Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Round 1 - Summer 2023
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Christian Brown is 26, Alana Brown is 26

Another morning. That was how she was beginning to feel. That every day was just another day. A count down until the baby would be born. Alana loved Christian. But she didn't know who he was becoming. Christian had dreams of becoming the first official mayor of LaQuest Beach. Alana supported her husband at first. But then he started with the rules. She loves to cook, always has. It was one of the things Christian loved about her. So she though he would be excited when she proposed taking out a loan so she could buy this cute little restaurant by the shore. But Christian wouldn't go for it. Said the wife of a mayor didn't need to be running some small time diner. That she needed to be home taking care of the kids. Kids? It would become his next demand. So now she's pregnant. And she will love her child......she always wanted kids........but not to become a picture perfect family.


Round 1 - Spring 2023

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Marshal White is 27, Ariel White is 21
(It's a teeny weeny bit long!)

Ariel White was happy. Most people are unhappy with the path their lives take, but she was pretty content with where she was. She was convinced that one day soon, the world would hear the name Ariel White and say, "Damn, that girl can SING!" Of course, she'd never had any formal training but most really good singers never did. And yes, she lived in Englewood, which meant that opportunity wouldn't just knock on her door.......but Ariel was a very determined, strong willed woman. And she skipped out on college so she could follow her failure was definitely not an option!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Don't Know My Name

Round 1 - Spring 2023
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Donna Johnson is 38, Kinsley Johnson is 16, Brian Johnson is 8

Donna Johnson doesn't know how she got to this point in her life. Five years ago she was happily married with 2 beautiful kids. Then it was all taken away in one swift move by a freak storm and slippery roads. Her husband Franklin was a good man. The best man she had ever known in her life. He wasn't the best business man and they had always had to struggle, but they struggled together. Now she struggles alone. But she can't think of that. Because she has two kids who need her to be strong. So she joined the military to feed her family. Franklin didn't want her to work after Kinsley was born so she never really gained any job skills. But they were making it. She hated living in Englewood and knew that it wasn't a good place to raise her kids, but it was all she could afford at the time. Plus, she was trying to save up for Kinsley's college. Because she didn't want her daughter to end up in the same place.