Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Different Shades of Gray

Round 3 - Fall 2030
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Tessa Gunner is 34

She doesn't know what happened or how she wound up here, in this small house in Talum Heights. She was living a good life, bartending at a club she helped open, and having fun everyday of the week. It was the life she always wanted.......then Derick went and messed everything up with his anger and jealousy. In her heart, she knew that he wouldn't be able to handle her being with other men, even though that was the deal. He wanted marriage and kids.....with HER! She couldn't understand why or how he became so obsessed with her. So now she was living from paycheck to paycheck and Brandon Lillard wouldn't even ackowledge her existence.

She spends alot of her time at the shore now, reflecting on how she got into this mess. It all happened so fast, so quickly that she didn't even see it coming......didn't know the full extent of Derick's rage, of his insanity.......
She remembers the day it happened just like it was yesterday......the day that Derick found out that she was sleeping with Brandon. It was after the club closed and Derick went out to handle his "business". Brandon stayed behind and he and Tessa went up to her room, as they usually did after hours. It had become a regular occurence and she had been able to keep it from Derick for a while.......He came back early and burst into her room, screaming and yelling for Brandon to get off of "his woman". Tessa yelled backed that she wasn't his and Brandon got up and put his clothes on and ran out of the house. Derick didn't talk to her for days after that. Then one day he came in acting as if nothing had even happened. It was after this that she found out that Brandon was in the hospital, someone had beat him within an inch of his life. Tessa knew exactly who was responsible. But she was afraid and never told anyone. Instead she moved out without saying a word to Derick. He let her go and she hadn't heard from him since. Brandon hated her and hadn't spoken to her since......her life was so many different shades of gray now.....and she didn't know if it would ever be colorful again.....
Any extra money that she had went into her newly formed drinking habit. She was a regular in the bars and the bartenders knew her by name. She still went to Project Redlight in Englewood and even deejayed there. She wasn't worried about running into Derick because word was that he had moved out of their house and opened a new club called ZaZu's. Tessa just wanted to move on.....preferably with the cute bartender at Project Redlight........
His name was Elvin de Muse and Tessa thought he had the sexiest accent she had ever heard. He was definitely not from Simerica! He was always so mysterious and quiet and Tessa just knew he would be great in the sack......she just had to convince him to join her.....
The only turn off about him was his ears.....Tessa had never seen a man with such large, pointy ears before! But if he let his long hair out of that pony tail, the ears would be covered and out of sight, out of mind! She was slowly wearing him down, it's what she did. Men had always seemed drawn to her, it never failed. So no matter where Mr. de Muse was from, Tessa was sure he would end up in her bed soon!
She loved deejaying and had a deep fondness for music. She had even bought a guitar and was practicing everyday. She had even thought about starting up her own girl band. Yea, so she was in her wasn't an impossible dream to was entirely doable, she just needed to find the right people to join up with her.....
She kept pretty late nights which didn't help with her early morning job of being a golf caddy for the rich and elite of LaQuest Beach. It didn't pay much, but it balanced out what she made deejaying quite nicely. Maybe she could find herself a rich husband......she was sure she would never fall in love so money was the next best reason to marry as far as she was concerned. She really needed to go visit Tabitha and the kids. Her nieces were the cutest kids she'd ever seen. Tabitha really had lucked out with Terrence. And Tessa was happy for her. After taking care of her for years, Tabitha deserved some happiness.
It took her a few more weeks of persuasion, but she finally got Elvin over to her house. He seemed nervous, like he had never been with a woman before, which Tessa knew couldn't be possible. He was too hot not to have women crawling all over him! He just needed to cover those ears.....
It felt different, being with Elvin. She didn't know what it was, didn't really want to think about it. She knew that there was something special about him......her life may be different shades of gray, but it was getting brighter all the time.......

* Tessa and Derick, what can I say? Their house was so buggy that I had to move them out but before I could, Derick walked in on Tessa and Brandon woohooing on the couch and he went ballistic.....he slapped poor Brandon who of course began to cry. After I redid the hood, I just decided it was best to just separate them and maybe let them meet back up again later.

* I've never had a sim with the elf ears and most definitely never had a NPC with them. Elvin de Muse was created by the game, name and all......I think the name is a bit cheesy, I mean Elvin for an elf? But I love his last name, it's so cool........I'm trying to decide if Elvin will join the ranks of the playables. Tessa has really taken a shine to him and Tessa de Muse does sound kinda cool......and how cute would kids with elf ears be? Guess I'll have to see how it plays out.....

* Tessa V.2 has the PDH of music & dance and just jumped on the DJ booth all on her own. I decided to run with it, after all, she's just had a pretty stressful situation with Derick. Some people come out differently once faced with so much trauma.


  1. Hmmm, this thing with Elvin could be intriguing! Are they three-bolters?

    I have a Sim with the surname de Muse but her first name is Kenya. Elvin for an elf is kind of hilarious!

  2. Whoa, I hope she stays away from Derrick, he's bad news.

  3. Carla - I think they're 2 bolts I'll have to check. I've never seen that surname before now but it's really cool and I would love to have it in my hood! I have an idea of how to do it, just don't know if I want to interfere that much lol. Elvin is really hilarious, its so ironic!

    Apple Valley - Derrick is bad news, but Tess likes drama so hopefully she will stay clear of him!

  4. Elvin and Tessa would be extra cute together. They would probably make great babies.

    Good thing that Tessa and Derrick broke it up before she got caught up in something serious

  5. the part about the shades of gray was so poignant. But then I was so cracked up by Elven's name, and him being the elf prototype face...

  6. Tessa's really turning everything around in her life, although she should probably stop drinking. And when I saw Elvin's name, I totally did a double take. That's hilarious!

  7. It's so funny that your game created an elf with the name Elvin, lol!

    I also hope Tessa stays away from Derrick!

  8. I'm worried about her drinking, but it looks like Elven is going to be a great distraction. I would LOVE seeing Tessa with the last name de Muse. That really DOES sound good together! LOL!

    I have to add that I totally cracked up at Elven the Elf name, how cheezy..but I never had an NPC to spawn with elf ears. How weird and exciting! I love how you wrote it in that he has this strange accent...he sure is handsome!


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