Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bad Boy

Round 3 - Spring 2031
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Derrick Pace is 36

Derrick Pace was pissed.
That little......he wasn't going to call a woman out of her name, his mother would roll in her grave. But even his mom knew what kind of woman Tessa Gunner was. Now he was living in this tiny shack of a house until he could get his new club up and running. All because of her.....
He couldn't believe that Tessa thought that he was going to let her bring some guy up in HIS house. She really thought that putting her little inheritance money down for the club entitled her to treat him any kind of way that she wanted. Well she was sadly mistaken! He was a man, a man who knew what he wanted. And if he couldn't have her, Brandon Lillard sure as hell wasn't going to get her. Sure, he probably didn't have to beat the other man down as much as he did, but he wanted to send a message to Tessa. Apparently she recieved the message loud and clear. She packed up her shit and moved out. Good riddance! He sold the house and kept all the money and opened up his own club in Englewood called Zazu's.
Zazu's was a bit different from the Black Door. It was more of a gentlemen's club, and a gentlemen's club needs beautiful women to be successful. Lexxie, as was her stage name, didn't strip down bare, but she gave the men and women who visited the club a show as she danced up and down her pole. It was the talk of LaQuest Beach because no one had opened a club like this before. Derrick was proud to be the first.
No women bartenders this time! Derrick decided to limit the amount of women he would have to work with. He didn't need a repeat of what happened with Tess. Lexxie was cute, but she wasn't Derrick's type and he made sure she knew that on the day that he hired her. He had no problem letting her ass go if need be. He could find a pretty girl on every corner in Englewood. She was replaceable.
He also hired a deejay to come in and spin tunes for the patrons and Lexxie to dance to. It was a big staff for a beginning business, but Derrick didn't plan on letting this one fail. This one was going to be his cash cow. He had some other things in the works as well and was sure that he would be living on the beach within the year. He just knew it.
He had taken up smoking. It was a nasty habit, but it calmed him down. Running the club wasn't easy, and he was stressed most mornings at closing time. But it would all pay off in the end. ZaZu's was going to be the hottest club in Englewood. Hell, the hottest club in LaQuest Beach period!
He was always surprised at the young girls who showed up, hoping to run into some "bad boys". He knew the type, could pick them out of the crowd every time. They wanted a taste of the darkside, of what was deemed "too dangerous" by their parents. They helped line his pockets with cash, and he helped them discover things about themselves that they were too afraid to admit before.
 Tessa was a thing of the past......he had moved on to a cutie who showed up to his club one night. Her name was Charity Jones, and she was one of those good girls who wanted to be bad. And he planned to help her out as much as he could. Hell, he was almost 40. It would be nice to maybe have a kid or two. She could stay home and keep them while he built his empire. And maybe he would even have a son to take it over for him one day. Yea, he could be her bad boy..........
He had bought a bike. Chicks thought it was hot and the up keep on it was less than that of a car. Plus, he was made to ride, it was coded into his DNA. He loved to gun it on the way home and let the wind blow away all his worries. Because his worries would not be around for long........
Yea, Tessa had screwed him.....and he wasn't done with her yet. He knew she had bought a little house over in Talum Heights. Heard that she was deejaying at Project Red Light. She had balls, he'd give her that. Most women wouldn't want to be in the same neighborhood as him, most women would be scared of him by now. She was tough, but he was a bad boy, and he could be a whole lot tougher.............

* I really love Derrick's character......I know that's horrible, but he's just so good at being bad! He walks around slamming his fist into his hand all the time, with this crazy frown on his face......guess it could be the fact that he doesn't have ANY nice points at all! He's definitely a character...

* I'm waiting on him and Tessa to run into each other. I fixed their relationship to be how it was before I restarted the hood so he's still in love with her but she isn't in love with him....should be interesting to see how they let this unfold.


  1. Whoa, I have a feeling things might not go according to Derrick's plans.

  2. It's fun to have a bad boy in the hood! I'm glad Tessa broke free of Derrick but I'm feeling a little sorry for this poor Charity girl. She seems like she might be very naive.

  3. I really like Derrick too, so interesting and intriguing. Talk about how some girls love a bad boy. ;) I'm curious what will happen when they run into one another and how this unfolds.

    I hope his new club goes well, sucks he had to start over. What are you goign to do with the other lot?

  4. Apple Valley - I think Derrick is in for a rocky road.......

    Carla - I think Charity will learn alot throughout her relationship with Derrick.........hard lessons to learn lol

    Retromaisie - His old club was in the basement of a house that turned out to be buggy so when I recreated the hood, it didn't make the cut lol

  5. Whoa! Derrick is one messed up fellow! He's insane, but I love it! Can't wait for more!


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