Monday, May 17, 2010

Moving On

Round 4 - Winter 2032
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Derrick Pace is 40, Charity Jones is 25

Derrick Pace was tired. His club was slowly making a profit, but not enough of one for him to make his moves as fast as he wanted to. So he had come up with a few ideas on how to change his luck around......

The first step of his brilliant plan was to start making his own money......literally! He had joined a large counterfiting ring that had started up in Englewood. Right now he was working for a higher up, but soon he would have his own organization. Or so he hoped. Right now he was slowly adding funds to his bank account so that he could move into a larger space. But it would take him forever to save up the money this way. He couldn't deposit thousands of simoleons everyday without drawing suspicion. So the next part of his plan would require alot of charm on his end.......Charity Jones had a little money.....just enough money to put Derrick where he needed to be.....and he was pretty good at separating fools from their money.........

 It seemed that fate was on his side. She had been having a little trouble with her parents since she began seeing him. So much so that she decided she didn't want to stay with them anymore. She wanted to live with taking candy from a babe!

Charity knew that her parents didn't approve of her being with Derrick. She knew he was a "bad boy". But Charity liked to believe that there was some good in everyone. And even if there was absolutely no good in him whatsoever, she had a feeling that he was underestimating her...........

Because Charity was no fool.......and the streets were nothing knew to her or her family.....Derrick Pace had better tread lightly, because the Jones family was not something to be played with........

* Charity is a townie that I created. At first, I was going to make her character young and naive......but then I thought how much more fun it would be if she was only "playing" at naive. I think it's about time Derrick got his!

* It's pretty short, but that's because not much really happened. His club makes alot of money even though it's not really rising in the business ranking system. But that's just fine by me, as long as he has the money. Speaking of money, counterfiting is of course against the law in LaQuest Beach.......Derrick might want to watch himself!


  1. Welcome Charity Jones, I can't wait to see this little diva in action.

  2. You are really good at the intrigue--Charity is going to be fun to watch. She's really fascinating looking, too. Her cute top is so fashionable!

  3. Lol, Derrick's gonna get it! This shall be interesting!

  4. Oh, good! I'm glad Charity might be able to give Derrick a run for his money (no pun intended)! This should be very interesting to watch unfold.


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