Thursday, April 8, 2010

The New LaQuest Beach

I'm pretty much done decorating the hood, I've put all of my sims in a house, now I just have to decorate their homes! It's a pain in the ass, but so far I have seemed to clear myself of the bugginess that was LaQuest Beach V.1. Things didn't change in regard to where the different areas are located. But I did group lots together better I think.
Englewood - Still the hood, more urban part of LaQuest Beach, but I removed the duplex that the Johnsons and Marshal White were living it. There were issues with people not being able to pick up dirty dishes and sims resetting themselves, which all made me nervous enough to bulldose the lot. I'm still looking for lots to add to it but it's fine for now. Since Derrick Pace's home club didn't work out, I've built him one in the Englewood area called Zazu's......he'll be taking out a loan and buying it.
Downtown - This is where the mayor's office and most of the stores and restuarants for LaQuest Beach are located. I think I place a couple of homes there in case any of my sims seem like the type to live in a downtown area instead of the suburbs.
Lorrington - Place where the richest sims in LaQuest are. Mayor Christian Brown and his family currently live in Lorrington.
Talum Heights - Talum Heights has nice affordable homes away from the bustling downtown side of LaQuest Beach. Donna Foster and her new husband DeJuan and their kids live here, as well as Tessa Gunner.
Warehouse District - Lots of old warehouse buildings that have been converted into homes, clubs and stores. Kevin and Kinsley Johnson live here.
Along all the shore are beach houses and shops. Some have private beaches but most do not. Amanda Carlson and Corbin Gray as well as Tanner Knowles and his family live along this area.
Camden is the small rural shopping district of LaQuest Beach. There is plenty of land for farming and it's tucked away from the fast paced city life. Terrence Coners and his family live here.
LaQuest Beach University is a state funded university and will be where all residents who pursue higher education will attend. They also have an online program for those adults who may want to obtain a degree. Marshal White is taking part in the online program.
I've also decided to utilize some of the supernatural things offered by the sims. I don't plan to get too unrealistic, but I think that aliens and witchcraft isn't too far off the path. So meet LaQuest Beach's newest citizen, Celeste Sky.
Celeste has no idea where she's from. She only knows that she was dropped off at an orphanage as a baby and that she has always been different from those around her. She could pass for normal if it wasn't for the intricate markings that permanently mark her face and her unusually large pupils. She's never really fit in anywhere she has ever been, never could really make friends. People fear what they don't understand. She's never been kissed or even had a date before. She decided to move to LaQuest Beach because it was time for a move. Over the years she learned that she couldn't stay in any place for too long. Soon people would wonder about her and their curiosity lead them to interfering with her life. Maybe LaQuest Beach would be different, but her 20 years of experience told her that this too would be a short stay......she didn't know where she belonged........

* I created Celeste in body shop and I like how she turned out. She's not TOO alien-like, more interesting I think. I have different pollination techs installed so if anyone gets abducted the baby won't look like the tradition alien baby. I think it's possible that we aren't completely alone in the universe, so why should the sims be? lol.......Witchcraft is also something that some people believe in so I don't think that's too far. I won't be having any flower people or werewolves or vampires though.......seems too much....
* I really like how redoing the hood turned out, it feels better than it did before. Hopefully a clean start will help with the bugginess......the families in the bin are still there, I didn't delete them this time so maybe that will help.


  1. Your hood looks amazing!!! Very put together. Im interested in seeing more of your super natural and what goes on with Celeste. I really like her skin. Happen to recall where you got your P-techs?

  2. The hood looks really awesome!

    Celeste is a gorgeous Sim too, so great job. Looking forward to seeing what happens to her in the hood.

  3. Your LaQuest 2.0 looks really great! The warehouse district looks interesting--they make for really cool loft apartments or clubs.

    It will be neat to see how you develop Celeste, as an alien. I agree-we probably aren't alone in the universe, so it's really not that out of the question to have aliens. But why are the vampires always going around with their arms in front of their faces. Bleh.

  4. Retromaisie- Celeste uses a separate skin that I got from Enayla at modthesims:
    It's the Pixie Orchid one. I use Brillantcat's P-Techs which can be found here:
    The spawn of abducted sims won't look like Celeste, but they won't have the terrible facial structure or coloring that the regular P-Techs make!

    Carla - She's the first sim I've ever created in Body Shop, I usually make everyone in CAS but she came out much better there.

    Francesca - I didn't even add a downtown sub-hood so there are no vampires in my hood! They annoyed me and I found that you can avoid them by not adding a downtown. I just added my own shopping district instead. Any witches that I have will be manually made because I don't think you have to befriend someone to get started in that. I also have hacks take away all the extra frill around witches. They won't be sparkly, they'll just look like regular sims.

  5. Your neighborhood looks amazing! I love it!

  6. I love how Celeste turned out. She is unique and cool looking.

  7. Love the new changes, and I really love the names of your areas! Celeste is beautiful! I don't use aliens but you make me want to. LOL!


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