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The Only Exception

Round 3 - Winter 2030
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Ariel Carr is 30, Joe Carr is 35, Kayden Carr is 1.
She had to remind herself sometimes to breathe. Ariel's life was completely overwhelming one minute and terribly boring the next. She never knew how her days were going to go. It all started when she decided to marry Joe. It wasn't that she didn't love Joe. She did. Although that was why he thought she didn't want to get married. But it wasn't that. She loved him more than she thought was possible. It's just that having Kayden and falling in love was not a part of her plan. She was in her thirties and had never become the singer she thought she would become. It wasn't the end of her life, but she had a family now......she couldn't just do what she after alot of proding from her brother Marshal, she decided to become Ariel Carr.

Kayden had gotten so big so fast. Ariel didn't know how the time slipped past her. He was in the beginning stages of learning to walk and she couldn't have been prouder of him. She was going to miss carrying him around with her.........she would miss his toddler days......
She still had her little convenience store job, but she didn't go to it much anymore. She stayed home when Joe had to work to care for Kayden. They could afford to hire a babysitter, but Ariel liked spending time with her little man.
They had story time everyday. Ariel wanted Kayden to be well rounded when he went to school. He didn't really understand most of the words, but she read the characters in different voices so he could get the affect all the same.
Kayden would sit and listen for hours if she would read to him that long.....but all good things had to come to an end and Kayden was grumpy if he didn't have his afternoon naps!
Ariel and Joe would have their quality time when he came home from his job at the hospital. He would tell her all about his day and steal a few kisses before she went out to her singing gig at Oscar's downtown.
It wasn't a paying gig, but it allowed her to do what she had always loved to do: sing. It didn't matter if she wasn't getting paid, it was her hobby. And just because she decided to put her family first, it didn't mean that she had to give up everything she loved. It just had to come second. And Oscar's was a great place with a crowd that had come to know and love her.
And she got to live out her dream everynight that her feet touch that stage. She was the best, at least as far as she was concerned. It was her moment to shine, her moment to be the Ariel that she wanted to be, her time away from her reality.
She even had a woman, Tessa Gunner, come by to ask her about joining a band!
"You think we can take over the world in a band?" Ariel asked.
"I know it sounds crazy, but we can do it! Your voice is like an angel and I'm a badass on the drums!"
"I don't doubt that, but I'm 30, married with a kid. Touring the world isn't really going to happen right now," Ariel said.
"Why does everyone keep saying that like 30 is old? We don't have gray hair just yet you know! We can do this Ariel........I know we can!" Tessa said.
"I don't know.....let me think about it."
"Don't think too long. I plan to move on this as soon as possible!"
But she didn't get a chance to think about it. Soon chaos took over in the form of them finding out that Ariel was pregnant. Joe didn't know how to feel. He was beyond excited, he had always wanted at least 2 kids. And Ariel was happy that she could relive all of Kayden's cute moments with the new baby. But they lived in a tiny two bedroom apartment. There wasn't room for a new baby. So they would have to move. They had saved up quite a bit of money but it wasn't enough on it's own to buy a house. But that's what Joe wanted, a house. Not some tiny cramped apartment that they would never own. So they decided to take out a loan and get a nice house near the water. Ariel loved the water.
Things moved pretty fast and soon they had the loan and had purchased a house that was down by the warehouse district. The beach was a short drive away, which made Ariel very happy!
Ariel and Joe lived on the downtown side of LaQuest Beach and never really got to know anyone outside of the apartment building that they stayed in. Now the were on the other side that held most of the homes in LaQuest. She guessed that word traveled fast because soon all the wives along the coast came knocking at her door. It was a bit overwhelming but it was nice all the same. Keisha Knowles was the first to make her way over. She seemed to be a pretty nice woman from what Ariel could tell.
"A surprise baby huh? Yea, Kali surprised me and Tanner a few years ago. I thought I was pretty much done having kids. My oldest son was graduating from college and I had a teenage daughter. Now I'm running around after a toddler again," Keisha said laughing.
"I figured me and Joe would have another baby, just not so soon. Kayden is still a toddler! But it happened and we couldn't be happier. Our old apartment wasn't big enough so we decided to just jump in and get a house. Hopefully we can have it paid off before it's time for Kayden to go off to college!" Ariel said.
"Honey I'm sure you will. It's really a nice house."
Kimber Henderson soon made her way over and even the mayor's wife came! Alana Brown was nice, she just seemed a little withdrawn. It was a really nice afternoon filled with nice adult conversation. Ariel could definitely get use to this!
They all sat down to a lunch Ariel made and talked about everything from kids to politics. Alana talked about a few of the things her husband planned to implement for the city soon. Most of them sounded good, but would require a one time increase in taxes. The citizens of LaQuest would not be happy about that! Alana also talked about wanting another child but not knowing if she would be able to have one with her being so busy with her restaurant and Christian running the city. Ariel went to bed feeling really good about their decision to start this new part of their life.
She liked to just watch him sleep some mornings. He was the most at peace during this time; no mortgage  worries, no kids, just sleep. She was hesitant to marry him because she wanted more time to follow her dreams. But now he's given her a new one.........

* The title comes from this song by Paramore

* So Ariel and Joe are married. I know in their fast forward I said that he wanted to get married and she didn't and I was going to wait on her. But once I restarted my hood I got lazy and decided that I didn't want to go through the drama and connecting Kayden to both Joe and Ariel in simPE without marrying they're married  lol. They would have gotten married eventually anyway!

* I choked on juice I was drinking at the time when Tessa visited their apartment. I was automatically like, wow she's serious about this band thing huh? I couldn't see another reason that Tessa, who lives on the other side of the island in Talum Heights, would be visiting them at their home. She's a woman on a mission!

* I love that the welcoming party actually consisted of neighbors this time.....most of the time the people are so freaking random that I'm like no way.......

* Baby Carr will make their appearance in Fall 2031. Their father has a clone walking around. Joe Carr is a base townie so when I recreated LaQuest Beach, a new one was generated. He will be the first tombstone in my little graveyard as I plan to kill him off. I'll just have to keep him separate from the real Joe Carr when he dies lol

* I was kinda upset when Kayden grew's like he got his mom's mouth but his dad's chin and it's all weird. But I aged him up bodyshop and he's going to be a very cute, unique looking guy!

* I built their house! I'm so happy with how it turned out, I usually suck at building things but I'm getting better. I just found a house plan online and ran with it!


  1. The house is very cute, great job. I'm happy for her, I bet her brother is pleased as punch with the way things have worked out for his annoying mooching little sister with her pipe dreams and no job :P

  2. Glad you aged Kayden up to check what he's going to look like! I've been doing that too lately, with toddlers that I think look a little odd!

    I'm impressed that you built that house! I had planned on saying how much I liked it when I saw the pic you posted.

    It'll be interesting to see if Tessa keeps harping on about this band idea. Ariel's got other priorities now, it seems, even though she must also be wondering "what if".

  3. Apple Valley - Marshal is very happy that Ariel finally grew up.....and it only took 30 years!

    Carla - I was worried there for a sec! His face is so disproportioned, but it evens out as he grows. I knew Ariel liked living by the water so when I found out that she was pregnant, I looked for some small beach style house plans and found this really great one. It's not exactly like it, but it gave me something to visualize as I built it. I think that's what I'm going to have to do in order to build decent stuff from now on lol.....Tessa is really into this music idea, for right now.....she can be pretty flighty so I don't know how long it will last!

  4. Hey, I was sorry for Tessa that she felt badly about not having become a singer.

    The pictures have been moved or deleted--I didn't get to see the house.


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