Thursday, January 10, 2008

Custom Content

Geez where to begin?! Once I got my new laptop, I became a downloading loon! I have so many things from so many different places that I can't name them all! But I'll give a few of my favorite ones:
ACR- I'm using version 2
Community Time Project
Sim Blender
Visitor Controller
Monique's Computer
Postponed Silver Years
Monique's Child Support
College Adjuster

Paladin's Palace
Season Adjuster
Hack Conflict utility

I download my CC from a variety of places which makes it hard to pinpoint where some things come from! But here are some of the sites I frequent regularly, much to my computer's disgust lol:

WCIF - if you've never been here, make sure you check out their weekly themes, lots of great stuff!
Modthesims - A whole lot of everything
All About Style - Best maternity and Elder clothes around!
Sims Urbania - Lots of urban lots and clothing
Simply Styling - Nice object sets
Liana Sims - Beautiful female clothing

Skin: Ephemera
Eyes: Shady
Pollination Techs: Brilliant Cat

There is LOTS more but I think this gives a good idea of where most of my stuff comes from. As always, let me know of any specific things you're interested in and I'll see if I can find it!


  1. A few new places for me, so thank you! Some Simply Styling things have turned up in my downloads folder, from different lots I've installed, but I've never actually been to the site before. And I've never heard of WCIF!

  2. Carla - Simply Styling is a great site! And WCIF is also great, their weekly themes have so much stuff! Alot of my downloads are found through there.


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