Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shattered, Part I

Round 5 - Winter 2034
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Tessa de Muse is 38, Elvin is 42

This is also a tad bit long.......but hopefully some questions will be answered :)

 It was winter. And he was running out of time. He knew Lorelai was not joking about telling Tessa. He also knew that it wouldn't be wise to piss her off. So he had to tell Tessa the truth....had to tell her the real reason she had agreed to marry him.........

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Freshmen

Round 5 - Fall 2034 - LBU
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Slade Wallis, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Mindi Mason, and Adam Broaden are 20; Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 18, Cammie Samuels is 21

* It's a wee bit long this time :)

 Taesha Foster spent her first few hours as a freshman at LBU listening to her step-brother talk to her about the do's and don'ts of campus. Even Kenny is like, "What are you talking about man?"

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 5 - Fall 2034

 Taesha Foster is 18 and is a freshman at LaQuest Beach University. She has decided to major in mathematics and wants to maybe design video games one day. Or maybe teach, she hasn't decided yet.
 Little Ricki Knowles is 1 this fall and looks like she might take after Kevin more than Kinsley. It's hard to tell at this point....
 And Alex Gray is looking quite a bit like his dad Corbin. He is also 1 this fall. Hopefully he and big brother Conner will get along well :)

* I think Ricki is going to look like Kevin and Ryan looks like Kinsley. I hate those dark rings around her eyes, but that happens sometimes.

* I think Alex is going to look alot like Corbin. I don't really see much of Amanda in him. Maybe she will show more in him when he gets older. I wish I had pics of them when they were kids......I may do that in body shop just for comparison purposes.....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something New

Round 5 - Fall 2034 - LaQuest Beach Elementary
Next update
Principal: Lorelai Ellison
Grade 1: Kayden Carr, Gallagher Newson; Grade 2: Imara Coners, Imani Coners, Kali Knowles; Grade 4: Christa Brown, Chloe Gonzalez

 Chloe thought her new teacher was really pretty. She was also a little scary. She didn't know why she felt that way, she just did! But she was nice so far. And this school was better than the last one she was at. So she was happy......well, she wasn't happy about having all this work on the first day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

If you could only see

Round 5 - Fall 2034 - Peragama
Last update/ Next update
Celeste Sky is 24

 Satitu had asked Celeste to move in with him, and she gladly accepted. She knew that her time on Peragama was slowly coming to an end and she wanted to spend as much time as she could with him while she was there. That's if she even went back to Earth.......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy for this girl

Round 5 - Fall 2034
Next update
Lorelai Ellison is 29, Jacob is 35 (Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Wallis are 20)

 Jacob Ellison was ready to begin this new part of his life. Things would be better this time.....he hoped. He was opening his club and Lorelai was going to be teaching and things would finally be normal......at least he hoped that was what happened.....with Lorelai, you just never knew.......

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Round 4 Summary

Lots of interesting things this time:

Births: Conner Gray, Ryan Knowles, Alexander Gray, Ricki Knowles, Aiden and Hayden Brown

Marriages: Tessa Gunner and Elvin de Muse, Marshal White and Shamella Reeves

New Residents: Charity Jones, Elvin de Muse,

* Construction of the elementary school and tax office has been completed. I've decided to only collect taxes once every 2 rounds or once every 4 years. That way they will actually have time to make money in between tax collections. So the tax office won't be used this upcoming round to collect taxes, but they will hold a meeting there.

* I will have 2 new residents moving to Camden Park next round:

Lorelai Ellison will begin working as the first principal/teacher of LaQuest Beach Elementary. Her new teaching position is not the only reason she has decided to move to Camden Park with her husband........there is much more to her than meets the eye.....
 Jacob Ellison quit touring with his band, Blooming Plumbobs, after he married Lorelai. She didn't ask him to do it, he just wanted to be able to spend more time with her. Music has never left his blood and he currently helps new bands get their start. He has also opened a club in Camden Park called The Hub. He has shown an interest in working with Mellow Metal.
* I've also decided to start using ROS for Round 5. I'll post the ROS in the summary for the previous round. So here are the Round 5 ROS:

     * You're feeling creative, take up a new hobby or open a business
     * You win the "What I love about LaQuest Beach" essay contest - win 1 tax free year
     * Go on a vacation

Nothing too exciting, although I have no idea what hobby I'm going to let this person start......no clue! I think the vacation is much needed for the person that got it.

*EDIT - I've also decided to add the Picasos from the family bin this round. I didn't realize that the stripper in Derick Pace's club was Jessica Picaso! So I want to add them in and figure out how such a wholesome looking woman became a married exotic dancer!

All that glitters is gold......

Round 4 - Summer 2034
Last update/ Next update
Tanner and Keisha Knowles are 45, Kali is 6, Kayla is 19, Ryan is 1

 Keisha loved being a grandmother. She always thought she would feel old, but she doesn't. It's nice to have small kids around again.....it's even nicer when Kinsley and Kevin come and get him!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiss Me

Round 4 - Spring 2034
Last update/ Next update
Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35, Ariel Carr is 32, Joe is 38, Kayden is 4

 It was finally the big day and Shamella Reeves was excited to become Mrs. Marshal White......finally! Their wedding was held downtown in LaQuest Beach at the Parables Community Church.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sooner or Later

Round 4 - Spring 2034
Last update/ Next update
Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Slade Wallis, Adam Broaden, Mindi Mason, and Casey Addler are 19; Cammie Samuels is 20

 It seemed that everyone was all in love and crap. So Tippy decided that she was going to see what all the fuss was about. She saw Caleb Addler in the library and was instantly attracted to him.....so she asked him out......What? Was she suppose to wait on him to notice her and ask her? Men were helpless in that regard and Tippy didn't like to waste time!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Round 4 - Spring 2034
Last update/ Next update
Ariel Carr is 32, Joe is 38, Javion is 2, Kayden is 4 (Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35)

 Kayden loved being a big brother. Javion was so much fun to be around. And he already looked up to Kayden and that made him feel important. He always had someone to play with now. Well, sometimes Javion would be cranky and not want to play. But Kayden figured that it was just because he was a baby. He hadn't grown up yet like him..........

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Round 4 - Spring 2034 - Mini Update
Last update/ Next update
Location: Elven realm: Vasadori

 "Pai o cyrn shia o eisi caesi, Elvin de Muse?"
"Yes, Austra, I know why I'm here. I figured someone would be pretty pissed about what went on with Tessa," Elvin said.
"I do not understand why you would risk using magic outside of this realm," Austra said.
"Am I the only one to ever use magic outside of Vasadori? I don't think so."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Something New

Round 4 - Winter 2033
Last update/ Next update
Kip and Kimber Henderson are 41, Caleb is 13 (Alana Brown is 37)

 Kimber couldn't believe how big Caleb had gotten. It seemed like only yesterday she was holding him in her arms. Now he was 13 and was almost as big as she was! Oh, he still liked to play with that old remote control helicopter Kip had bought him years ago. And he still was frightened whenever there was a thunder storm, although he would never admit to it. But he was on his way to becoming a man, and Kimber didn't want to lose her little boy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing even matters

Round 4 - Winter 2033
Last update/ Next update
Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35 (Ariel Carr is 30, Joe is 36)

 Shamella hated surprises.......but when Marshal asked her to pack a bag and trust him to give her a wonderful vacation, she did it.......because she loves him......

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 4 - Winter 2033

 Alana had forgotten just how horrible it felt in the last few weeks of being pregnant.....it had been 8 years since she was pregnant......but she couldn't wait to see her baby! Christian had made it very apparent that he wanted a little boy, but Alana didn't care as long as the baby was healthy.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Breathe

Round 4 - Fall 2033
Last update/ Next update
Tabitha Coners is 43, Terrence Coners is 42, Imani and Imara Coners are 6

 Terrence told her to leave it alone.....he told her that Tessa was a grown woman......he told her all these things......and she listened.....but when Tess called her upset and begging Tabitha to meet her at Fish & Chips, what was she suppose to do? Turn her back on her sister? Tabitha just couldn't do that.....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drops of Jupiter

Round 4 - Fall 2033
Last update/ Next update
Celeste Sky is 24

It's a weeeeee bit long, but so much happens to Celeste and I have to squeeze 4 years into 4 little updates lol
 Celeste never really looked at the stars. At least not when she was on Earth. To get a view like what she had now, she had to look through a telescope. It really was beautiful on Titusanera. And the more time she spent here, the more she didn't know if she wanted to return to Earth. Because, here, she fit in. And she had wanted that her whole life.........

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Round 4 - Fall 2033 - Mini Update
Last update/ Next update
Tessa de Muse is 37, Elvin de Muse is 41

 It was just a band. A tiny gold band. But it signaled the end of Tessa Gunner. What the hell had she been thinking? She remembers feeling a need to be with Elvin. But that need was now gone. It didn't make sense! Was she losing her mind? Because she had to be crazy to think that she should be married to ANYBODY. And now he was talking about kids........