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Nothing even matters

Round 4 - Winter 2033
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Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35 (Ariel Carr is 30, Joe is 36)

 Shamella hated surprises.......but when Marshal asked her to pack a bag and trust him to give her a wonderful vacation, she did it.......because she loves him......

 After a long flight and a long car ride, she found out their destination: Three Lakes Mountain. Shamella wasn't much for outdoorsy type things. And this really wasn't the romantic getaway she was expecting......camping in the woods? He couldn't be serious!
 But he was serious. Marshal knew Shamella hated the outdoors. But he planned to make this trip the best that she had ever had. And this was the nicest hotel on the mountain. It's not like they were staying in tents! He thought about it, but he knew she would probably go ballistic on him!
 She was pretty pissed, he could tell......but it would all be worth it tonight. He thought he would calm her down with a nice massage, a nice dinner, and then tell the real reason he brought her all the way up this mountain.
 Ok, so the massage wasn't bad. It was actually the best massage she had ever had. It was a deep tissue massage, and all the tension she was feeling about being dragged up a mountain just melted away. Maybe she wouldn't kill Marshal.........maybe.......
 He was nervous. He hadn't been nervous in quite a while. He was pretty sure he knew how the night was going to turn out.....but then again she was pretty mad at him......he was almost 40 years old and he couldn't believe he was just now doing's not like he didn't love her.....he had loved her from the moment he saw her......he just wanted to be sure that he could provide for her and any kids they may he felt like he could......
 When he came out of the sauna Shamella was doing what the locals called the slap seemed that the massage had lightened her mood, which was good news for him!
 After they had dinner, he took her to the camp grounds where they could light a fire and roast marshmellows......she, of course, complained.......
 "Is it really that bad being here with me?" he asked her.
"I mean, I guess not. I'm just not an outdoorsy type of girl. But this fire is kind of romantic......and it's warm! It's freezing out here," she said.
"Well, I guess I better get to the real reason I brought you out here."
"You mean it wasn't to try to turn me into a Shamella popsicle?"
"No," he said laughing.
 "I brought you out here because every day that I look at you, I know that I am the luckiest man on the planet. I brought you out here because lately I've been having dreams of a little boy and a little girl who look like the perfect mix of you and me. I brought you out here because I knew that you would never suspect this in a million years," Marshal said.
 "So Shamella Reeves, will you marry me?"
 "Of course I will you big dope! I've been waiting on you to ask me forever!" she said.
"Well I had to make sure the moment was just right. Do you still hate camping?"
"I think that camping has just become my favorite activity in all the world!"
 As they walked back to the hotel holding hands, Marshal knew that his life would never be the same. And for that, he was extremely happy......
 Their trip ended and it was back to the real world. Ariel and Joe came over right away to congratulate them.
"So are you guys planning a huge shindig?" Joe asked.
"No way man! Shamella has always wanted to get married in a church so we're having a church wedding. But it's not going to be big or anything. Actually, it will probably just be you and Ariel and the kids there. We're not trying to make this into a huge deal," Marshal said.
"Yea, well I hope it works out that way for ya man," Joe said laughing.
"What do you mean?"
"Have you forgotten who your sister is?"
 "I'm seeing springtime and lots of pink!" Ariel said.
"Ariel, I already told you that we want to keep it really small. We don't want to make this a big deal," Shamella said.
"Not a big deal? You're getting married! It's a VERY big deal! I regret not making more of a big deal when I married Joe."
"You didn't make any kind of deal when you married Joe. You two ran off to the courthouse and didn't even invite Marshal or me," Shamella said with a pout.
"Oh come on! If you're going to be in this family, you've got to know that I'm unpredictable and crazy! Let me plan your wedding for you," Ariel said.
"Are you insane? Marshal would kill me! Listen, I'm going to decide what colors I want it to be, and then me and you can go shopping for the dress you'll wear. But that's it Ariel Carr! That's as much as I can promise you."
"You and Marshal are made for each other. Both of you are totally no fun!"
 "Am I going to get to be in the wedding Uncle Mashal?" Kayden asked.
"Of course, squirt!"
"Do I have ta dress up? Cuz I don't like dressing up," he said.
"Sorry Kay, but yes you have to dress up. Hey, I don't like dressing up either! But it's what Aunt Shamella wants," Marshal said.
"Well, I guess I can do it for Aunt Shamella. But I'm not doing this again!"
"I don't plan to do it again either, squirt," Marshal said laughing.
 Shamella went out looking at wedding dresses the next day. They had decided to get married in the spring and that wasn't very far away. There really was no need to plan out a huge wedding or have a long engagment.......they weren't getting any younger!
 Shamella didn't know what color she wanted the wedding to be, but pink was definitely out......Ariel would just have to deal with it!
 She didn't know what dress she was going to wear, and it really didn't even matter. Because at the end of the day, all she wanted was Marshal........nothing else really mattered......

*Title is from this song by Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo

* I wanted to try something different with the engagement this time. I was tired of the "let's go out to dinner so I can propose" engagements. So I decided to let Marshal propose in the great outdoors. Shamella doesn't strike me as someone who would like going camping, so I thought this would be a good way to surprise her :)

* Marshal and Shamella will be getting married in the spring of 2034. They are both almost 40 and I don't really see a reason to drag it out!


  1. A destination proposal! I like it. Heh, Shamella's all turned around on camping now. Can't wait to see the wedding!

  2. I really liked this proposal! WTG Marshal for surprising Shamella, I didn't expect it ether. It was quite lovely with the fire in the background. And the two dresses she tried on look very nice.


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