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Round 1 - Spring 2023

Ariel's next update/ Marshal's next update
Marshal White is 27, Ariel White is 21
(It's a teeny weeny bit long!)

Ariel White was happy. Most people are unhappy with the path their lives take, but she was pretty content with where she was. She was convinced that one day soon, the world would hear the name Ariel White and say, "Damn, that girl can SING!" Of course, she'd never had any formal training but most really good singers never did. And yes, she lived in Englewood, which meant that opportunity wouldn't just knock on her door.......but Ariel was a very determined, strong willed woman. And she skipped out on college so she could follow her failure was definitely not an option!

She began her days with a nice bowl of cereal and a good movie. It helped to put her in a good mood and that was important. You never know who you'll meet when you're out and you always want to feel and look your best. Diva Rule # 1: Beauty starts on the inside. You have to be beautiful mind, body, and soul!
She was currently living with her boring, serious older brother Marshal. She planned to rectify that as soon as possible. All he did was nag her about getting a job and helping him with the bills. Wouldn't a truly nice older brother want his sister to do all she could to pursue her dreams? Which leads to Diva Rule #2: Have your own place, car, etc. It's such a drag to have to share anything!
Today she planned to relax. Marshal thinks that all she does is sit around the house all day. Or maybe he thinks she goes out shopping all the time. She doesn't know where she would get money to constantly shop. Although that would be really great! Because Diva Rule #3 is: ALWAYS be fly! Ariel never went out without perfect hair and makeup and a perfect outfit! But she didn't really need alot of makeup. She was a bit of a natural beauty. Today she planned to do a small amount of shopping and treat herself to a nice lunch. She really wasn't a very good cook and hated trying to make mac and cheese only to burn it. But this is not how she usually spends her days......
She usually goes down to Oscar's. It's a local bar that has a mic and instruments where they let amateurs perform. She was a regular there and even had a couple of local fans. She knew that she wasn't going to become famous by singing here, but it was good practice for her voice. And it was a good excuse for her to get out of Englewood.....but the cost of the taxi ride to downtown LaQuest Beach from Englewood was a bit much........
Derick Pace was one of her regulars. He was cute, but a little too shady for Ariel's liking. She didn't want to make it big and end up with some loser, troublesome ex doing interviews for the tabloids. Because that's how big she planned to be. Diva Rule #3: Only date people who are good enough for you. Never date below your level, no matter how cute the guy may be!
But today she headed down to the local store to get some new clothes. Marshal was going to hit the roof when he saw them, but she had to look good! Her public would expect nothing less! Englewood didn't contain too many stores. In fact, this one held a grocery and clothing store all in one.
Ariel was pretty popular. No matter where she would go, she'd make a few friends along the way. And it was great. Because she needed to be well known, needed people to be interested once she recorded her first single.
She hated to run into Brandon Lillard. There were so many reasons for her distaste for him. What man walked around an urban area wearing a freaking kilt? And he wasn't even scottish! Not to mention the fact that he always mistook Ariel's friendliness for promiscuity. And she always had to get him told......because that's not the kind of girl she was.
"You could SO be a model if you wanted to......I could even do your portfolio for you," Brandon said.
"Uh,'re framing by boobs, Brandon. I can just imagine the kind of pictures YOU would want to take........back off you perv!"
Yes, Englewood wasn't the best place to live. The streets were littered with trash and all of the buildings were run down.......She was dying to have a beach house on the shore......but one step at a time. She would settle for a tiny apartment of her own if it meant she could get away from Marshal. She loved him, she just didn't want to live with him anymore. Their parents weren't the best parents and Marshal moved out and took her when he was only 17. He always wanted to be a lawyer and Ariel hate that he missed his opportunity. Maybe if she moved out he could start back to school. He wasn't that old, he could still be a lawyer one day........
She walked into Englewood Cafe to treat herself to lunch when she was completely knocked breathless. Joe Carr. Ariel didn't really get all wrapped up into guys, but Joe Carr was the most gorgeous man. Did she hate his stupid Grease hairstyle? Yes. But that could be fixed with some good clippers. They had been dancing around each other for a very long time and Ariel was tired of dancing......she knew that he found her attractive, who wouldn't? So all she needed to do was tell him that they needed to get it together. Diva Rule #4: Be Assertive!!!!
So she goes over to him.
"Joe Carr."
"Ariel White. Long time no see."
"Where have you been hiding? I haven't seen you at Oscar's in a while," she said.
"Yea, I've just been working more than usual.....what about you? Still living off of Marshal's money?"
"Whatever! It's only temporary," she said.
"I bet it is......"
"So Joe, why is it that we never got together?" she asked.
"Because you were never serious, Ariel. Come on, what would you want with little old insignificant me?"
"Oh, I have some uses for you........"
"Is that right? Well, Marshal is at let's go back to your place," he said.
"I thought you'd never ask," she said.
She was completely and 100% out of her mind. Why did she say that? Bring a guy home? Even if it was Joe Carr, Ariel had never slept with any man before! The rule is be assertive not be stupid! But she couldn't tell him no so.........
Things are going great.....well she thinks they are.....she doesn't really know anything at all about this.....well other than what her friends have told her about it......but it doesn't feel right....she wouldn't mind Joe being the first.....just not like doesn't feel right.......
So she hopped up and put her dress back on. Joe simply lays there smiling.
"I know I'm ridiculously stupid, but you don't have to laugh at me," she said.
"Is that what you think I'm doing?" he asked.
"Well isn't it?"
He got up and silently put his clothes back on and then pulled her into a hug that she tried to fight off at first.
"Ariel, come on. How long have we known each other? You think I didn't know you weren't ready for this? You see me and out of the blue have a strong desire to burn up the sheets with me? Girl stop!"
"Well, why didn't you just turn me down?" she asked.
"Because then you would have made it a mission to prove me wrong. It's how you are," he said laughing.
"Well what if I had gone through with it? Would you have done it anyway?"
"Ariel, I'm still a man. And you're a beautiful woman. But I like you, Simgod only knows why. So even if it had taken all of my strength, and it probably would have, I would have stopped you. Your first time shouldn't be like that."
"How do you know it would have been my first time? You think you're so smart! So you like me huh?"
"Ariel, you're all bark and no bite! And yes I like you. But you have alot of growing up to do. A lot. You could start by maybe getting a real job. And your own place. But I gotta get out of here before Marshal catches me. Give me a call sometimes.....," he said.
"I will," she said. And she meant it. Joe Carr was a special guy.
Diva Rule #5: Be true to yourself always!

Marshal White was going to kill his sister. It was bad enough that he had to work some stupid, lowly mechanic job to pay the bills, but he was also providing spending money for someone who was completely capable of working. He spoiled her. He knew it. He couldn't look into those eyes and stay mad at her. And dammit, she knew the power she had over him. And used it to her advantage. But it was coming to an end. Because Ariel White was going to get a damn job!
You would think if she didn't want to work, the least she could do was clean up! He worked a whole day, gets off early, only to come home and find that he has to clean up his damn house! And Ariel was no where to be found. Probably out "singing" at Oscar's. Ariel could not sing. It was a sad fact that he kept from her. She only got the idea in her head to start singing like a year ago. And she couldn't carry a tune. But he didn't tell her. Couldn't bear to cause her pain. But his silence lead to her umemployment. She had to get a doubt!
He never had time for breakfast in the mornings. So it pissed him off that he came home from work to a table of dirty cereal bowls. It was bad enough that his neighbor burned food and had the fire department waking him up on a daily basis. He was so tired of this whole situation!
He was studying to get back into school. He had always dreamed of being a lawyer and was trying to save up the money to take some online classes. He didn't regret leaving and taking Ariel. Drighton was worse than Englewood could ever be. But he has always wanted a chance to get his degree. And a chance to get out of Englewood. It just wasn't the place for him.
After some reading he went down to the Pink Flamingo to see his favorite waitress. He knows that Carlie has a crush on him, has known it since he arrived in Englewood. But she just doesn't do it for him. If he's going to dedicate time to a relationship, which in turn would take time AWAY from his studies, then it will have to be for a woman that leaves him breathless. But Carlie is a really nice girl and he makes sure to not give her false hope.......
"I didn't think you were coming," she said.
"Come on now, CK. You know I always come by. I just got caught up reading."
"I'm glad you're gonna go back to school. You would really make a great lawyer."
"Thanks, CK, that means alot. But I have to save up the money first. So right now I'm just trying to prepare myself for the courses," he said.
"You can do it. You can do anything," she said smiling.
"Well, I have to go."
"Come on, stay and get something to eat," she said.
"No, I'm going to check out that new club in the warehouse district. I think it's called Pulse. It's suppose to be hot."
"Well, have fun," she said looking a little down.
"Bye, Carlie," he said giving her a quick hug.
He walked into Pulse and ran right into something soft and curvy. He oriented himself and found that he couldn't breathe. She was beautiful.
"Watch where you're going big guy," she said smiling.
"I'm so sorry! Are you ok?"
"I'm fine. Takes more than that to knock me down," she said laughing.
"I'm Marshal White," he said grabbing her hand.
"Shamella Reeves. Nice to meet ya handsome."
"That is probably the sexiest pair of shorts I've ever seen on anyone," he said.
"I bet you say that to all the girls."
"No, I really don't. But for some reason, I feel inclined to say it to you."
"Well what else are you "inclined" to say?" she asked.
And that began one of the best nights Marshal had had in a while. They sat in a quiet corner upstairs, away from the music, and talked into the wee hours of the morning. He knew he had to go to work, but he didn't want to leave her. They exchanged phone numbers and Marshal promised to call her the next day. Shamella Reeves.......who would have thought someone could truly leave him breathless?
He woke up the next morning feeling tired as hell but deliriously happy. It was only then that he realized that he had never had a chance to talk to Ariel. He would definitely have to get that done ASAP. He walked over to his door and saw that there was a note taped to it:


So I know I've been sort of a mooch for the last few years. So I've gotten a job. It's a crappy, stupid delivery job, but it will give me some cash so I can stop asking you for money. I'm going to start saving up for my own place. I appreciate everything you've done for me, but I need to grow up. I'm still going to be a singer, no doubt, but I need to be concerned more about the here and now so I can make a better future. So I'll be at work slaving while you're fiddling with cars......happy now?

Love you Always

Mizz Ariel

Since when did she think she needed to grow up? Marshal didn't know what to think or do. It seemed like his life was turning around and upside down.......and he kinda liked it!
Diva Rule #6: Change is always a good thing. Reinvent yourself regularly!

*Ariel's theme song is "Diva" by Beyonce. She's a popularity sim and I usually hate to play them, but she is a riot! She really just got up after initiating woohoo with Joe! I was like what? So I guess she thought better of just jumping into bed with some guy! Such an impulsive sim lol.......Derick Pace is into her but she would rather be with Joe according to her attraction scores. Besides, Derick is hung up on Tessa Gunner. Ariel has very low creativity, but she loves to perform on the mic so I figure she has dreams of making it big. Probably not anytime soon! I love the NPC careers from modthesims! Now my sims can have regular jobs without having to get in the slacker career! 
*Marshal gives me such serious face all the time! He only had one bolt with Carlie so I figured she wasn't special enough but he has two with Shamella which could be more after they get to know each other. His random traits that I rolled for him are artistic and bookworm and his lifetime want is to become the law. Hopefully I can get profiles up was hard enough getting this update out! I'm at work blogging.....and kinda getting paid to do!!!!! 
*I'm going to try Sullivan's idea for adults getting degrees using monique's computer. I figure he can get his degree and start working on becoming the law.....he may never do it but he can at least TRY to meet his goal!


  1. Ariel is great! I love all her "diva rules". What a classic!

    And it seems like both Marshal and Ariel might have met someone special! Early days for both of them but I'm looking forward to following them and if anything develops.

    I haven't tried those NPC careers yet but I'm thinking I might add them into my game. Always nice to have more options!

  2. I love all of the diva rules, LOL! I can imagine Ariel would drive Marshal crazy, with not helping around the house and suddenly getting all these crazy ideas. Poor Marshal! ;)

    I love those NPC careers too. Two of my unplayables have NPC jobs--April Briggs is the maid and grown up Ginger Newson from the Sim bin works in social services (so she'll handle any adoptions in my hood).

  3. Carla - I think they both have found special people but you just never know with these sims! The NPC careers are fun and its funny to see your own sims dressed up!

    Shana - I think there may actually be a bug in their duplex. She never autonomously cleans and I can't get her to click on any dirty dishes.....but Marshal can...I hope the glitch isn't with her.....Hopefully she will be able to get her own apt by the end of next round and I can find out what the problem is there! I was listening to "Diva" when I was playing their house and the diva rules just came to me!

  4. Now I see why Marshal was so frustrated. I'm just in love with Miss Ariel and her Diva dreams! LOL! That girl is a mess, just like I thought she would be. And what almost happened between her and Joe Carr is so amazing how she just got up like that, and put her clothes back on. These Sims are really something else! LOL!

    What is it with the random traits you rolled? It's like the Sims 3, tell me more!

  5. Its something I got from Apple Valley.....I use the randomizer to roll turn ons and turn offs for my sims and I also roll random traits from a list I made. I just try too incorporate the traits in when I'm playing....I don't really like the Sims 3 so this gives me the traits without having to buy the game!!!!

  6. These two are a riot, I love the sibling rivalry. Ariel seems to have a good head on her shoulders despite her lofty dreams in life. Joe Carr is a pretty good catch, I think he moves in with quite a chunk of change IIRC. Good luck to Marshal and his college goals.


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