Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fast Forward: Ariel White

After almost a year, Ariel White had saved up enough money to get her own place. Her brother Marshal insisted that she didn't have to move out, but she knew she needed to. Marshal had moved in his girlfriend, Shamella Reeves, and he had begun working on getting his law degree so he could practice law. Ariel needed her own space and privacy. She hadn't given up on becoming a great singer and knew that it was just a matter of time before she made it big.

So with a semi-heavy heart, she packed up her stuff and moved to a tiny 2 bedroom apartment near the water. It wasn't much, but it was her own space. She was working as a gas station attendent which didn't bring in much money, but gave her the free time to work on her music. She decided she would need a roommate if she wanted to be able to pay her bills.
Enter Joe Carr.......Ariel figured this was the best solution. She and Joe had gotten very close and it wouldn't be a big deal for them to move in together. Her extra room was actually quite tiny and any other person would not want to pay rent for such a small space. Joe could simply share her room and bed......it was the perfect set up! Joe was an orderly at the hospital and he made pretty good money. It was simply perfect.
She would work her small job in the afternoons and spend her nights down at Oscar's trying to get discovered. It hadn't happened yet but she knew it was only a matter of time......she and Joe had fallen into this comfortable living situation and Ariel was very content with her life.
Joe ended up doing all of the chores around the house, but he wasn't surprised......that's just how Ariel was.....and he learned to accept her.....that's what you do when you fall in love with someone....you accept them......
What neither of them was expecting was for Ariel to get pregnant. They were being careful, or so they thought, but shortly after moving in together, Kayden Carr was conceived and born.....Ariel didn't know what to think or do......she was a mom......her......during her entire pregnancy she was plagued with fear that she was going to mess this kid up......but when Kayden was born and she saw him for the first time, she knew she would do whatever it took to be the best mom she could possibly be.
Marshal was ready to beat Joe to a pulp.....how dare he get his sister pregnant! He wanted to know what Joe planned to do about their little situation. Joe told Marshal that he would marry Ariel in a minute if or when that was something she wanted to do......but he didn't feel she was ready or that she didn't even want to marry him.....she had just became a mom, she needed time to adjust to that.....he loved her and wanted to marry her......time would tell if it would happen.......
Until then, he planned to be the best dad and boyfriend he could be.......he would let the chips fall where they would.......

* I can't believe I don't have pics of pregnant Ariel, guess I didn't take them.......I could have sworn I did though.......I'm getting old I guess lol

* So Joe wants to marry Ariel but she hasn't rolled the want. She's a popularity sim so I figure she will eventually. I gave Kayden Joe's last name with the sim blender so when they do get married they'll all have the same last name.

* This was actually Ariel's second apt because the first one I had her in got buggy for some reason......who knows why......so I moved her to this one......it really is quite small and will be quite cramped once Kayden becomes a child....hopefully they will have saved enough by then to move to a larger apt or maybe even buy a house

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  1. Popularity Sims are total pains when you want them to roll up marriage wants! I find that they're even less likely to roll them than Romance Sims!

  2. Is that Ariel sitting at the restaurant where she sings, eating? It's a beautiful spot. Your 'hood is so interesting and appealing!

  3. Carla - I hope she rolls it soon, but it's not looking that way....poor Joe has a constant want to marry her though!

    Francesca - She's actually eating at their apt lol.....they're really tiny apartments that I put beside the water and they're so small that the dining table has to be placed outside! But they're really cute little apts. I can't remember where I downloaded them from but it was made to be by the water.

  4. Hee hee, lots of babies this round! Kayden is adorable! Beautiful apartment!

  5. The apartment is adorable, I love the little dining set on the patio. Kayden is a cutie-pie. I hope she rolls the marriage want by some miracle!

  6. LOL! I could totally see big brother wanting to beat Joe up :P

  7. I love Kayden's name, and I'm not surprised at all to see Ariel and Joe Carr together. I knew they had fallen hard for each other. I think Joe is a standup guy. It was funny to see how mad Marshal was at Joe in that picture...I can understand why. But c'mon, it's not that much of a shock. LOL!

    I hope Marshal will cut Joe some slack, become his friend, and let those two work out their own issues.


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