's never really fit in anywhere she has ever been, never could really make friends. People fear what they don't understand. She's never been kissed or even had a date before. She decided to move to LaQuest Beach because it was time for a move. Over the years she learned that she couldn't stay in any place for too long. Soon people would wonder about her and their curiosity lead them to interfering with her life. Maybe LaQuest Beach would be different, but her 20 years of experience told her that this too would be a short stay......she didn't know where she belonged........

* I created Celeste in body shop and I like how she turned out. She's not TOO alien-like, more interesting I think. I have different pollination techs installed so if anyone gets abducted the baby won't look like the tradition alien baby. I think it's possible that we aren't completely alone in the universe, so why should the sims be? lol.......Witchcraft is also something that some people believe in so I don't think that's too far. I won't be having any flower people or werewolves or vampires though.......seems too much....
* I really like how redoing the hood turned out, it feels better than it did before. Hopefully a clean start will help with the bugginess......the families in the bin are still there, I didn't delete them this time so maybe that will help.

Fast Forward: Johnson

When we left Donna Johnson, she had just met DeJuan Foster and the two hit it off automatically. They began dating in secret because Donna didn't want to let her kids find out. Kinsley was old enough to understand, but she was afraid Brian wouldn't take it well. DeJuan had a child of his own, Taesha, and he didn't want her getting upset about it either.

Fast Forward: Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson needed a break. After two failed attempts at romance, she was feeling a bit down. So she hopped on a plane and headed to Takezimu Village. She'd always wanted to go and she figured being able to just take off when the mood strikes is one good thing about being single......maybe the ONLY thing about being single!