Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'll Be

Round 2 - Summer 2025
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Terrance Coners is 33, Tabitha Gunner is 34

He was tired of this. Tired of her avoiding him. Tired of them tip-toeing around each other. Tired of this whole business.
"So it ends here Tab," he said.
"What ends here? You don't want to be friends anymore?"
"Are you insane? No! You've been avoiding me Tabitha. Every since I told you we needed to talk. You only come over when you know Kenny is here and we can't really talk," he said.
"Well what did you expect Terrance? That I would look forward to you telling me that you felt that I was misinterpreting your friendliness? That I wanted to hear how you don't want to ruin our friendship?"
"Where the hell did you come up with that? Look, we need to straighten these misunderstandings out right now. I'm going to go change and we're going to go out," he said.
"Look Terrance, why don't you just tell me what this is all......."

I'm So in Love

Round 2 - Spring 2025
Sim State University/LBCC

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Kevin Knowles and Kinsley Johnson are 18

It was spring break and Kevin had never been this excited! He and Kinsley were going away together. He had been patiently waiting and was happy with his make out sessions with Kinsley.....but he figured it was high time they take things farther. After all, he was postive that he was going to marry her. So there really was no good reason not to do it. And he couldn't wait! He had booked a room in the nicest hotel in Twikki Island that he could find. He wanted their first time together to be as special as possible.

Love & Happiness

Round 2 - Spring 2025
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Amanda Carlson is 28

Amanda was in a rut. Her life seemed to be all about studying, the lab, and studying some more. She hated being so shy, she really did. But she had no idea how to counteract the rapid beating of her heart or sweats she broke out in when she was the center of some's attention. How can you want something so bad, but be deathly afraid of it at the same time? She had no idea, but she knew something had to give. It simply had to.......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Round 2 - Winter 2024
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Derick Pace is 32, Tessa Gunner is 28

It really was a nice house. She had to give him that. He had nice taste. Tessa was excited about her new start. Englewood would take some getting used to for her. Derick warned her about going into the really bad area. Said that they would know right off that she didn't belong and it would make her a target. It scared her a bit, but for the most part she was happy with the way things were going.

The Start of Something New

Round 2 - Fall 2024
Sim State University
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Kevin Knowles is 18

Kevin Knowles couldn't believe he was in college. College. SSU. It was his dream come true! He missed his girlfriend terribly and it didn't help that their friend from high school was now some buff adonis and was living in the same complex as her. He trusted Kinsley, though, and he knew that she wouldn't do anything to endanger their relationship. This time next year he would be opening up his own fraternity house. He decided to name it the Cham Hoh house.

Say What?

Round 2 - Fall 2024
LaQuest Beach Community College
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Kinsley Johnson, Rayne Tayson, and Tristen Chase are 18

Kinsley Johnson is super excited. She is beginning her first semester at LaQuest Beach Community College, or LBCC, and her mother is taking her out to do some shopping! She's still upset that she didn't end up at the same college as her boyfriend, Kevin Knowles, but she knows that she will see him most weekends and really wanted him to have the opportunity to go to Sim State University. Besides, one of her friends from high school is also attending LBCC so she will know a familiar face. Tristen Chase is the guy who introduced Kinsley to Kevin.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Letting Go

Round 2 - Fall 2024

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Tabitha Gunner is 34, Tessa Gunner is 28

It was her last day at home. Her last day living with her sister. And she felt like crap. She knew she was taking a big chance investing money into Derick's idea, but she knew that this was something she really wanted to do. Tabitha didn't understand. She accused her of trying to get away, of running into the first open home in an effort to escape her. Tessa loved her sister and would miss her more than she knew. But she had to do this. Had to go out on her own.

Round 1 Summary

So for those of you who have been reading my disjointed updates, here's a recap in the first round of LaQuest Beach:

*Tessa Gunner was offered the opportunity to open up a home business in the form of a club with her lover, Derick Pace. She accepted and the two will be opening the Black Door in Round 2.

*Alana and Christian Brown welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Christa Brown, into the neighborhood in Spring 2024. Alana is dying to open up her own restaurant, but her husband is against the idea and wants them to focus on his political career.

*Kinsley Johnson was introduced to her boyfriend's family. Kevin Knowles' parents adored Kinsley. Kinsley will be attending LaQuest Beach Community college in Fall 2024 and Kevin will be attending Sim State University.

*Ariel White finally got a job and will be potentially moving out of her brother's home in Round 2. Marshal White has a new love interest, Shamella Reeves.

Kinsley Johnson and Kevin Knowles will be going off to University next round (I'm so excited!). This will be the first time I have tried to run a college in the main hood. I'm also excited to begin Derick's club. Round 2 should be a very exciting round!

If Only You Knew

Round 1 - Summer 2024
Next update
Terrance Coners is 32, Kenny is 9 (Tabitha Gunner is 33, Amanda Carlson is 27)

This is his favorite time of day. It's the time when he and his son can actually spend some quality time together. It's hard balancing work and home when you're a single parent. But he manages it. And Kenny understands. He's amazingly perceptive for a 9 year old boy. But he would have to be to endure his own mother leaving him. Allison was bad news from the start and Terrance should have listened to his instincts. He would never make that mistake again. Kenny deserved better.