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Round 4 - Summer 2033
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Tessa Gunner is 36, Elvin de Muse is 40

Tessa Gunner was a screw up. She had accepted that a long time ago. But she was a lucky screw up. And no matter what happened, no matter how much trouble she got herself into, she always managed to come out on top. And why shouldn't she? She deserved it! Why work hard when you didn't have to?

Elvin de Muse had moved in with her and brought his nice $12,000 in savings. She was having regular woohoo and had someone willing to clean up the house. She knew that Tabitha would freak and of course she did. She thought it was the Derrick situation all over again. But this was HER house. And if anyone would be leaving it would be Elvin. And he was nothing like Derrick. He was sweet and calm and patient. She'd never seen him get angry at anyone! Not even when she told him that they wouldn't be exclusive.....she just couldn't see herself settling down.....EVER!
Elvin de Muse had fallen in love with Tessa Gunner. He knew that she didn't want to settle down. But he did. The elders would frown upon what he was going to do. A normal elf wouldn't dare. But he had the good fortune to be the offspring of a dark and light elf. It meant that he had the powers of both halves. It was frowned upon, light elves consorting with dark ones. But he is very glad his mother fell in love with his father. And now, Tessa Gunner was going to fall in love with him. She didn't have a choice in the matter.........
Tessa was really a good woman......the wildness in her just wouldn't allow her to be good. But he would help her with that. He would have to move things along pretty quickly though.........
Unfortunately, this particular spell only lasted 24 hours, 48 at the most. So he didn't have time to take how others would feel about this into consideration. He had to move on it now!
After it took effect, he scooped her up in his arms.
"You love me, don't you Tessa Gunner?"
"Of course I love you Elvin. I'm so glad I have you in my life. I love you so much! More so than I ever thought possible," she said.
"I love you as well,  jhyli. Shouldn't we do something about this love?" he asked.
"What do you mean?"
"I want to marry you, Tessa Gunner. I want to have beautiful children with you and grow old together."
She looked at the ring from every angle and Elvin was afraid the spell may have wore off. Tessa was a very strong willed woman.......
"Oh Elvin, of course I'll marry you! Nothing would make me happier!"
"Oh you've made me very happy Tessa. Let's do it tomorrow," he said.
"Tomorrow? Well that's just not possible! I have to find a dress and get a venue and tell my sister and friends!"
"I don't want to live another moment without you being my wife. I have some pull with the owner of the dress shop at the Rainbow Pier. We can have you in a beautiful dress first thing in the morning. And you can call your sister and friends right now. Please Tess, do this for me," he said.
"Anything for you Elvin. Anything for you."
"Tab, guess what?"
"I don't know, what Tess? You started your little band?" Tabitha asked.
"No, something greater than that! I'm getting married!"
"WHAT? What the hell do you mean you're getting married? To who?"
"My love, Elvin de Muse. And we're doing it tomorrow and I want you to come," Tess said.
"TOMORROW? What, are you pregnant or something?"
"No, don't be ridiculous!"
"ME be ridiculous? You're marrying some guy I've never even heard anything about, TOMORROW, and I'm being ridiculous? I'm coming over there right now!" Tabitha yelled.
"Tab don't come over here trying to yell at me! I'm a grown woman and....."
She heard the click of Tabitha slamming down the phone.
"Oh Tessa, what have you gotten yourself into now?" Tabitha asked when she arrived.
"I thought you were pissed at me. Don't hang the phone up on me like that again!"
"Oh, I'm still pissed. I had time to calm down in the car though.....what are you thinking? Do you even know this man?"
"Yes I know him! Why do you always have to treat me like a child?"
"Because you act like one Tessa. You know, when you told me you moved some guy in to help with the bills, I figured you were sleeping with him, but dammit it Tess, why are you marrying him? And so quickly?" Tabitha asked.
"Because I love him! Why is it so hard for you to believe I'm capable of love?"
"Oh I don't know. Maybe because you've never loved another human being more than yourself in your whole life with the exception of me. And sometimes I even wonder about that!"
"Screw you Tab ok? I called you because I wanted you to be happy for me! I can see that was a mistake!" Tessa yelled.
"No Tess, getting married is a mistake. You gonna bring kids into this fiasco too? Because me and Terrence aren't helping you take care of kids when this infactuation wears off!"
"How dare you! Get the hell off my property," Tessa yelled.
"Ladies please! Hello Tabitha. I am Elvin de Muse. It is a great pleasure to finally meet you," Elvin said.
"Well, I wish I could say the same. What exactly is going on here Mr. de Muse? I mean men fall for Tess all the time, but most of them have the good sense to know that things won't last with her."
"I know this may seem a bit crazy to you, but I really love your sister."
"I don't doubt that you think that you do. What I'm trying to get you to understand is that Tess isn't a settling down type of woman. She never has been," Tabitha said.
"Bite me Tab!" Tessa interjected.
"On the contrary, I think she is quite capable of settling down. She was just waiting on the right man to come along," Elvin said.
"And you think that you're that man?"
"Tessa, the phone is ringing. Could you go and grab it, sweetheart?" Elvin said.
"Sure, be right back!"
"Now listen to me Tabitha Coners. I love your sister. And we are getting married tomorrow. This is not a negotiable point. It would make her very happy if you would be in attendence. But you should know, whether you choose to attend or not, tomorrow afternoon you sister will be Tessa de Muse."
He felt her stare as he walked away. He had looked into her heart. She truly loved Tessa and this would not negatively affect their relationship. She had no need to worry. No one would treat Tessa as good as he was going to. And she would be so much more a better person because of him. Tabitha would get over it. It would be fine.
"Tabitha, I know you feel that you always have to watch out for me. But you don't. I can really take care of myself. And Elvin is a really great guy. Please come tomorrow. We're getting married at Paradise Beach in the morning," Tessa said.
"You're my sister and I love you. And I know this is a mistake. But you've always had to learn your lessons the hard way. I just wish it could be different this time. I'll come. For you."
"Are you ready to become Mrs. de Muse?"
"I think I've been ready my whole life and just didn't know feels so right, like this is what I'm supposed to do," Tessa said.
"That's because you are my jhyli, you are."
"What does that mean?"
"Jhyli means love in my native language," Elvin said.
"You know, I don't even know where you're from......what language is that?"
"Ail pia sosti, Tessa. Ail pia sosti.
She never thought she would be getting married. But then, she'd never met anyone like him. She didn't know alot about him, but she'd seen enough to know that he was a good man. Who would take good care of her......what more could a girl ask for?

This is just another mistake. This is all my fault isn't it? I wasn't hard enough on her. She'll never grow up as long as she has people to clean up her messes. And who is this guy? He gives me the creeps. It's like he's ordering her around, like she doesn't have any say, any choice........This is not going to end well..........
Tessa is getting married.....who would EVER have thought? Guy's kinda cute though.....Kinda wish I had dressed up more.....who knew Tessa would have such a formal wedding? Ah, she doesn't care. And neither do I really. My ankles are swollen and I'm all fat and hot. Summertime wedding, she's lucky she's my friend! I can't wait until I have this kid already! The guy's pretty intense.....maybe he can be the one to finally straighten Tess out......either that or she'll make every gorgeous hair on that head of his fall out, you can never tell with her!
He knew this was only half the battle. The spell would wear off soon. Oh, she would remember marrying him.....she just wouldn't know why she did it. But he would slowly make her see that they were perfect for one another. They were paerolaer, destined.
Tabitha didn't stay for the reception. Tess didn't really blame her......because as she stared at her husband with a smile frozen in place, she began to wonder just what the hell she had done.......
Yes, this was only the beginning. He had plans for he and his beautiful Tessa........big plans indeed......

* Title is Decode by Paramore

* So Elvin had the elf ears and it only seemed natural to make him an elf! He of course is a warlock by game standards, but in my noggin he's an elf with elf like powers. I love the hacks I got from modthesims for witches. I hope you noticed that he cast his spell without that little wand....looks much cooler when it's coming out of their hands! I also have one that allows them to cast all the spells without making those regeants so he'll never use that cauldron and he doesn't have to learn a spell or be a certain alignment to do it.

* This is more story telling I suppose than gameplay, but I do plan to let them get back to deciding things for themselves.....I consider this to be like a ROS that I'm playing out.....

* I found a cool website that translates words into elven it! For those of you who were wondering, Ail pia sosti means in due time.

* I actually haven't figured out Elvin's angle yet, but he's fun to play.....I might make an elder elf to reprimand him for using his powers for personal gain, I don't know yet.....


  1. Oh my gosh! Tessa is married!! and to an elf! This is wild! I can't wait to see this unfold, and here I thought I was totally invested with Celeste, that I couldn't get anymore pulled into a different storyline. I was wrong. I can't wait to find out hwo Tessa responds, and what Elvin's plans are.

    Love Paramore's Decode.

  2. Good gooley gracious! An elf, an alien and what do you have in store for us next?

  3. Maisie - haha glad I pulled you in! I think most people will be shocked that Tessa is married.....but this one really doesn't count on her end of this since she wasn't aware lol

    Apple Valley - haha this is as supernatural as it's gonna get! It was just too hard to resist making Elvin an's the game's fault for naming him that!

  4. Oh, wow! I didn't think we'd ever see Tessa get married, lol! But I wonder how she is going to react to this when the spell wears off?

  5. Oh, wow! Tessa is a married woman!

    I have to agree with Tabitha though. I don't see this ending well. If the copious amounts of TV that I've watched in my life have taught me anything, love spells always bring disaster!


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