Monday, April 12, 2010

Somewhere I Belong

Round 3 - Fall 2030
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Celeste Sky is 21

She taught herself quantum physics. TAUGHT herself. Celeste knew she was different. It was why her real parents gave her away. Or so she thought. Why else would a family leave their baby on the steps of a church? There were times when she thought it might have been for another reason.......times when she felt like she didn't belong here. Not just in LaQuest Beach, but here, this planet with these people. She didn't know anyone else in the world who looked like her. Didn't know of a skin condition that could have caused it.......but she also didn't think she was an alien. Didn't aliens have big, pupil-less eyes, and green skin and huge heads? She looked like everyone else with the exception of her pale skin. She had pupils but her irises were so large and such a dark green that it was hard to see them. And then there was her forehead..........

She usually bought her clothes online, but the people of LaQuest Beach seemed to more accepting than most of the places she had been. Oh there were those who stared, but no one dared say anything to the weird girl. She wanted to blend in, to for once not be the center of attention..........
She did most of her socializing through online chat. She never posted a picture of herself and really enjoyed the conversations she had. People thought she was funny. Why couldn't she do this in real life, away from the computer? She had been chatting with this guy for months and he wanted to meet her. She knew it wasn't a good idea, but she just couldn't help it. He liked her for who she was, so maybe the outside wouldn't least she hoped it wouldn't.
She's a masochist. She has to be, to put herself through this every night. She pulls her hair back and stares at her face and cries. She's never had the money to see if she could have surgery to fix it. Always had to take care of herself by any means neccessary. And it wasn't very lucrative most of the time. She wore bangs to cover what she could of her deformity. The more people saw of it, the more curious they became. And she really had no answers for them.......had no answers for herself...........
She got a job......cage cleaners for rats at the local lab. It didn't pay much, but it put her close to the science she had grown to love. She never knew why she loved it so much, some things in science couldn't be explained......kinda like her........
Cooking was never her forte, never had anyone to teach her properly. She could have taught herself, but it wasn't like she was entertaining guests. Cereal and mac and cheese were good enough for her. Maybe one day she would take on cooking.....maybe one day she would have a reason to.......
BB2000 wanted to meet her tonight. His name was Barnabus and he seemed nice......with a name like Barnabus, he was probably as strange as she was.....if not more so!!!
She needed a car. Her carpool driver always seemed so scared of her. Like she thought Celeste was going to bite her head off or something. She didn't need weird awkward silence every morning on the way to work. A car would be the first big thing she bought when she saved up the dough. She hated the sun. Her pale skin burned quite easily and there were days when she would be beat red..........
She met Barnabus at the Beachside Cafe for drinks after work. The bartender stared at her in awe when she walked in......did people not understand how rude that was? How horrible it made someone feel to be stared at like they have 2 heads? She sat down next to Barnabus and they began the same redundant chit chat that she had been through so many times. How did she get to be named Celeste Sky? Where was she from? Same questions. The minister who took her in named her Celeste Sky because she looked like she came from the heavens. He died when she was 10 and the church pawned her off on the orphanage and she stayed there until running away at 16. She didn't know where she was "from" but the church where she was raised was in Crystal Bay. He excused himself to the restroom and she knew what he would ask when he came back: "What happened to your face?"
He never got the chance because Celeste looked on as something downright stupid happened to poor dimwitted Barnabus. It would be the reason why Celeste would never see him again........
A man with a top hat and monocle approached Barnabus as he exited the rest room and told him that he could tell him his future. As he put on an elaborate tale that sucked poor Barnabus in, he swiftly stole his wallet from his pocket, leaving Celeste to foot the bill........she left shortly thereafter and took Barnabus off her friend list!
She had done research on aliens before. She knew there were crazy people who claimed to be abducted, knew men who claimed they came back pregnant and had an alien baby. She knew it wasn't true.......but it didn't stop her from having a little hope......she wouldn't mind being an alien.....if it meant that for once, she had somewhere that she belonged, with people who understood her.......

* I love Celeste Sky! I have an entire story in my head surrounding what will happen to her and how she will find out who she really is.........she is going to be the beginning of an alien population in LaQuest Beach!

* I love that Barnabus got taken by the charlatan! Celeste seems like the kind of person who would be completely turned off by someone letting themself be taken into such an obvious scam......she and Barnabus when on an outing instead of a date because I didn't feel like she would be flirting and kissing on him and a date would have brought up all of those wants.

* Amanda Carlson and her boyfriend Corbin Gray also work in the science field so I have a feeling they will all be running into each other!

*Feels good to be back to my rounds.......although finals are sneaking up on be so they may still be pretty slow until I finish this paper.....I'm such a procrastinator!


  1. I love her too! She taught herself quantum physics!!

    The markings on her face almost look like freckles, with her bangs down. But I think she's pretty how she is, without covering them; people are so bad about differences.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Francesca - her markings could almost pass for freckles.

    Celeste is pretty awesome. I really like her so far and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for her in the future.

    Poor Barnabus though! I had high hopes for him! LOL.

  3. This is a new favorite character for me, she's so interesting and confused. I'd love to see a close up shot of her face with her hair back. The skin on her is just absolutely amazing, and I love her red hair with it all. A very pretty alien compared.

    Barnabus has a much cooler name then he deserves. ;) He's kind of dim-witted. A girl who taught herself quantum physics, probably would like someone a little smarter than Barnabus.

  4. Francesca - It does seem like freckles with her bangs down, I didn't really notice it! I love that skin and the markings are really stunning. I'll have to post a pic of her face up close with her hair pulled back

    Carla - Celeste is in for a little drama but in the end I think she'll find what she's looking for.....unless she changes the story I have in my head lol

    Maisie - I'll be sure to post a close up of her face, that skin really is beautiful! I have the new names installed so the townies have cooler names than they did before.....he is quite dimwitted but he was also very sweet.....but yea, she knows quantum physics, he doesn't stand a chance!

  5. I like Celeste too. She is pretty and her attitude is awesome.

  6. Celeste seems like a really interesting character, I can't wait to read more about her!

  7. Whew, I finally caught up on all the stories. I'm hopeful about Celeste's story-she is pretty and intelligent and has a good head on her shoulders. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

  8. Oasis - I really love her character!

    Ardania - I hope to be able to flesh her out more as time goes on

    Apple Valley - I'm glad you caught up! I think she will find what she's looking for, although I think it might not be what she's expecting!


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