Monday, April 26, 2010

The Bad Day

Round 3 - Spring 2031
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 38, Caleb is 10

Caleb Henderson was a happy little boy. He was an only child whose parents doted on him daily, what's not to love? Sometimes he did feel a little lonely and wished that he had someone to play with all the time. But he could just call one of his friends over. Simple answer to a very simple problem!

He got to cheer on his favorite teams with his dad during the season. They spent lots of "guy time" together. At least, that's what his mom called it. He just figured that this was the way things were suppose to be, a father and son watching a good game of football with no yucky girls around.
The only girl that he didn't feel was yucky was his mom. His mom was the coolest chick he knew. Her books were getting more and more popular around the city, and she even had a small following of readers. He was very proud of her and was happy that she was his mom. No one had one better!
Ms. Amanda came over sometimes to discuss his mom's books. She was a nice lady, but Caleb thought she was a little kooky. She loved science and really got a kick out of his mom's science fictions books. Sometimes Caleb thought that maybe Ms. Amanda thought aliens were REAL. How crazy would that be?
His dad would stand out in the yard and toss the football with him whenever the game wasn't on. It was so much more fun for Caleb than just watching it on TV. And he and his dad actually got a chance to talk to one another. His dad had to be the coolest guy in the world.
One day his dad came home and didn't want to play. He didn't want to watch the game that was on. His mother told him to go to his room and she would come up later to help him with his homework. He hoped his dad was ok.........nothing but krytonite could knock superman out of the sky, right?
He lost his job. Kimber couldn't believe that those ninnies had the balls to fire her husband. After all those odd hours he put in down at that law firm. She told him things would be just fine, he just had to find another job. She would get one if she had to, her writing could wait. But he wouldn't hear of it, was determined that he would take care of his family. Like a man was suppose to. He was so depressed, Kimber didn't know what she could do to bring him out of his funk.......but she had one idea.....
It wouldn't erase his bad day......but maybe, just maybe, it would soften the blow......

* Damn chance cards! It makes me so angry when they lose their jobs! But that's life sometimes I guess. Anyone know why they don't wear their work clothes home anymore? They leave in their uniform but return in their everyday wear.

* They both want another baby and they try but it's just not happening for them. They aren't that old so maybe it will happen soon. Right now Kip has to concentrate on getting a new job! Caleb seems perfectly happy with being an only child, so I don't think he's rooting for success lol


  1. Aww, it was so cute to see this from Kipp's POV. He adores his family-hopefully this will last once he's a teen.

  2. Mine seem to sometimes wear their work clothes home and sometimes they come in their casual clothes. I haven't figured out why.

    Poor Kip. Although I see Kimber has her own ideas about cheering him up.

    I hope they can have a baby. I'm always so sad when my Sims both want a baby and it's not happening for them!

  3. Apple Valley - Haha, who knows? Most teens aren't so keen on their families....they embarrass them lol

    Carla - It seems to be the visiter controller that's causing it. There's a forum about it on the website. It's just a little annoying when I want to take their pics when they return from work and they're already in their casual clothes. But I love the visitor controller so I may have to find a way around it. I hope they can have another baby too, Caleb is so adorable to me with his little freckled face!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear Kip lost his job. Maybe he'll find another quickly.


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