Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fast Forward: Johnson

When we left Donna Johnson, she had just met DeJuan Foster and the two hit it off automatically. They began dating in secret because Donna didn't want to let her kids find out. Kinsley was old enough to understand, but she was afraid Brian wouldn't take it well. DeJuan had a child of his own, Taesha, and he didn't want her getting upset about it either.

Brian had made a best friend in Kenny Coners and the two boys played together all the time. Kenny had become a fixture in the Johnson household and Brian spent a great deal of time with the Coners as well. Donna was over the moon because Brian turned very antisocial after his father died. Kenny was good for him......
He had also gotten really into music and Donna bought him a beat machine for Christmas. He wanted to go off to college and major in music. Donna decided long ago that she would take out a loan if she had to so he could go to school. He deserved the chance........
She and DeJuan had gotten very close and decided that they should let the kids know what was going on. They didn't want them to find out some other way and it was apparent to them both that this was getting serious. Neither one of them was young enough to want to play the field and knew a good thing when they had one.
Brain took to DeJuan much better than Donna thought he would. But DeJuan was very good with kids and once they got past his rough exterior, people really loved him. He was a great person and Donna felt lucky that she had even found him........
They made one night a week movie night and DeJuan would come over and they would all sit down together. Brian told his mom that he really like DeJuan and that she should marry him! Donna only hoped that Taesha would feel the same way about her......
DeJuan was good for Brian. He did the masculine things that Donna just couldn't do. Oh, she could toss a football with Brian, but she couldn't tell him what was wrong with his technique.......she couldn't show him tricks on how to make the ball swirl as it flies through the air. But DeJuan could and he did. It made Brian feel good, to have the thing that was missing for him all this time.
Kinsley was more wary of him, she didn't want some smooth talking gangster to come in and hurt her mom. She knew that DeJuan did security for the Black Door, and everyone in Englewood knew Derrick Pace was bad can tell alot about the company a person chooses to keep. But DeJuan seemed okay, and Kinsley promised her mom to give him a fair chance.
Taesha ended up really liking Donna and spent many afternoons at her house. Donna let her do her work in Kinsley's old room and even helped her with her assignments. Taesha had been missing a female influence in her life since her mother took off. She had gotten on drugs really bad and DeJuan took her after her mom left the last time. She wasn't angry at her dad, she understood her mom had problems.......but she still wished that she had a woman around to help her with things her daddy just didn't understand.....she found it in Donna.....
Time marched on and soon Brian was a teenager. He and Kenny were still very good friends and Donna hoped they would still stay in touch once Kenny and his family moved. His father, Terrence, had married his girlfriend Tabitha and they were all moving to Camden. It seemed that everyone was getting hitched because DeJuan had asked Donna to marry him and she said yes!
They were married at sunset at Paradise Cove and they both hadn't been this happy in quite a while.....
Kinsley was happy for her mother, but there was still something about DeJuan that she didn't trust.....she really hoped that she was wrong about him.....she would have to get Kevin's dad to check him out since he was on the police force and had access to records......she didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before......
And so they became a family. DeJuan and Donna were both tired of Englewood and decided to move their family into the suburbs. Talum Heights was a better place for both Brian and Taesha and DeJuan needed to get away from Derrick Pace and the drama he had caused. They took out a loan and now have a small 3 bedroom house in Talum.

* DeJuan did work for Derrick at the Black Door, but once I had to move them out he lost his job. I don't know what I'm going to let him do, maybe his wants will give me an idea.
* DeJuan and Taesha were townies that I made in CAS and I had actually forgot that I made him her father until Donna asked him to move in! I hate that you can't create kids and teens without family ties to the gives the townies a background, but it can be a bit annoying!
* This is the last fast forward, I'll jump back into the rounds (I think I'm at 2030) and take it from there. Derrick and Tessa are at the top of the rotation because I know people may be wondering how they are doing now.
* I am SO in love with that slim body builder mesh.......buff sims are cute lol.....I need to find the stripped down version because when they shower or woohoo with ACR, they turn back into the regular body shape


  1. I'm glad things are going well for DeJuan and Donna. I hope Kinsley's suspicions are wrong, because they seem very happy together.

    Do you happen to remember where you got Donna's wedding dress? It's stunning!

  2. Best wishes to the new family--I agree with Carla, they seem like they have good potential.

  3. Carla - I'm still looking for that dress, I'll check my downloads folder today and see if I can find it. I thought I got it from modthesims but I don't see it there. I'll get back to you on it :)

    Francesca - I think they will be ok, DeJuan's personality never really matched up to Derrick's anyway so he should be ok.

  4. Good for Donna! I'm glad she seems to have found love, and that her kids are happy too.

  5. I agree, the mesh is cute. Does it come with a lot of recolors?

  6. Yayy! This couple has married and moved out of Englewood. I'm so happy for Donna, cause she has really done the best she could. I hope DeJuan treats her right, and the kids...they seem to love him, but I think it's good Kinsley is doing some checking up on him. I take it that she cares a helluva lot for her mother's wellbeing.


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