Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Birthdays: Spring 2024

Only one birthday this round sadly:

Christian and Alana Brown are 27

Christian had no idea that birth was so shocking. Oh, he knew where babies came from and knew that it would be a tad bit painful for Alana, but seeing it took his breath away. He almost passed out when she went into labor! Alana says, "Hey moron, get it together. I'm the one in pain here!"

And a few hours later, little Ms. Christa Brown was born. She has her father's brown hair and her mother's piercing blue eyes.

Welcome to the neighborhood little one!

Just Right

Round 1  - Spring 2024
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 31, Caleb is 3

He's amazing. He has no idea how truly amazing he is. He's a miniature version of his father. Kip looks at his son and actually gets teary eyed. He would never let anyone know it, it's not very masculine. The day Caleb was born, Kip knew his purpose in life: to be the best dad he could be. He was slowly working his way up the ladder at the law firm he worked at. He wanted the very best for his little man.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Run This Town

Round 1 - Winter 2023
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Derick Pace is 31 (Tessa Gunner is 27)

Derick Pace had a plan. It was a good plan. It was a plan that would allow him to become something more than a two-bit criminal. He would have a completely legit job, doing something fun, and make lots of money. It was a no fail plan. Only one thing could possibly stand in his way: Tessa Gunner. She was a key part to his plan and he really need her to cooperate. He liked Tess, she was a sweet girl. Beautiful and fun to be with. He knew she wasn't really the settling down type and he wasn't thinking marriage and kids himself. But they had fun together and he liked having her around......hopefully she felt the same.....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Point of It All

Round 1 - Fall 2023
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Tanner and Keisha Knowles are 35, Kevin is 17, Kayla is 9

Tanner and Keisha Knowles are lucky. They know it, and the rest of LaQuest Beach knows it. Tanner was a trust fund baby who made wise investments with his money and became very financially stable. He and Keisha met while they were both vacationing with their families and they have been in love every since. Tanner doesn't need to really work, but he's always wanted to be a police officer and so he has joined the academy. Keisha was dedicated to making their home the best it could be for their children and so she never got to follow her dreams. But she is now studying fashion design and hopes to start a small line one day. They live in one of the nicer beach homes.