Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome to LaQuest Beach!

Thanks for stopping by my little piece of the internet :). I decided to make this page for any newcomers joining my story. And that's just what LaQuest Beach is: a story. It follows the lives of pixelated people living in a city that could be on the west coast of the United States (if it existed that is). For the most part, these are things that happen to the average person. But there are aspects unique to the story, such as alien abductions and elven realms :).

LaQuest Beach is a story based off what happens when I play the Sims 2. There's really not a beginning or ending, it's like a never ending saga :). I began LaQuest Beach a little over a year ago, right when I began the blog. While it relies heavily on what happens during gameplay, there are also side stories created by me and lots and lots of dialogue, which the Sims 2 doesn't create. It's a mix of the two.
Where do you begin? It's completely up to you, that's the beauty of it! Since the stories really have no beginning, you can just jump in at any place. For the very first official post of the blog, start here. If a particular family interests you, their tags can be found on the sidebar. I've also linked each family's next update at the beginning of every post so you can follow them that way as well. I have also created a behind the scenes blog that also has some biographies on some of the founding sims here.

Stories of Interest
While LaQuest Beach is an on going tale, there are certain characters going through situations outside of the norm. With these, it might be best to start from the beginning. These would include:

Celeste Sky-Oros
Somewhere I Belong

This is the first update for this storyline and can be continued by clicking on next update.

Tessa Gunner-de Muse
Different Shades of Gray

Tessa has posts before this one, but this one changed her life and put her on the course she's on now.

Where They Live

LaQuest Beach is divided into a few areas. The main hood holds Lorrington, Talum Heights, Englewood, Fort LaQuest and a downtown area:

Fort LaQuest: Military base in LaQuest Beach that offers affordable housing for soldiers. It has it's own shops and entertainment and is fenced off from the rest of the city.
Brown Technical University: 4 year university offering technical degrees in Business Management, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Auto Mechanics, and Psychology. Offers affordable townhomes for students who want to be near the campus.

Talum Heights: Home to the middle class families of LaQuest. Consists of a neighborhood of small affordable houses.
Lorrington: Ritzy area of LaQuest Beach. It has the largest houses available and is home to upper-middle class and rich sims.
Englewood: Urban area of LaQuest Beach and home to lower class sims.
Warehouse District: One of the oldest areas of LaQuest Beach. Home to warehouses that have been converted into homes and shops.
Downtown: Lots of city houses and apartments as well as LaQuest Beach Public School, City Hall, and LaQuest Beach Memorial Hospital.
There are also lots of shops and homes along the coastline on both sides of the bridge.

LaQuest Beach is not just equipped for city life, there is also a rural area called Camden Park:
Camden Park is located on it's own island and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is the rural area of LaQuest Beach and is home to many quaint homes, as well as lots of farmland. It is also home to LaQuest Beach Elementary School and a lovely bed and breakfast for tourists.
LB also has it's own university for students to attend:
LaQuest Beach University is a four year school located on its own island. It offers degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate level as well as an online program for adult students.

LaQuest Beach is not only composed of these components but also a couple of supernatural zones:

Vasadori: The elven realm of LB. Vasadori is home to a small population of elves due to a civil war that almost destroyed it. They are patiently awaiting the arrival of the new heir to the royal throne.

LaQuest Beach also tells the story of another planet, which is on the brink of destruction:

Peragama: Home of the Titusinerians. Peragama is the main area on a planet that will be destroyed within the next century. The king of this area has decided that in order to better blend in with the humans, he will have human men and women abducted so that they will give birth to alien spawn. Through this plan he hopes to be able to move his kingdom to earth without causing a war. The galactic ambassador for the planet lives in LaQuest Beach.

That's it in a nutshell :). So welcome to my hood and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So, did you build Brown Technical Uni, or download it? If you downloaded it, can you please tell me where I can find it? I would really like a community college for my hood.

  2. I didn't build BTU, it's this lot from modthesims:

    I decorated it to suit my needs and added about 4 townhomes around it for my young adults to live in while they attend.


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