Monday, May 17, 2010

Three, It's a Magic Number

Round 4 - Winter 2032
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 26, Ryan Knowles is 2 months

 Kinsley Knowles was estatic. Her life was progressing along pretty well and she was more in love with her husband than ever before. Their son was a beautiful combination of them both and she was proud to show him off to their families.

 Ryan had already stolen Kevin and Kinsley's heart and they knew it was only a matter of time before he stole his grandparents' as well. He was the first grandchild for both families and Kinsley knew he was going to be spoiled beyond belief!
 Kevin's little sister Kali was really excited about being an aunt. Ryan was still pretty small so she couldn't hold him yet but Kevin promised that she could soon. She even offered to babysit her nephew. Kinsley was sure that all that would change once she knew that she would have to change diapers as a babysitter!
 Kevin and her stepdad, DeJuan, had gotten pretty close since Dejuan had married her mother. He would come over in the evenings and the two men would play pool on a regular basis. Kevin never won as DeJuan was a pro, but he was hopeful that he would beat him one day.
 Kevin was an intern at the hospital while he was going to med-school. His parents were footing the bill for that so they made sure to pay for all of their other expenses on their own. It was a bit lonely for Kinsley while he was at work. She wanted to stay home with Ryan, she didn't want some nanny taking care of him. But when Ryan was sleeping, there wasn't much for her to do....
 Kinsley and Ariel Carr had become pretty close and would swap motherhood stories when the loneliness got to be too much. Kinsley had know Ariel for quite a while seeing as how her family stayed next door to Ariel and her brother Marshall when they lived in Englewood. Ariel had two toddler boys and was trying to prepare Kinsley for the terrible twos to come........Kinsley was ready for whatever little Ryan wanted to throw at his mommy!

* Title comes from SchoolHouse Rock lol......anyone besides me remember this from Saturday mornings? This was always one of my favorites :)

* More sugary sweetness from these two! They never argue, never have any problems. It's a nice break from the craziness that is going on with everyone else!

* Ariel's house is actually across the street from Kinsley's loft and she walks by constantly. So the two have developed a bit of a friendship which is really great for Kinsley. She would kinda not have much to do without Ariel, Ryan is a wonderfully quiet little baby!

* Edit: Forgot to mention that these two rabbits spawned again! Heard the chimes the night of their last more sugary sweet cuteness Fall 2023


  1. Cute family as always-I agree, Ryan will definately be spoiled. At first I thought that she was going to be pregnant again with twins-thus, three kids-but I get it now.

  2. Apple Valley - no she didn't have twins....but she IS pregnant again....a fact that I forgot to mention....It happened the night of their last day and I just forgot all about it!

  3. Aw, they're so cute! It's nice to have a drama-free family. And more cuteness coming right up! LOL.

    I like Kevin in his scrubs! What an achievement that will be when he finishes med school. :D

  4. Both Kevin and Kinsley are so gorgeous, their children will probably all be so cute. It is nice they are so happy together. How old is Kali? It will be nice if she can help, even as a mother's helper.

  5. Such a cute family! And I agree, their kids will probably all be gorgeous with those two as parents. :)


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