Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring 2031 Teaser

Round 3 - Spring 2031
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Celeste Sky is 21, Starema Orionious is 156

She couldn't sleep. She kept hearing voices in her head. She knew it was insane, knew that it wasn't possible. But it didn't stop the voice. It's time Andromeda Orionious. Things are coming to past, the order of your world is about to change. Come to me, my child. Come to me and learn about who you truly are. She was losing her mind.........as she was contemplating whether to check herself into a hospital, she saw a bright light outside..........

She had to be dreaming, must have been sleep deprived. There was no way there was a glowing woman with her skin and her markings standing in her front yard. She had finally lost her mind. She finally couldn't handle being the weird girl any more and she snapped. It was the only logical explanation.

"I must be dreaming.......you can't be real," she said.
Oh I'm real Andromeda. As real as you are. But you know that. You know who you are.
"Why are you calling me Andromeda? You have the wrong person lady."
No, I have it correct Andromeda. No one on this planet knows you as well as I. Search your heart, the answer lies there.
"You're freaking me out lady. Who the hell are you?" Celeste yelled.
I am Starema Orionious. I have traveled from our planet, Titusanera, to assist you.
"OUR planet? You expect me to  believe you're from another planet? And I am too? Why would I believe that? Believe you?" Celeste asked.
Denial won't change the truth Andromeda. The sooner you accept this fact, the quicker we can begin.
"Begin what? Who are you and what do you want with me?"
I suppose the answer that would be most understandable for you with your Earth rearing would be to say that I am your mother.
"What? My mother? What the hell are you talking about?"

* Cliff hanger right? lol.......I was going to wait and begin background on Celeste later, but I figured I should spread it out so that not everything happens to her at once. She's finally going to get the answers she has been looking for, although she may not be happy with what she finds.

* I am just in love with this skin! I decided that Starema of course would not hide her face with hair seeing as how she is aware of who she is and blends in with the others from her planet. So for those who wanted to see the markings without the bangs, hopefully that helps. I may do another mini-update this round or maybe wait until her turn next round. It doesn't really make since that she wouldn't learn anything over the time span that would pass before her next turn......what do you guys think?


  1. Andromeda is one of my all-time favorite names. I think it is just beautiful.

    How did you get Starema to appear like that??

    However you unfold the story, I look forward to it. Maybe next round?

  2. I was trying to think of some space-like names lol. I love that name too! I used the special effects from here:

    You can get it from the booty though here:

    I may do another little snippet before her next turn, I haven't decided yet. I still have a few families to get through this round.

  3. Aww, thanks for the teaser. Whenever I hear that name, I think back to the book My Sister's Keeper

  4. A definite cliffhanger! Starema is beautiful, just like her daughter.

    Like Francesca, I'm happy to read the story however you choose to unfold it.

  5. Ooh! Can't wait to find out what this is all about and what Starema is going to tell Celeste!


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