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Round 4 - Spring 2034
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Ariel Carr is 32, Joe is 38, Javion is 2, Kayden is 4 (Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35)

 Kayden loved being a big brother. Javion was so much fun to be around. And he already looked up to Kayden and that made him feel important. He always had someone to play with now. Well, sometimes Javion would be cranky and not want to play. But Kayden figured that it was just because he was a baby. He hadn't grown up yet like him..........

 And Kayden's mom was the best. She always told him the best stories at bedtime. He didn't think life could get any better.........well maybe if he didn't have to go to school.......
 Ariel wasn't as content with things as Kayden was. They still hadn't paid off the loan they had had to take out to get their house. And Kayden and Javion were still young right now, but what if they wanted to go to college? How would they pay for it? Whenever she would voice her concerns, Joe would grab her hand and tell her to just breathe. They were slowly paying it off, it just takes time. And Kayden is only four. They had plenty of time to save up money. And when she looked in his eyes, she always felt better. He balanced out her craziness like no other man had ever been able to do......
 She really wanted to work somewhere that made more money. But working at the convenience store gave her the opportunity to be home with Javion when Joe worked at the hospital......but she really wanted to do something more.......
 Javion was growing so fast. Soon he would be in school with Kayden. And Ariel would be home alone...... Joe was constantly working with him. He wanted him to be ready when he started pre-k. Ariel told him that that was two years away, but Joe insisted that it was never too early........
 If someone had told him he would be married to Ariel White and have two of the best sons in the world with her, he would have laughed in their face! But he didn't want to be anywhere else in the world.....
 Marshal and Shamella had been coming over alot more since they had gotten engaged. They were all mushy around each other all the time. Joe remembered when he and Ariel were that they were constantly running after two boys. He told Marshal to enjoy it while he could!
 Kayden already idolized his Uncle Marshal. Joe liked sports as much as the next guy, but he wasn't as into it as Kayden and Marshal. It was something that gave them a special bond.
 Kayden wouldn't let Marshal leave without playing a game of catch. Marshal didn't mind, he loved spending time with his nephew. He only hoped any kids he had with Shamella would be as cool as Kayden. Marshal and Ariel had been through alot, but they both had arrived at good places.......and Marshal intended to stay there!

* Title comes from this song by Anthony Hamilton

* Ariel had wants to invite Shamella over. I figure she wants to try to convince her to let her plan their wedding......I don't think it's going to happen though!

* Ariel has a want for another baby. I may take her off birth control and let them try if Joe wants one too and after Javion gets a little older. LaQuest Beach could use another diva so hopefully they'll have a will be my luck that they end up with three boys!

* Kayden adores his Uncle Marshal! He rolls more wants for him than his own dad :)


  1. Aw, Kayden and Marshal remind me of my Timothy and Luc. They're like that with the want rolling! I love the picture of Kayden playing with Javion too. So sweet - I hope they stay close as they grow up.

  2. I could see them with a little girl, hopefully that will happen. Maybe she'll give Ariel a taste of how she was when she was younger :P

  3. Well you know how it goes. If you want a girl then the game will give you a boy. LOL What a sweet little family!

  4. Carla - I love it when they have wants for family members outside of the home, it just brings in more realism for me! I hope Javion and Kayden stay close as well. They are only 2 years apart so hopefully they will :)

    Apple Valley - Haha, that would be just poetic justice if her daughter turned out to be like her! I think Marshal would love it since he was the one who had to deal with Ariel when she was younger lol

    Riverdale - They have 2 boys so I'm hoping it will be a girl....that's if I even let them try.....right now it's not very manageable because of their financial situation.


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