Friday, July 31, 2015

Uni Update

Just posted a new Uni update over on the new blog! Christa is still maintaining her 4.0 GPA as are the others. Check it out below:

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pace Update and Some Changes

Long time no see! So I am still playing the game but I've been gearing up for some changes I want to make. Because I feel like I've been leaning heavier on the storytelling side of the fence than game play, I've decided to focus more on that. I've started a wordpress blog and that is where I will continue my updates. I won't be deleting this one as I'm not porting over all these posts as the format will be a bit different.

I'm still playing my game in rounds but I won't be mentioning that in my new posts. I'll still post what month and year it is. There also won't be anymore game play notes at the bottom of the posts. Any game play things that I may change will be posted over on this blog. I'll also do a quick little post over here when there's a new update on the new blog. I think this will work out better since I have Connor's trip to Peragama coming up and I'll still be doing Arwen's story, both of which are all storytelling. So basically all this means is that they will be treated more like characters instead of sims if that makes sense.

Because I took such a long hiatus and those who were readers previously might have forgotten what was going on with each character, these first few post will contain some background on each of my sims. I will link to the posts here that correspond with whatever I'm talking about. Hopefully that will help those of you who were readers but may have forgot some points and it'll help anyone new to the story that might come across it solely on wordpress. I'll still be doing school updates and all that, it'll just have more of a story feel to it. That's the plan anyway lol.

Derick's post is up over on the new blog so I hope you all will check it out and let me know what you think of it.