Friday, April 30, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

Round 3 - Spring 2032
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 25

Kinsley Knowles was amazed. She would never have thought 10 years ago that she would be where she was today. Talk about a Cinderella story! Who knew that falling in love with Kevin Knowles would be the best thing that ever happened to her? Not only did he help motivate her to get out of Englewood, he married her and enabled her to stay in a beautiful loft-style apartment in the warehouse district of LaQuest Beach. She knew that her life would have been quite different had she not met him. Maybe it wouldn't have turned out horrible, but it wouldn't have been the wonderful experience that it has been thus far.

They had been married for three years and it still felt like they were on their honeymoon! She knew that one day they would have kids and other responsiblities that wouldn't allow them to have all this alone time. So she planned to enjoy it for as long as she possibly could!
That didn't turn out to be as long as she thought. Seems that all that alone time had lead to a baby! After weeks of not being able to keep anything down, Kinsley took a pregnancy test and it was positive. She was going to be a mother! She was excited and frightened at the same time.......but excitement was in the lead!
Her mom was super excited about being a grandmother. DeJuan was also excited about being a step-granddad as well. Kinsley had accepted that DeJuan really cared for her mom and cut the guy some slack. He wasn't so bad after all. Donna began giving Kinsley tips on morning sickness and nursey color was going to be a long nine months!
Kevin was just as happy as Kinsley about the baby. He wouldn't let her lift a finger! He made breakfast for her before she even got up most mornings. She was a bit worried that Kevin wouldn't be happy about it because his parents had recently had another child. Kevin thought it was weird, but Kinsley thought it was sweet. And Kali was simply adorable. But she didn't know how she would feel if her mom called and told her that her and DeJuan were having a kid........she guessed that WOULD be weird!
But he was excited and that was all that mattered. His parents had given him part of his trust fund after he and Kinsley got married so that they could find a place. Kevin planned to put the rest of it into an account for their children's education. That was fine with Kinsley. They still have a nice nest egg left over from what they already had and she was excited to start decorating the nursery......but she wanted to wait and find out the sex of the baby first.
She thought that nothing could be better than the two of them together.......but a little person that would be the perfect mix of a little of him and a little of her would really make them complete........

* These two give me a toothache! They are just so sweet together. Kevin is Family/Pleasure and Kinsley is Pleasure/Family and neither of them had a baby want but they tried on their own. I thought it was hilarious that while talking to her mom, Kinsley brought up babies. It was like she couldn't wait to share the good news!

* I hope their family side comes out more when the baby gets here, because they both are really pleasure sims at heart. Lots of date and going out wants. Gonna be kinda hard to do that with a kid at home!

* Baby Knowles will be here Winter 2032


  1. Aww, I'm glad these two are having a baby! I still remember when they first met as teens and they're just as cute now.

  2. LOL! Hubby and I get that same response, we give people a toothache :P

    I can't wait to see the new baby.

  3. aww sweet, I bet the new baby will be adorable, can't wait to see what they have and who it looks the most like.

    Maybe they'll be those parents who are still madly in love and passionate that they make time to spend alone, along with their kid.

  4. Carla - I went back and looked at that post after writing this one.......I can't wait to see the baby!

    Apple Valley - Haha sweet isn't always bad :)

    Maisie - I think they will be able to balance it all pretty well. They're pretty balanced sims so I have faith in them!

  5. Sweet posts are so much fun to read. And I really like all your Sims' underwear!!

  6. Francesca - I think the women's underwear came from either Lianasims2 or annamariesims


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