Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Breathe

Round 4 - Fall 2033
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Tabitha Coners is 43, Terrence Coners is 42, Imani and Imara Coners are 6

 Terrence told her to leave it alone.....he told her that Tessa was a grown woman......he told her all these things......and she listened.....but when Tess called her upset and begging Tabitha to meet her at Fish & Chips, what was she suppose to do? Turn her back on her sister? Tabitha just couldn't do that.....

 "I fucked up again," Tessa said with a small smile.
"Tell me something I don't know, Tess. Marriage not what you thought it would be?"
"It's not that......I'm cheating on Elvin with a 20 something year old college guy."
"Are you insane? He's a baby! He's about the same age as Kenny, Tess!" Tabitha exclaimed.
"Yea, I's just......"
"Just what, Tess? How can you be all jazzed up to marry this guy and then regret it months later? You haven't even been married that long!"
"I know Tabitha.......I just don't understand what happened....."
 "You can't keep doing this, Tess. You're almost 40 years old and your life still doesn't have any direction. Now Elvin gives me the creeps and I don't trust him at all, but he deserves better than you sleeping around on him," Tabitha said.
"He wants kids. He wants to have a baby. With me. I don't know anything about raising kids!"
"I know you don't. But you can learn. You made a commitment Tess. For once, you need to honor it," Tabitha said.
"I know.....I just don't remember much up until the's so weird....I remember walking back to the house, feeling like I was coming out of some kind of fog....I know it sounds crazy, but I just don't think I was myself that day.....I've never even had a serious boyfriend and now I'm married," Tess said.
 As they ate their lunch in silence, Tabitha went back to the night Tess called her and told her that she was getting married.....she DIDN'T seem like herself.....but Tabitha thought this was just another one of her spur of the moment ideas......and Elvin was acting weird that night.....he was positive that Tess would be marrying him the next day.....almost too positive......Terrence told her to stay out of it, but Tabitha planned to do some background on Elvin de Muse.....because getting married was definitely out of character for Tess.......
 "I love you," Tess said.
As Tabitha looked into the face of her little sister, a grown woman with a Peter Pan complex, she felt the burden of all the years she had spent getting Tess out of her matter how heavy the burden, she just couldn't turn her back on Tess.......
"I love you too. You made this bed, now you gotta lie in it. Just do the best that can, be the best that you can. That's all you can really do," Tabitha said.
"I'll try."
And Tabitha believed she would.....but her best was other people's worst sometimes........
 She was able to do a couple of basic searches before Terrence and the girls got home. Today was the day they had set aside to take the girls to the park and Terrence would't want to hear anything about Tess. So she would have to keep their little lunch to herself....
 Imani and Imara were growing so fast and Tabitha knew they would soon be out of the house.....she didn't know what she would do without her little girls......Imani was very feminine and very outgoing. Tabitha knew she would be the one bring lots of friends home as they got older. Imara was a bit more reserved and a little tomboyish. But they were still inseparable and Tabitha hoped they stayed that close.
 It was really nice to get out of the house for a while. It would have been even nicer if Kenny was there. Tabitha missed him and hadn't seen him since she and Terrence visited the campus and met his girlfriend......maybe she should give him a call......
 Terrence wasn't very happy about moving to Camden Park at first. He was a city boy at heart and couldn't imagine life out in the country. But there was a peace about being out at a lake and fishing that you just couldn't get in the if he could just get his wife's sister to keep them out of her mess, things would be perfect.....but the mother hen in Tabitha just wouldn't let Tessa fall.......they were a package deal, if you got Tabitha, Tess was right behind her causing some kind of uproar!
 Although Tessa was a thorn in his side, Tabitha was the light of his he supposed it wasn't such a bad thing!

* Title is this song by Anna Nalick

* Tabitha needs to get a life! She hasn't had many wants for her immediate family lately.....Tessa is going to have to fix this mess with Elvin all on her own......nothing much Tabitha can do!

* The twins are like polar opposites of each other, but thankfully they still get along quite well :)


  1. Thanks for making sure Tabitha stays out of it, sometimes I think those who are used to others taking care of them and their messes eventually get into something that no one can help them with.

    I'd love more background on Elvin as well, like why did he fall so deeply for Tessa so quickly?

  2. Apple Valley - Yes Tabitha just needs to leave it alone......I was going to treat Elvin's story much like Celeste's and build up his own hometown.....then I thought about all the work that I would have to put into making a town of elves and I thought, "Are you insane?" So his story will come from his own lips lol.....I think alot will be explained during their next turn.

  3. I think Tabitha's probably made the right decision to stay out of Tessa's mess. She's unfortunately going to have to figure this out herself.

    I can't wait to find out more about Elvin. Why Tessa? Why not any other woman? Very interesting!


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