Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Right

Round 1  - Spring 2024
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 31, Caleb is 3

He's amazing. He has no idea how truly amazing he is. He's a miniature version of his father. Kip looks at his son and actually gets teary eyed. He would never let anyone know it, it's not very masculine. The day Caleb was born, Kip knew his purpose in life: to be the best dad he could be. He was slowly working his way up the ladder at the law firm he worked at. He wanted the very best for his little man.

He loved working in law. Nothing is ever cut and dry, there's always loop holes and the right legal wording can lead to an acquittal. It's an amazing feeling and he couldn't wait to be an actual lawyer working on his own cases.
 Kimber loved her life, her family, and her work. She loved to be able to be home with Caleb and still work. She was hoping to become a great novelist one day. Her day consisted of getting up and feeding Caleb, giving him a bath, and putting him down to play. She and Kip never really had a conversation about her being a stay at home mom, but it just worked out that way. She didn't want some nanny raising Caleb and it gave her a chance to work on her first book.
Caleb was growing up so fast and soon he would be in school. Kimber really wanted another child and her and Kip were trying for another. Caleb needed a sibling and Kimber really wanted a little girl. Hopefully she would get her wish soon. Her and Kip weren't getting any younger after all!
She loved writing. It allowed her to be free in a way that reality never would. She loved being the responsible parent of a ttoddler, but in her writing she was free to create characters whom she could live vicariously through. Even if no one ever bought her books, they allowed her an extraordinary freedom.
Kip's favorite part of the day was coming home and playing with Caleb. His son was so much like him that it amazed him. He was growing up so fast and Kip knew that one day soon he would be skipping off to school. Kimber really wanted a child and Kip did too. It would be wonderful to have another little person mixed with him and Kimber. A perfect combination, just right.

*Not much really happened in this house. Hopefully Kimber will finish her book this next round and maybe even get herself knocked up!!!


  1. Their son is so cute, I want to pinch his little cheeks!

  2. Caleb is so adorable! A very sweet family, I think.

  3. I have to echo what everyone else is saying...Caleb is adorable! Hope there's another baby soon.


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