Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fast Forward: Johnson & Knowles

Kevin Knowles' fraternity house had grown into the party center for the Sim State campus. Everyone wanted to join and Kevin was very proud of the work he had done. He would be sad to leave the house, but graduation was around the corner and he knew that he was leaving the house in good hands with his frat brothers.

As one last bonding experience, the guys took a trip up to Three Lakes Mountain and camped out for a couple of days. Kevin had never had a brother and while he loved his sister Kayla, he always wished for a little brother......and he finally got his wish!
He and Kinsley were still going strong and since graduation was around the corner, he decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level. He invited her out to the Sky Capp Cafe overlooking the ferry docks. He was positive that this would be a night they would always remember......
He couldn't believe that she was surprised......surely she would have know this was coming......she was his other half for sim's sake! She knew how he felt about her, how he'd always felt about her......
And of course she accepted his proposal.......because she DID know that she was his other half.....she's just happy she tracked him down and made him notice her in high stalking she ever did!!
Soon it was time to say good-bye to college life and hello to the real world. Kinsley and Kevin's parents and sister came to help him celebrate......Tanner and Keisha were so proud of their son! (Kinsley also graduated from LaQuest Beach Community College but for some reason I can't find the pics :(.....but she did graduate)
Kevin and Kinsley planned to have a small ceremony at Kevin's parents' house on the beach, but Tanner and Keisha wouldn't hear of it. They rented the Parables Community Church and had it decorated for the wedding......Kinsley was a bit uncomfortable with Kevin's parents paying for everything but had learned long ago not to argue with Keisha.....
Kinsley's mom Donna had gotten pretty serious with her boyfriend, DeJuan Foster, and he and his daughter Taesha had moved in. DeJuan seemed okay and Kinsley wanted her mom to be happy. Taesha seemed like a nice enough girl......maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have a step-sister......
Kinsley's brother Brian thought Taesha was ok......he didn't really care, he was ready to go off to college. It wasn't that he didn't like DeJuan.......he just didn't trust him.....
Kevin was just ready for this to all be over so he could take his wife home......he knew his parents weren't going to let them just do a small ceremony at home.....but he still had hoped that he could sway such luck!
Kinsley pretended to be annoyed for Kevin's sake, but the truth was, she had always wanted to have a big wedding......she just never thought she would be able to have one, and she had accepted that......then Kevin had come along and helped her achieve a dream she had let die long ago......she loved that man!
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knowles


*If this seems disjointed, please excuse me......the wedding photos were taken during my recovery period after having 8 teeth pulled from the back of my say I was out of it is an understatement lol......

*Kinsley and Kevin have a cute little apartment in a complexed converted from an old warehouse. Kinsley is a pleasure sim so it will probably be a while before they have any kids unless it's an oops baby....

*I kind of like the in hood colleges, my only beef is that it doesn't create dormies so I have to place people in so that my sims aren't there all alone......I don't know when I'll be sending someone back to LBCC for that reason......Don't want to have to create unneccesary sims!

*DeJuan is the bouncer for Derick Pace's club so he hangs with at least one shady character, which is probably why Brian doesn't really trust him........

Next up: Keisha and Tanner Knowles


  1. Wow! A lot of weddings lately :) Can't say that I don't mind though :P

    Sorry about your teeth, wisdom teeth or something? Those hurt, but apparently, I was born without them so I don't have any.

    And I am soooo pining for an oops baby :D

  2. I am sure if Kinsley and Kevin had and oops baby it would be the cutest little thing since they are both so attractive. I am pinning for an oops baby too.

    I love seeing sim weddings. If they were so much of a pain to plan and execute I think I would have more.

  3. Aw, I'm so happy these two are still together and that they're now married. They were always so sweet.

    I love the wedding too, by the way. Lots of green - a gorgeous theme!

  4. Kevin Knowles looks just like Daniel Kramer in my game. And he made really pretty babies. Just saying...

    Beautiful wedding, I'm so sorry to hear about your teeth and hope you are feeling better.

  5. Beautiful wedding! I'm glad to see that they've made it through being separated at college and are back together! :)

  6. Very pretty wedding, I love the arch they stood under. I agree, they will have beautiful babies. sure hope they don't make us wait too long!

    Sorry to hear about your teeth, I hope you are recovering nicely now.

    When I play my inner-city college, I just move college sims onto the lot. That way I'm not creating any extras, and they age up with mine, and then, go on about their way. You can also make them townies if you don't want to play them. (Mine just live in houses and open businesses that I don't personally want to run, but want my sims to work at.)

  7. I do the same thing as retromaisie-sometimes I take existing elder townies and age them down and then once I don't need them, age them to another age group to hang out with other sims.

  8. I know..I know, I'm late to all your updates. But I'm back now, and catching up!

    I LOVE Kinsley's wedding dress! The main reason is because it's so UNIQUE! Who has green leaves tied through their corset?! I don't know of any other Sim that's worn that! LOL! This might have to go into the gossip pages at THG! Just's very trendy! And Marisa LOVES trendy.

    Anyways, I'm happy Kinsley and Kevin are now married. It was a beautiful wedding! I hope they have babies because as everyone else said, they'd be GORGEOUS!

    It's always good to see someone who came from a hard life, have a fairytale ending, too.

  9. Simmington Hills- I've had that dress for quite a while and finally decided to use is very unique, which is why I loved it so much :)


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