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Education in LaQuest Beach

* Rules & Regulations page has also been updated

Here are my notes on how education effects the residents of LaQuest, more will be added as the hood progresses and changes:

Elementary, Junior High, and High School

LaQuest Beach Elementary and LaQuest Beach Preparatory School will be public schools and are therefore free. Qualifications for graduation include achieving 7 skill points, C or above average, 3 hobby points, and completion of a senior project (borrowed from Pine Hollow):

* Collect 10 bugs
* 3 photographs or paintings
* Restore old car or repair 5 broken items
* Craft a fire truck
* Craft a bronze level flower bouquet
* Craft a teddy bear
* Make a vase
* Perform in a dance recital or concert


Brown Technical College

Brown Technical College is a vocational college located in LaQuest Beach. Students may receive a degree in the following: Business Management, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Auto Mechanics, and Psychology. Brown Technical College is $1000 per year ($500 per semester). There are no dorms on campus, but there are 4 rental homes available that are reserved for students. They cost $190 a day. Students must have the following to qualify for graduation:

Business Management: Bronze badge in sales, stocking, and either toy making, flower arranging, or sewing
Cosmetology: Bronze badge in cosmetology
Culinary Arts: Max cooking skill
Fashion Design: Silver badge in sewing
Psychology: Learn couple's counseling or anger management
Auto Mechanics: Restore junk car

Technical Level Jobs
Business Managment: Open up own business, manage an owned business;
                                  Business: Executive Assistant - Field Sales Representative
Cosmetology: Graduates may intern under a licensed cosmetologist until they earn their own license. Once
                      they receive their license they can open up their own shop.
Culinary Arts: Cooking: Prep Cook - Celebrity Chef
Fashion Design: Fashion Design Career: Intern - Fashion Buyer
Psychology: Can serve as an assistant to a counselor or psychologist
Auto Mechanics: Auto Mechanic Career: Motocycle Mechanic - Master of the Torque Wrench

Technical degrees take 4 years to achieve and are an alternative for students who may not be able to afford LaQuest Beach University. Students may use credits earned at BTU towards getting their bachelor's degree if they would like pursue their Bachelor's at a later time.

LaQuest Beach University is state owned and so education can be offered at a reduced price. A four year degree from SSU is $8000 ($1000 per semester). It can all be paid in one lump sum or $2000 a year. Students wishing to join the armed services can attend college free of charge by receiving the LaQuest Beach Armed Services Scholarship that pays full tuition. In return the student must serve, at minimum, 10 years in the Laquest Beach armed services. Students will graduate and be commissioned as a junior officer. Students must have 4 mechanical, charisma, and body skill points by graduation.

Graduation is contingent upon finishing a senior year project:

Art: Take 10 photos and order album or paint 10 custom paintings or achieve a bronze badge in pottery
Biology: Successful growth of the Hydroponic Garden or learn physiology
Drama: Write & perform a monologue (write article & perform poetry)
Economics: Bronze badge in sales and one specialization
History: Create a family tree presentation
Literature: Read 3 novels & watch 3 films
Mathematics: 1 draft using drafting table
Philosophy: Lead group yoga
Physics: Bronze badge in robotery
Political Science: Learn anger management
Psychology: Learn couples counseling or anger management
Fashion Design: Gold badge in sewing
Creative Writing: 7 creative articles

Bachelor Level Jobs:
Business: Jr. Executive - Senior Manager
Medical: EMT - Nurse
Politics: Intern - Lobbyist
Science: Field Researcher - Science Teacher
Slacker: Home Video Editor - Professional Party Guest
Natural Scientist: Soil Identifier - Rogue Botanist
Education: Elementary School Teacher - High School Teacher
Gamer: Game Designer
Journalism: Fact Checker - Horoscope Writer
Law: Legal Secretary - Paralegal
Architecture: Head of Construction Co - Draftsman
Intelligence: Crime Scene Investigator - Rookie Field Agent
Oceanography: Sea Lice Research Assistant - Underwater Demolitionist
Fashion Design: Fashion Stylist - High Fashion Designer
Fashion Magazine Editor - Intern - Editor in Chief
Psychology majors may intern with a counselor.

Master's Degree

Students wishing to obtain a master's level degree may do so with an additional 2 years of university work (4 articles) which must include the following:

Art: Additional 5 photos, silver pottery badge
Biology: Bronze gardening badge
Drama: Attend theater production
Economics: Silver badge in sales
History: Research another culture's history and write a paper
Literature: Increase interest in travel and school by 2
Mathematics: 5 drawings using the drafting table
Philosophy: Learn lifelong happiness
Physics: Silver robotery badge
Political Science: Write and deliver a speech, increase interest in politics by 2
Psychology: Learn couple's counseling or anger management

Master's Degree tuition is $10,000.

Master's Level Careers
Business: Vice President - President
Politics: Campaign Manager - State Assemblyperson
Science: Project Leader - Inventor
Natural Scientist: Animal Linguist - Unnatural Crossbreeder
Education: University Guest Lecturer - High School Principal
Journalism: Sports Columnist - Investigatory Journalist
Architecture: Architect - Architectual Partner
Intelligence: Field Agent - Elite Operative
Oceanography: Marine Biologist - Deep Sea Fisherman
Psychology majors may work as counselors

Students seeking a law degree are required to have at least a 3.5 undergrad GPA and complete 7 articles using Monique's computer and obtain 6 charisma, cleaning, and logic skills. Law School is $15,000 and is required to progress beyond a paralegal.

Law Careers: Personal Injury Lawyer - Entertainment Lawyer
Politics: Judge - Senator

Students seeking a medical degree are required to have at least a 3.5 undergrad GPA and complete 7 articles using Monique's computer and obtain 6 charisma, cleaning, and logic skills. Medical School is $15,000 and is required to progress beyond the level of nurse. Students work as interns during med school and must work as a resident for 2 years before becoming a general practitioner.

Medical Careers: Resident - Chief of Staff

Doctorate Degree

Students seeking a doctorate level degree are required to complete 4 additional articles using Monique's computer. They are also required to complete the following:

Art: Gold pottery badge
Biology: Use Biotech Station, Silver gardening badge
Drama: Thesis (drama novel)
Economics: Gold badge in sales
History: Thesis (history novel)
Literature: Thesis (novel of choice)
Mathematics: Thesis (mystery cover)
Philosophy: Learn physiology
Physics: Gold robotery badge
Political Science: Thesis (history novel)
Psychology: Thesis (children's novel)

Doctorate Level Careers
Business: CEO - Business Tycoon
Politics: Mayor
Science: Scholar - Mad Scientist
Natural Scientist: Dinosaur Cloner - Ecological Guru
Education: College Senior Professor - Education Minister
Journalism: Magazine Editor - Media Magnate
Law: The Law
Architecture: Master Architect - City Planner
Intelligence: Head of SCIA
Oceanography: Protector of Whales - Hand of Poseidon
Psychology majors may work as psychologists

I have the no 20000 handout hack installed so:

A University undergrad student is awarded:
$5,000 for graduation, Summa Cum Laude.
$2,500 for graduation, Magna Cum Laude
$1,000 for graduation, regular.

Adult Students

Any adult wishing to pursue a bachelor's degree may do so through an online program offered by LaQuest Beach University (thanks Carla!). Students are required to write 14 term papers (articles) for 14 courses. Each course is $500 for a total of $7, 000. Students will be awarded a diploma in their chosen major. I use the counterfeit diploma to give them their added want slots and diploma. They may also enroll in classes at Brown Technical College. They must meet the same standards as students that stay on campus and must attend courses at BTU.


  1. Nice! Posting my detailed education notes is on my to-do as well. It's pretty much the same as yours, Sullivan and Apple Valley, except that I include the advanced degrees at university. Each semester represents 1 year. So instead of 4 semesters representing two years toward the Maxis degree, it's actually 4 years for a bachelor's. The next two semesters are the master's and the final two years are the doctorate's. I find that 8 semesters for the maxis degree is irritatingly long, despite me using the hack that reduces the semester to 48 hours. I do like the use of a senior project; I could utilize that as the senior thesis.

  2. Very interesting! I really like your ideas for the extra things to do for the Master's degree and I may end up "borrowing" some of them!

  3. I love reading other people's rules for their hood! :) I like your notes on joining the military to pay for college and the requirements for it. I may borrow those rules for my own hood. :)

  4. Laurel Crossing - I used to feel that way about Uni but now I love it! They're always getting into something. I find that spacing it out over 4 play sessions a round really helps.

    Carla - As much as I've "borrowed" from you? Please feel free!

    Shana - I got high school senior projects from you so please, borrow away!

  5. I think I may be borrowing ideas from everyone.

    Mizzgin03, can you explain to me how the senior project for University "History: Create a family tree presentation" is done?

  6. Also, if a sim is not qualified for a promotion according to this, how do you keep them from advancing in the Maxis careers?

  7. That was rally interesting, I think I might borrow a few ideas from you as well, if you don't mind that is :)

  8. Rome Raven - I haven't figured that out quite yet lol......I think I'll have them take current pics of all their family members and then I'll create a tree outside of the game and use Carla's tutorial on how to put custom pics in the game using the antique camera to have a copy to hang in their house, after it's graded of course :)

    I don't abide by that friends requirement so my sims usually don't have the amount of friends they need. So even if they have the skills, they won't advance. And if they do somehow get promoted, I'll use the sim blender to put them back in the position they belong. Since I play each house only two days, it's not much trouble to do that.

    Tessa - I've borrowed from so many people that I'm honored when I have something other's want to borrow :)


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