Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fall Birthdays/Knowles

Round 3 - Fall 2031

Lots of birthdays this time!

Joe and little Kayden patiently awaited the arrival of the newest memeber of the Carr family. Kayden had no idea that he was about to become a big brother, but Joe was excited about his new child!

They didn't have to wait long because soon Ariel was screaming at the top of her lungs and telling Joe that this was the last time she was doing this! No more kids! Not unless they adopted them!
Her anger evaporated as soon as she was holding little Javion Carr. Joe was excited that he had another son. He would have loved a daughter, but he secretly wanted a son. Ariel kinda wanted a girl though......who would she pass her diva rules down to now?
Javion gets both his hair and his eyes from both of his parents. I wonder if he's going to look like his brother as a toddler.......I guess time will tell!
Over in Camden Park, Tabitha and Terrence had gotten their friends and families together to celebrate the twins birthday. The girls were turning 4 and Tabitha was both sad and excited at the same time, as was Terrence.
Imani was going to be a bit more outgoing than her shy sister. She was super excited about starting pre-school and making new friends.
Imara was a little less excited about being put in a room full of strangers. She was happy just playing with Imani!
But as long as they were in the same class, Imara would be just fine. She couldn't be without her sister, not even for a few hours. She was her other half!
She was NOT very happy about having to get up all early just to go to school either! She wanted more sleep!
Kali Knowles is also 4 this year and is also excited about school. Maybe she'll be able to be friends with the Coners twins since they will all be in the same grade.
Tanner and Keisha celebrated their last child becoming school aged by have a dinner out together. They were happy that their toddler caring years were all behind them! That was of course until they became grandparents. But they wouldn't have to keep their grandchildren all the time!

* I have no idea what happened to the Knowles pics for this round. Not much happened during their turn, but I had way more pictures than just 2! Oh well......

* I'm interested to see if Javion is going to look as weird as Kayden when he gets to be a toddler. It's like the game took the most mismatched features from Ariel and Joe and put them together! Hopefully Javion will fair better!

* Imani is very outgoing and Imara is very shy. Apparently she isn't very active either because she was pretty upset that she had to get up for school! Never seen a sim kid have that expression upon waking up! Imara's dent is still there in her forehead, it's just softened a bit. I aged her up to adult in bodyshop and there's always going to be a hint of it throughout her life.

* Kali is too cute! I don't remember where I got that in-between skin (I think it came with a sim I downloaded) but it is so pretty! Ariel has it and I rarely put make-up on her. It's so pretty on it's own!


  1. Congratulations to TAnner and Keisha. That's a milestone I remember fondly.

  2. Happy birthday, everyone! What a pretty girl Kali turned out to be!

    I remember when my Rebecca Kirby was born, I was expecting her to get a strange mix of features like Claudia and Victoria did. Instead, she turned out like a straight clone of her dad! So Javion might surprise you!

  3. Those little girls are the cutest. Imara, Imani and Kali are going to be heart breakers when they grown up.


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