Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Home

Round 4 -  Spring
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Celeste Sky is 23, Starema Orionious is 158

 Starema Orionious had lost her mind! She really had as far as Celeste was concerned. There was no way she was being zapped to some planet that she knew nothing about!
"What is your objection to visiting your home planet, Andromeda? You are not human. Earth is not your home," Starema said.
"It's the only home I know! And how do I know that I won't get killed by some wild space creature?"
"Where do you think you are going? Peragama is not a place filled with savage animals or savage people! You are already in a place like that," she said.
"What do you mean?" Celeste asked.
"These humans have treated you poorly the entire time you have been here!"
"Yea, well you guys gave me away."

 "How long are you going to hold this over my head? This is why I want you to go. So you can see what we are trying to save. So you can know where you come from and the sacrifices that had to be made," Starema said.
"I just can't go jetting off into space! Where will I stay? Is this a one day trip? What about the time difference?"
"Calm down Andromeda! I have lived in Peragama my entire life. I do have a home there. You can maintain my home for me while you are there. And no, it will not be for one day," she said.
"How long?"
"You must understand, this is not a trip to be taken lightly. I am not trying to show you how pretty the planet is. I want you to learn our customs, our ways. I want you to visit our sacred grounds and hear our ancestors....."
"How long, Starema?"
"The King and Queen are requiring 4 years, Peragama time."
"4 years! I can't stay away from my home for 4 years! I have a house to take care of and a job!"
 "I was hoping it would not come to this. Andromeda, you do not have a choice. The King and Queen want to see you and brief you on your experiences with the humans. They also want you to become accustomed to the traditions of the Titusanerians. They have requested an audience with you. This is not an option," Starema said.
"Well screw the King! He can't make me do anything!"
"Yes, he can. This is why you need to learn the customs. The King has the ability to transmit any Titusanerian of his choosing. Either you go willingly or you shall wake up in his chambers."
"This is insane! So when am I making this forced trip?"
"Starema! What the hell? What kind of notice is that? I have a job. Although I guess it doesn't matter. I can't ask for four years off. I'll have to quit."
"It will not be 4 years Earth time. Two years here will have passed by the time you come back. I will be staying here to look after your home, as you will look after mine. And I have already terminated your job," Starema said.
"You quit my job for me! What if I had said no?"
"As I have said, you do not have a choice."
 It was stupid.......she knew she wouldn't be able to use a cell phone on another planet. No service provider had a plan like that! But what if something happened and Amanda needed her? Well, Starema would be there. And she knew more than Celeste anyway. But what if Amanda wanted to talk? Starema wasn't the most comforting person. She wondered if all the people in Peragama would be as direct and tactless as her. She hoped not. Four years. Starema had explained that while only two years will have passed on Earth, it will still feel like four years to her. Wonderful.
 What did a person wear into outer space? She bought a few new outfits. Hey, who knew, maybe she'd meet a nice alien to settle down with........Ha! She doubted she would fair any better with the opposite sex on another planet. It was probably more her than it was her alien-ness that the human males didn't care for......she didn't expect Peragama to be any different.
 "Geez this hurts!" Celeste said.
"Stop moving! You will be a bit disoriented once you reach Peragama. It will pass. Please Celeste, keep an open mind. Embrace who you are......"
 Once the feeling that all of her limbs were going to be ripped from her body passed, Celeste opened her eyes and was in front of what she assumed was Starema's home. It was smaller than hers! She thought she at least got some money for giving her away! As soon as she walked into the house and shut the door, a strange woman appeared......well she supposed she wasn't so strange since she was on another planet....she actually looked like Conner......
 "I am Totia Yidida. I will be your guide to all things Peragama. I know you must be pretty disoriented huh? I've only ever transmitted to neighboring must suck coming all the way from Earth! King Rolared will be glad that you made it safely. He is excited to meet you and learn all about the humans. Well, learn something new.....we know quite a bit about them anyway......Oh, I'm sorry, I'm babbling aren't I? I seem to have a problem with that."
 Celeste wasn't sure if it was the space traveling messing with her head or if Totia was really talking that fast.
"It's ok. So are you like the official guide or something?" Celeste asked.
"Well, we don't get many visitors from Earth. There is an official guide that shows those from other cities around, but King Rolared thought you may be more comfortable with someone closer to your age."
"How old are you?"
"That's a pretty tough I'm 50, but I'm guessing that's pretty old on Earth huh?"
"Hell yes! You don't look 50 at all!" Celeste exclaimed.
"Well you have to understand, time passes differently here. We figure about 2.5 years pass here for every one of your Earth years. So there I would be about 20."
"That's more like it! It feels kind of weird to be talking to a green person. No offense," Celeste said.
"Oh it is ok. I'm sure you've become accustomed to human features. There are many races here in Peragama as well. It will become less of a shock after a while."
 "I don't think I will ever get use to it. I've been the weird one for so long......"
"Well, you aren't weird here! Just another native. I'm sure you're hungry. There's a great place to eat at city center. You'll get to see some of Peragama and maybe even get to meet our seesant," Totia said.
"What is a seesant?"
"Come on. You've got quite a bit to learn!"
 It was so weird. Everywhere she looked, there were beings that were even more strange than her. She felt......normal.......she didn't feel ashamed of her face or pale skin......she didn't feel the need to hide.....
 "A seesant is kind of like....what's an Earth oracle? A psychic I suppose. Ours is named Handida Spitera and she owns this restaurant. She is the one who has seen the destruction of Titusanera. It it why you were sent to Earth."
"Well, that didn't work. The humans were terrified of me. Always have been," Celeste said.
"Yes, I've heard. That is why they have a new approach."
"I've heard about the new approach. I don't's not fair!" Celeste said.
"Is it fair that they are unwilling to accept us? That they treated you so badly simply because you looked differently?" Totia asked.
"Well, no......let's not get into this. How can all of you speak English?"
"We speak many languages. When we speak that is. We mostly communicate using telepathy. This talking is a courtesy to you until I show you how to tap into the unused portion of your mind."
"Starema told me that I have abilities that I have not been using. Are you going to show me those as well?" Celeste asked.
"All in good time. We have four years to get to all of that. And a few more places to visit tonight before I let you rest. So let's get a move on," Totia said.
 Celeste caught a glimpse of Handida Spitera on the way out. She was a very.....intimidating woman. Her eyes.......Celeste had never seen anything like them. Totia told her that she would have to have an audience with Handida as well. There were things that she could tell her that no one else could........
 "Welcome to Tempora Satu, the home of our ancestors," Totia said.
"I don't understand. Home of our ancestors?"
"When one of us die, our essence is put to rest here. In this place is the essence of every being that has ever lived on Titusanera. There are many cities on this planet, but only one Tempora Satu. Even if you die on Earth Celeste, your essence will find it's way here."
 "You mean to tell me this is a graveyard? With ghosts?"
"There are those annoying human characteristics. To call what is here a "ghost" is demeaning! It's not their spirit, Celeste. It's their essence. It's all that they learned while they were living. It is all of the love they gave and received. It is who they were. We come here when we need answers. When we cannot seem to understand. We look to those who have lived this life for the answers," Totia said.
"I didn't mean to demean it. This is just so much to take in. I can't just disregard 23 years of human learning and ways. It's all I've ever known."
 "It's ok. I cannot imagine never growing up here. Or being among creatures unlike myself. But that is why you are here. To finally know who and what you are. I just want you to keep an open mind. Don't try to put human logic to it. We have the same physical features as humans with the exception of our skin and eyes. We have even begun dressing more like them as we have studied them. But our minds are not even close to the same. We are capable of so much more understanding than they are. Just open yourself up to the possiblities," Totia said.
"I know it may not seem like it, but I am really eager to learn about this place and these people. My people."
 "Ok. Enough serious lessons today! It's time to have some fun!" Totia said.
"What do you guys do for fun?"
"What any intelligent group of bengs do.......we party!"
 "Ok, so this is Pixie Dust. It's one of the only clubs in Peragama. But it's also the hottest! And the owner is pretty cute too.....actually, I think, of all the beings you've seen today, you'll like him the most," Totia said.
"Why is that?"
"Oh, it's just a feeling that I have," she said smiling.
 Celeste didn't know what the owner looked like, but she didn't think he would have any more of an effect on her than the other people she had seen that day. It was so strange! Even the deejay was alien. She knew it was stupid to still be shocked by this seeing as how she was in outer space, but she couldn't help it. She never dreamed she would ever be in a place like this. Totia could say what she wanted, but Peragama was very much like Earth. Clubs and deejays? Celeste didn't know what she expected. Maybe she had been watching too many sci-fi was just so much to take in.....
 And she would never become accustomed to the wide array of skintones and eyes that were around her. She actually felt more normal than some of the people she saw. She couldn't imagine being on Earth and having leaves permanently attached to her face! But none of them had anything on what caught her eye next........
 Satitu Oros.That was his name. She forgot to breathe. He looked like her! Well, he was gorgeous and she was awkward and weird, but they had the same skin and eyes......she had never seen anyone more beautiful. Did she look like that to other people? Did her skin have a luminescent glow as well? Were her lips that kissable? She had a feeling that it was simply.......him.
 "Ummm.....I'm Celeste Sky.....I'm kinda visiting from Earth.....of course I'm not from there, obviously, but I grew up there. I mean I wasn't born there or anything," she babbled.
"I know who you are Celeste Sky. Or do you prefer Andromeda Orionious?" Satitu asked.
"Oh, Celeste is fine. How do you know me?"
"Everyone knows of the girl who grew up among the humans. Your mother is quite a legend around here. As are you," he said.
"Starema told me that others sent kids down to Earth as well. She said it wasn't just her. So why is she so special?"
"She didn't tell you? You're the only one that survived. The humans experimented on or killed all the rest. You must really be special."
"Killed? Why would they do that?" she asked.
"Come now. You grew up among them. Who better to know how frightened they are by anything different, anything they cannot readily understand or explain."
 "But to kill them! That's terrible," she said.
"It was not on purpose. It was the tests they ran, the samples they took. They wanted to know how such creatures functioned. What better way to know something's inner workings than to take it apart?"
"She never told me," Celeste said.
"It is quite disturbing. Starema is a very sweet female. She would not have wanted to injure your feelings. I see they have Totia as your guide. She's nice, she shall show you all you need to know."
"She has been very helpful thus far."
"Well, that is good. I petitioned for that assignment, but they thought I might serve as a distraction for you. But now it seems to me that you would have been a distraction for me. I hope to see you again, Celeste Sky," he said and walked away.
 As he walked away, Celeste did her best to keep it together. SHE would distract HIM? Ha! She didn't see how that was even possible! He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. She wouldn't fool herself into believing he was interested in her.....why would he be?
 As she walked back to Starema's house, she knew that this was going to be a huge step in her life. She knew that she would have answers to most of the questions that had been spinning around in her head since she was a child. Totia even said that she had more family living in Peragama. FAMILY! Celeste Sky, orphan extraordinare, had a family. She was beginning to feel right at home........

* Whew! This took forever to write! But it was so much fun to play! Celeste will be in Peragama for one round which is 2 years. But it will be 4 years in Peragamian time. So she will get 4 updates. Her trip will end Spring 2025

* The lots that I downloaded for this hood aren't very well lit....but it IS suppose to be another planet. So many Titusanerians don't like light....maybe it hurts their eyes lol.....Either way, I don't plan to change it but I will lighten the pics up a bit.


  1. Wow, I honestly didn't really notice the pics being particularly dark. You've built up such an awesome world here. It's incredibly fun to read about.

    It seems like Celeste is enjoying her trip to Peragama more than she thought she would!

  2. Well maybe they aren't as dark as I thought! Thanks for the compliment, this all just came to me one day and I was like why not? Celeste should be able to actually SEE where she's from and not just hear about it from Starema. I think she will end up loving Peragama before it's all over! Her wants are even different now lol....she's a knowledge sim but she has dating and kissing wants now :)

  3. I can't wait to see what Celeste learns and how she reconciles her human cultural upbringing with her biological history and culture.

  4. I didn't notice the pics being too dark ether. I thought it fit the mood/planet/atmosphere nicely. The terrain is really great. And I can't wait to see what happens next!

  5. Apple Valley - It will be interesting to see how it all works out.....she'll never forget her human instincts that she has developed....but now she'll be overcome with all new ones as well!

    Maise - I really love that terrain too. I didn't even know terrain replacements existed! The modders of this game never cease to amaze me!


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