Friday, April 30, 2010

The Unexpected

Round 3 - Spring 2032
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Amanda Carlson is 35, Corbin Gray is 35, (Celeste Sky is 22)

She has always read her nerdy science books alone. Always. It was what happened to shy people. They faded away into the books they usually had their noses buried in. It was a very lonely life.........but it wasn't lonely for Amanda anymore.........

She still can't believe he's here. Corbin Gray moved all the way from Takezimu Village to be with HER. And he was going to marry her. How insane was that? He felt just as lucky to find someone as great as Amanda. Their love for all things sci-fi was just one of the many things they shared. He couldn't wait for her to become his wife.....
A new girl had begun working at the lab where Amanda and Corbin worked. Her name was Celeste and Amanda thought she was just beautiful. She had some kind of skin disorder, but it looked unlike any other. It was almost......well she was a really nice girl. She could be a bit weird at times........she came rushing over one morning after Corbin left for work.
"Does Corbin still stay out half the night looking through that telescope?" she asked.
"Yea, I mean he loves to look at the stars. He even found a new constellation!"
"A new constellation? That's's pretty cool at night though......maybe he should ease up on it a bit. Wouldn't want him to get sick," she said.
"It's spring time in LaQuest Beach. We rarely even get snow. What's going on Celeste?"
"Nothing, nothing. I just didn't want you guys getting married and then him spending all his time looking at stars."
"I think I pose enough of a distraction that he won't waste his life away," Amanda said laughing.
"Great, great. Well I guess I'll see you at the wedding tomorrow."
"You came all the way across the bridge to ask me about stars? Is everything okay?"
"It's fine bride to be.......everything is fine."
And that was it.
Amanda knew something wasn't right. She just knew it. Celeste had only been to her home on one other occassion. It was impossible to get her to leave her house. And she just comes by out of the blue? Amanda put it to the back of her mind. She was getting married tomorrow and nothing was going to ruin that.
There were only 2 people there for their simple front yard ceremony. Tessa couldn't make it because of a massive hangover, but her sister Tabitha and her husband Terrence came. It was a bit strange, Terrence being there. There was a time when Amanda thought she might end up with him. But he was already in love with Tabitha and it didn't work out. Now they were all friends. Now, she had Corbin.
She still couldn't believe that he was going to marry her. She was going to be Mrs. Amanda Gray. It seemed like she would never find a love.......then she spontaneously took a trip to Takezimu Village, and the rest was history.....she felt like they were fated to be together........

Celeste eventually showed up and she was acting just as weird as she had the day before. Amanda felt that there was something she wasn't telling her.....that there was something she knew......something important.......she would soon find out just what Celeste was keeping to herself........

To be continued...................

* I almost didn't do it. It's hard for me to look at Corbin and not see him as the same guy in Laura's Lakeside Heights. But this Corbin is a sci-fi loving science dweeb and it just seemed fitting that he and his equally dweebish wife would be the first residents effected by Starema's arrival! I think out of all of my residents, they can handle it the best :)

* Baby Gray will make their appearance in the Winter of 2032.........should be interesting as I have 4 different pollination techs installed in my telling which one he will get or what the baby will look like!

* Celeste's attempt at warning Amanda about the star gazing was very strange lol.....I figured that her social skills would be lacking since she's been a bit of a black sheep her whole life.....ah well, she tried :)


  1. Celeste did try, for all the good it's done poor Corbin! But congratulations to Amanda and Corbin. I'm glad Amanda found someone!

    I kind of like seeing the Maxis townies in different blogger's hoods, always taking on a different personality. It's very interesting to me. But I know what you mean about Corbin - Laura's characterised him with such detail!

  2. Wow, I think this couple would definately be able to handle it-though I still wouldn't mind having Derrick get probed and impregnanted :P

    The maxis townies are interesting-I don't have any so it sometimes takes a moment to connect the dots.

  3. Poor Corbin, must be terrified. And Yeah I'm glad you didn't make us wait to long to find out who was getting abducted. I love that your Corbin is a sci-fi "dweeb" that's totally awesome.

  4. Carla - Yea she did! When he was getting abducted I was like oh, more tai chi for you! Celeste did try, bless her heart lol

    Apple Valley - Corbin seems to be a pretty popular vacation townie.....I've seen in a quite a few hoods

    Maisie - I was too excited to hold the post for long lol....This is the first time I've used my pollination techs so I want to know what the baby is going to look like.


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