Monday, May 17, 2010

Anything is Possible

Round 4 - Winter 2032
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Amanda and Corbin Gray are 36, Conner is 3 months, (Starema Orionious is 158, Celeste Sky is 23)

 Amanda had fallen in love with little Conner Gray. It didn't matter that he was green or that his eyes were a bit unsettling sometimes. He had somehow stolen her heart. And she didn't see any reason to be mad at him. It wasn't his fault that Celeste Sky was a lying bitch who had used her and her husband to save her damn race without even asking her. It wasn't Conner's fault......

 Amanda's initial reaction was to ban both Starema and Celeste from their home and their lives. But she realized that she really didn't know much about Conner or if there were special things he would require since he wasn't of this world. So she had allowed them to help.....only because she didn't think she could google alien baby upbringing.
 Cobin wanted to know all about Titusanera and why he was chosen to birth one of their offspring. Celeste was not much help.
"I just don't understand why I had to be abducted. Surely there were other choices. It wasn't know," he said.
"No Corbin I don't. I've told you countless times that I really don't know anything about the planet or it's people. I've never been there. Hell, I didn't even know who my real mother was until Starema appeared on my front lawn. All I know is what I've told you."
"But why not just keep leaving babies at orphanages? Isn't that what happened to you?" he asked.
"Guess that wasn't very successful now was it? I've been alienated, no pun intended, since I've been here. All I've ever known is human beings and human ways. And I've always been an outcast from all that. At least Conner has you guys to love him........"
 "I will be making a trip to Peragama soon. I shall bring back the correct nourishment for the child," Starema said.
"What's wrong with this milk? It's the best on the market!" Amanda exclaimed.
"He is not fully human, Amanda. Actually, he is not very human at all. Your bovine milk is very primitive and his systems are much more advanced. There is a special milk that he will require."
"Is there anything else that I need to know? He's not going to grow horns or anything is he?" Amanda asked.
"Only the most royal of our kind are endowed with horns. They would never be pollinators and there would never be a child on this planet with horns," Starema said distastefully.
"It was sarcasm. I just want to make sure we know all that we need to in raising him."
 "Don't be silly child. Young Conner is the future of my race. I will be here to guide you through all you will need to know. Conner is of the Timtiu clan. He will be a very strong and intelligent young man," Starema said.
"Timtiu clan? What is that?" Amanda asked.
"Surely you've noticed that he does not look like either Celeste or I. Just as you have people of different skintones on Earth, we have the same on Titusanera. The Timtiu clan are a warrior people. They are very intelligent and excellent hunters. They have evolved over the years and are much more civil as we have colonized into cities. You should be very proud," Starema said.
"Warrior clan, huh? He isn't going to be really aggressive is he?"
"Not unless provoked. The clan has evolved, but the instincts are still there. He will also grow in fangs once his teeth begin to come in," Starema said.
 Celeste felt sorry for Amanda. And she felt anger for Starema. She and Amanda could have been great friends. But now they had this terrible thing between them. She didn't blame her for being mad. She would be mad too. Hell, she was mad. She didn't know what to do. And she knew that little Conner would probably be alienated as well. How could he not be? He was green for goodness sakes! At least she blended in better. She had been asking Starema questions about Titusanera and would be nice to be somewhere and not feel like a just blend into the crowd......
 Starema felt that Amanda and Corbin were excellent choices to serve as parents. They both didn't fully understand the reasoning behind it, but they already loved Conner. This was a much better solution. She would be sure to tell the king and queen that as well. The humans were much more accepting when the offspring were half human. It diluted the bloodlines, but this was only so that full blooded Titusanerians could one day inhabit Earth. Starema had other things to worry about as well. Celeste refused to call her mother and she didn't really blame  her. She didn't want to give her up, she was simply doing her duty........she had to find a way to make it up to her..........
 "So your mom is bringing us some space milk for the baby. Gonna beam herself back to her home planet. You going?" Amanda asked.
"Me? I don't even think I can go.......I mean I guess I'm an alien too......but I don't really feel like one.....I feel human.....I don't know anything about other planets."
"Well, maybe you need to find out about them," Amanda said.
"Look I know you're mad at me, and I don't blame you. But you can't just ship me off to another planet!"
"I am mad at you Celeste. That's true. But I also know that you've never felt like you belong here. Aren't you even the least bit curious about where you come from?"
"Who's to say I will fit in there? Maybe I don't fit in anywhere........" she said.
"How will you know unless you try?"
 Just when Amanda thought things couldn't get any worse, she found out that she was pregnant. A year ago, this would have been wonderful news. Today, she just wanted to cry. They had enough dealing with Conner. And they really didn't have the money for another baby. She didn't know what they were going to do........
 "It's going to be ok Mandy. Look, I know this whole thing with Conner has turned our life upside down. But before this, all you talked about was having a baby," Corbin said.
"Yes, and now we have Conner."
"I know you love him Amanda........but you didn't have him. I know you were looking forward to the bonding of being pregnant. This is your chance to experience that. And then we'll have a little person who's a little of both of us," Corbin said.
"But we can't afford it, Corbin. We simply can't."
"Amanda, after all that has happened to us, don't you know that anything is possible?"
 "Hey there little man. Guess what? You're going to be a big brother! And I bet you'll be the best big brother this planet has ever seen!"

* So I'm gearing Celeste up for her trip. I didn't want to just ship her right off (well I do want to, but it's better for the story if I don't). She'll leave during her round and I'll add updates on her adventures in Peragama. I have to work out how she'll age while she's there though.....

* Conner will be drinking the smart milk from the aspiration rewards. If any kid should be glowing, it's Conner Gray! I never used that milk because of the glow, but now I can.

* I can't say that I'm upset that Amanda got pregnant. I'm convinced she will make adorable babies and should still have the chance to despite her husband being abducted. Baby Gray will be here Fall 2033


  1. Congrats on the pregnancy-isn't it amazing that sims pop up pregnant at the most unexpected times.

  2. She didn't know if she could google alien babies. That is funny. Conner is adorable.

    I hope Mandy can get used to the idea of having another baby so soon. That is tough.

  3. Oh, also, it is a bit ironic that you titled this post "Anything is Possible," when Conner's birth was really the impossible one; yet Corbin is comforting Mandy that they can manage.

  4. I'm glad Amanda is pregnant, even if she's stressed about it. Corbin is right - if they can handle an alien birth, they can handle this!

  5. Congrats to them on their upcoming arrival! Corbin is right, they'll make it through this. :)


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