Monday, March 15, 2010

Fast Forward: Coners/Gunner

Terrence Coners was an extremely happy man. He and his best friend turned lover, Tabitha Gunner, had been dating for quite a while and things were going great. He couldn't remember the last time he was so happy. He couldn't believe that he annd Tab had waited so long to take their relationship to the next level. But he was done moving slow.......

He told Tabitha to get dressed up and he took her to Macaroni's Fine Dining in LaQuest Beach for a romantic dinner. He had some important things to discuss with her.......
Words escaped him, so he simply took out the box that had been burning a hole in his pocket and placed it on the table. He knew she wouldn't be expecting a proposal. She had come a long way with her self-esteem, but she still had a ways to go......and he planned to help her for the rest of their life......
He was nervous.....he knew she loved him but he didn't know if she would agree to marry him.....Tabitha had a different way of thinking about he held his breathe and waited......
But she said yes and they excitedly started planning a small, intimate ceremony that they would have in Terrence's backyard. Tabitha would sell her house and move in with Terrence and they would get a new home together with Terrence's son Kenny.
Tabitha's sister Tessa went out with her to shop for the perfect wedding dress. Tabitha still had issues with her weight, but she was growing to like her curvy figure more and more.
Soon the big day arrived and Tabitha couldn't remember a day when she was happier. When Tessa used to tell her that she and Terrence would get married, Tabitha couldn't and didn't believe her. She just couldn't imagine Terrence Coners loving her.........
But he did.......and she was the most luckiest girl in all the world.......
Random family shot: Kenny, Terrence, Tabitha, Tessa
Shortly after the wedding, Tabitha, Terrence, and Kenny all moved into a new house in the new Bluewater subdivision of LaQuest Beach. They would need help developing the buildings and Terrence was offered a job where he could exercise his architect skills. Tabitha still commuted to the city to work in her job in oceanography.
It wasn't much longer after that that Tabitha's biggest wish came true: she was expecting her first child with Terrence. He was beyond exited and Kenny was happy that he would have a younger sibling. They were all in for a surprise though......
They had twins! They soon welcomed twin girls, Imani and Imara Coners. Tabitha couldn't have been happier. Aunt Tessa was a little put off the with whole diaper changing issue. As cute as her nieces were, they sometimes didn't smell so great!
Today the twins are bustling little toddlers getting into mischief! Tabitha is shown here holding little Imara. Check out the cute little dent in her forehead!
And here is Terrence with little Imani........they are just too cute for words!

* I decided to start these updates with Tabitha and Terrence because I kind of just left their story hanging in the wind so I wanted to do them for fans of their little love story.
* How cute are these twins?! I really love Imara's little idea where it came from but it adds character to her face.
*Tabitha was the first woman to deliver at the new hospital......she returned home and I had the  issue with her still looking pregnant but I was able to fix her.

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  1. OHMYGOSH!!!! Imara looks like Mommy and Imani looks just like Daddy. How precious!

    Girl, if you had told me Tabitha was the one that tried out the hospital and was stuck in pregnancy looking mode, I would've never believed it! ROFL! This is just fabulous news.

    Thanks for letting the Tab-ance fans off the hook and giving us this fast forward. I'm really happy these two are living their dream!

    Can't wait to see Aunt Tessa's update now. LOL! I was smiling at her in the wedding photos. She's on the dark side now with that man of hers, but she's rocking that look! Hahahaha!

  2. Aw, this was so lovely! I'm really happy for Tabitha and Terrence.

    That dent in Imara's forehead is like the dent Laura has with some of her Shaws! I've never seen it on anyone else's Sims until now.

  3. Surprise engagement, beautiful wedding, adorable preggers Sim, twins, and huggable little toddlers all in one update!! Imara and Imani are so cute. Imara looks like a little pixie (not just her cute hair, which is one of my faves for toddlers) and Imani has such pretty coloring. She's going to be stunning as a teen I bet.

    This was a fun update!

  4. Awwwwwwwwww! Yayayayayayayayyayayayayayay!!! I've been waiting for an update for ages :P
    Good for Tabitha and Terrance, and I loved Tessa's dress at the wedding, everyone else was so formal, and then BAM! Tessa's here :)

  5. SH - Haha I knew you would appreciate it being such a Tab-ance fan! I didn't want to spoil the surprise so I didn't mention that it was Tabitha that had the pregnancy issue!

    Carla - I automatically thought of Laura when I saw the little dent....I have no idea why or how she got it but I adore it!

    Francesca - I love that hair too, it does make her look pixie-like huh?

    Ardania - I know right? Grad school is kicking my butt so it may be this way for a while.....I may just play and do these big updates.....Tessa always has to be a show stopper! She has to be the center of the attention, even if it's not her day!!!!

  6. Great update!!! the twins are SOOO cute!!! Oh my goodness, little mini clones aren't they?

    The engagement, wedding, twins, everything is sooo sweet and happy.

  7. Aw, I'm glad Tabitha is getting the family she never thought she'd have! The twins are so cute!

  8. Yea! They're together and such a beautiful family. Kenny is a teen, omigoodness! And the twins, adorable.

    BTW, I love Terrance's hair, do you mind me asking WCIF?

  9. Apple Valley - His hair comes from Sim Oasis:


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