Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot N Cold

Round 3 - Summer 2031
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Marshal White is 35, Shamella Reeves is 32

Shamella Reeves was confused. So confused that she gave herself a headache on a daily basis! Marshal White was the most infuriating man she had ever met. He was also the sweetest. She moved in with him about 6 years ago and they still had yet to move to the next level. Some days it didn't bother her. Some days it did. She didn't know what she wanted either she guessed. A proposal would be nice.........

He let her drive his car. That was a sign right? He had abandoned his dreams of working as a lawyer and instead used his money to buy this car. It saddened her that he had given up. But he didn't listen when she tried to talk him out of it. She didn't know why he decided to stop going. He wouldn't discuss it with her.
Talking to Ariel didn't help either. Marshal had pushed for her and Joe to get married. But he wasn't trying to marry her. It was hard not to take that personally. And it was hard not to envy a pregnant Ariel who was already the mother of a toddler as cute as Kayden. She loved when they came over for visits. But she hated it at the same time. Just a reminder of what she didn't have.
"My brother is an idiot. You're great. Just tell him you want to get married," Ariel said.
"I can't! I want him to propose because it's something that he wants to do. Not because I nagged him into doing it."
"It isn't nagging Mella. It's voicing what you want, what you deserve. He's an idiot. Sometimes idiots need a little push in the right direction," she said.
"I don't know. I'll think about it."
Marshal White had a plan. A plan that he had been working on for months. He knew that Shamella wanted to get married. He wasn't an idiot. But he also knew that they didn't have the money for the ceremony that she would deserve. So he quit law school and had been saving up money every since. It wasn't that he no longer wanted to be a lawyer. It's just that this was more important to him at the time. He was 35 years old, and he wanted to start a family. A family took time and money and he wouldn't have either of those if he continued paying for law school. He could always go back when the kids were older.
He knew she was mad at him. She didn't understand which was exactly what he wanted. He wanted her to be surprised when he proposed. He wanted to have all the money he needed already so that they could have a wedding soon after he proposed. He wanted to begin his family ASAP! He almost had enough for the ring and the marriage license and a ceremony at the community church. She was going to love it. If she didn't leave him first that is!

* Title comes from the Katy Perry song of the same title.

* Marshal and Shamella will be the first sims I actually make pay for their wedding. I've had the fees in mind for a while, but I never enforce them. So I decided to start with them since they aren't even engaged yet. There's one wedding coming up this round but the couple was already engaged, although I can't remember if I blogged the engagement lol

* Shamella's engagement want comes and goes so I figure she's pretty confused by Marshal's behavior. I have a whole thing planned for their engagement though, so prepare yourself for the mush to come!


  1. Wow, come on Marshall, at least talk about marriage with her so she knows that it's something you want.

  2. Ha, I'm with AV; give her at least a hint, Marshall!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've planned for their engagement though!

  3. Definitely--give her a heads-up!

    Actually quitting law school seems like a bit too much of a unilateral decision while living with someone for several years, without consulting them at all.


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