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Everything, Everyday, Everywhere

Round 2 - Winter 2024
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Derick Pace is 32, Tessa Gunner is 28

It really was a nice house. She had to give him that. He had nice taste. Tessa was excited about her new start. Englewood would take some getting used to for her. Derick warned her about going into the really bad area. Said that they would know right off that she didn't belong and it would make her a target. It scared her a bit, but for the most part she was happy with the way things were going.

She decided to begin this new chapter with a brand new look. She would be bartending for the Black Door and wanted to be the hottest bartender in LaQuest Beach. That meant new clothes and a new hair style. She had held back $6000 of her trust in case things didn't work out with Derick. She had a sneaking suspicion that his motives were not completely business when it came to her living with him. She didn't want a boyfriend and had no intentions of making Derick hers. If he tried any type of possessiveness towards her, she was out of there!
She would definitely head downtown from now on when she needed new clothes. The stores in Englewood were all run down and dirty. She didn't feel very comfortable even though the sales girl was very nice to her. Just not a nice place to be!
Derick had told Tessa that he was opening up the club to get out of his life of crime. But he had no intentions of doing so. The club would simply supplement his other "income" and would serve as a way to keep the IRS from snooping around his affairs. He told her that he would continue to work until the club turned a profit, but he would never quit. And she wouldn't care once he started to wine and dine her. He knew that Tess was not a marrying kind of girl, but she was going to be HIS girl. He would make sure of it. That wasn't their original deal, but he knew she wouldn't go for it if he just asked her to move in........he had a right to change his mind.....and he would change hers about him.....
Tessa was still pissed that she was forced to live in the box that Derick called a room. If he thought that she would cave and resort to sleeping in his room, he was sadly mistaken. She did the best she could with her small space and was happy with the outcome. It wasn't her room in Tabitha's house, but it would do!
The master suite was a huge room with large open windows that let in lots of sunlight. He simply moved his old furniture into the new room, but it somehow looked better in a larger space. He was indeed king of his castle. Well, he was as far as he was concerned......
Tessa had her hair darkened and cut into a pixie style. She got a few new tattoos and even bought an outfit she was sure would be a hit with the club goers. She was very happy with her new look and was excited to see what kinds of reactions she got to it.
Derick had a very predictable reaction to her new look. She still had not met any new guys, so she went along with it. He said he wouldn't care if she brought other guys into the house and she was going to test that out as soon as she met an available, attractive man. Derick Pace was not the end of the line for her. She really hoped he understood that......
The next day she made herself a huge chicken dinner to prepare herself for their opening night. She was so excited to see how things would go and if the flyers they put out would bring in any people. She really hoped that this club thing worked out....
Derick thought Tess was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen.......she was also extremely lazy! He couldn't believe how nasty she could leave the kitchen.....and it didn't even bother her! He refused to live in filth! They would need to sit down and have a very serious conversation about her lack of courtesy. This wasn't just HER house! And he wasn't a maid.....she was going to have to get it together!
Tessa's friend Amanda came by before the opening of the club.
"Hey girl, what's up?" Tessa said.
"Oh my gosh, Tess, you look great!"
"Thanks, girl! I had to get myself a new look! How have you been?"
"I've been ok. I tried that walking around thing you suggested. I met a nice guy who thought I was insane for doing it," she said.
"Oh, now you know I need details!"
"Well, he lives in Talum Heights, which is where I was walking. His name is Terrance Coners and he seems pretty nice," she said.
"Terrance Coners? Oh, no ma'am. You stay away from him!"
"Why? What's wrong with him?" Amanda asked.
"Nothing, but he and my sister have something going on. He's off limits, Manda."
"Geez, calm down, I didn't know. I knew it was too good to be true. He offered to take me out for coffee since I seemed so desperately lonely."
"Well decline his offer. I promise, I will take you out and help you meet someone. But Terrance is not him. I don't mean to rush you, but unless you're staying for the opening, I have to start straightening up some things," Tessa said.
"No way! I'll just talk to you later."
"Don't forget what I said. Leave him alone," Tessa said.
The opening of The Black Door finally rolled around and Tessa was super excited. She couldn't believe that it was really happening. They only had a few people to show up but that was enough for a beginning. A suave, handsome man came in and sat at the bar and Tessa felt as if she had been hit with 3 bolts of lightning all at once. Brandon Lillard is what she thought he said his name was.....she was so stunned by the feeling that she didn't quite catch it.......well, looks like Derick was replaced quicker than she thought he would be.....
The next day, Tessa got up early so she could search the net for another job. She wanted to be sure that she had enough cash stashed away in case Derick blew his lid. She really wasn't afraid of him at all. She didn't think he was crazy enough to do any real harm to her.....a big old teddy bear. The club stayed opened until 3 that morning and she was exhausted. She decided to take a nap before getting ready to open the doors again that night.
Derick called over his bouncer, DeJuan Foster, to discuss how they would be monitoring the doors.
"You know what kinds of people we don't want in. So keep them out," Derick said.
"Yea, I got all that. So what's up with Tessa? Is she sleeping in your room?"
"No, we don't really do much sleeping in my bed. I've told you a thousand times. Tessa is just a sexy ass friend of mine whom I happen to sleep with occasionally," Derick said.
"So you're still in denial huh? You're in love with that girl and you don't know what to do about's kinda sad."
"I am not in love with just make sure you don't let anyone tear up my house!" Derick said.
"Yea, yea, I got you."
Tessa woke back up at about 3 to find that Derick was gone. He was still doing his little shady dealings on the side. He claimed that it was just until the club took off, but Tessa's mom didn't raise a fool. She knew Derick was up to something, she just didn't know what.....but she wasn't going to worry about it just now.....maybe her mystery man would show up again tonight. She didn't learn very much about him while he was at the bar.
There really was no room for her exer-cycle. So she had taken up yoga instead. It was actually more peaceful than the bike. She felt cleansed after she did it and more at peace. She hadn't called Tabitha and she felt bad. She just couldn't bear to hear the worry in her voice. She planned to have a girls day out with her as soon as possible. She wanted her to know that things were fine, that she didn't need to worry.......
DeJuan knew Derick. He knew him too well. And he knew that Derick didn't have him out here watching this door just because he thought that people would get too drunk and rowdy. No, there was something else that was bothering Derick. Something else that he was worried about. But he knew that Derick would only tell him as much as he thought he needed to know. DeJuan thought about trying to warn Tessa. But he had been around her enough to know that she wouldn't take heed to his warning. That she would think she could handle it. And he hoped that she was right.....because Derick Pace was hiding something.......
More people were interested in the poker table that night than the bar. But Tessa didn't care. They made money as soon as these people came through the door and every hour that they stayed here. So it didn't matter. She wondered where Derick was. How could he not be here? This was his idea after all. It wasn't up to her and DeJuan to do everything concerning the club while Derick sat on his ass and did nothing.......she would have to have a talk with him......
The club seemed to be a success. And Tessa was happy. She just needed to straighten out a few things with Derick and things would be perfect.....oh, and she needed to get a hold of her mystery man......

*Title came from Everything, Everyday, Everywhere by Fabulous

*I almost cried when playing this house! I couldn't get the business to work, couldn't hire any employees and when customers came they would leave before buying a ticket. I ran the hack conflict program and ended up taking my visitor controller out and the hack that allowed sims to ask people to keep their kids even if they weren't in an apartment. That seemed to clear it up and it finally is running the right way!

* Derick is also working his way up the criminal career ladder and I'm trying to work that into his story. He had fallen in love with Tessa, but she only has a crush on him still lol.......she has 3 bolts with Brandon Lillard and I'm anxious to see how Derick reacts to Tessa seeing him! Should be VERY interesting!

*I also have the beer keg from simslice in the club and can't wait to see how the customers act once they've had a few drinks. I really like how it all came out......and I love Tessa's new do!!!!!


  1. I don't know if sleeping with Derick was such a good idea if she's got no plans to stick with him. Sounds like Derick might feel a little more strongly about Tessa than he's willing to admit.

  2. Tessa's makeover is awesome!! I LOVE her hair!

    Kind of a jip for her to be stuck in such a small room, not even a double bed to bring guys home to.

    The business looks great!!

  3. Tessa's makeover totally rocks! I love her pajamas too, where did you get them?

  4. Carla, I agree, Tessa is playing with fire. Derick could even be a dangerous person (if he weren't a sim, I guess.)

  5. ts8v2 - I'm sorry I'm just now responding! I got her pjs from

  6. Love the look of the bar!! Glad you got it finally work!

    Tessa is looking better than ever!! Her new haircut is gorgeous!! I can't believe she got 3 bolts with Brandon! Derick is going to flip out on her. He's definitely got something up his sleeve. He's a slick one. His room looks all large and comfy, while she's stuck in a closet! Their story is going to get sticky and I can't wait!


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