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Love & Happiness

Round 2 - Spring 2025
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Amanda Carlson is 28

Amanda was in a rut. Her life seemed to be all about studying, the lab, and studying some more. She hated being so shy, she really did. But she had no idea how to counteract the rapid beating of her heart or sweats she broke out in when she was the center of some's attention. How can you want something so bad, but be deathly afraid of it at the same time? She had no idea, but she knew something had to give. It simply had to.......

She was getting out more, which she saw as a start. She desperately wanted to call Terrance Coners, who she had met when she was out on a walk suggested to her by Tessa. But Tessa had forbade Amanda from seeing him. Something about he and her sister being involved. But if they were really involved, would he have asked her out for coffee? She didn't know and was slowy not caring anymore. Her and Terrance had had many phone conversations and she was hoping that he would finally ask her out for that coffee. Tess was so wrapped up in Derick and that damn club that she didn't even hang with Amanda anymore. So she would have to figure this out on her own......
The museum had become her new favorite place to visit. It was so much fun and she really loved looking at and analyzing the different pieces of art. Her favorites were the abstract paintings. There was so much more to them than the scattered pieces that the eye first sees. Much how she viewed herself.
Her neighbors told her that some weird tattooed woman came by when she wasn't home. She figured it had to be Tess. She really missed her friend and was worried about her living situation.......Derick Pace wasn't a nice guy. Everyone seemed to know it but Tess. She thought he was harmless but Amanda wasn't so sure.......he just had a bad aura about himself. She couldn't put her finger on what it was. It didn't matter because she had been set up on a blind date by one of her co-workers. That's the level of desperation that she had reached. Everyone felt bad for her!
His name was Joe Carr and he was a bit touchy feely for her taste. But she had vowed that she would give this a fair chance. She hated his hair, simply despised it, but he smelled really nice and his arms were strong. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad......
She decided to try a little flirting. Really what could it hurt to try? He seemed to be flattered by it which made Amanda feel pretty confident. But she couldn't help noticing that he seemed to be holding back as well. Seemed to be........a little preoccupied......
But then he leaned in and said, "You have to be the cutest thing that I have seen in a long time. Women don't seem to be shy anymore, but you have made it into an art form sweetheart."
Well maybe she was imagining that he seemed preoccupied. Because now she was the center of his attention. And she wasn't sure that she really liked that. It was a bit nerve racking. What if he tried to kiss her? Oh she had been kissed before. Twice. And she was pretty sure she wasn't very good at it.
 But he didn't try to kiss her. He simply pulled her close and started to dance to the song that blast through the speakers. It was nice, this being held. This is was she was missing, what she wanted. And she was pretty sure that Joe Carr would be the beginning of something beautiful for her......
She was wrong. Her coworkers told her today that the reason that they sent her out with Joe Carr was to actually help HIM. He was hung up on some flaky girl named Ariel and they wanted to help get his mind off of her. But of course it didn't work. And he felt that Amanda was too nice to just lead her on. It was sadly the story of her life. She bet this Ariel woman was gorgeous. Was probably tons of fun. Story of her life........
She had started a little garden on the side of her little house. Maybe this is what she should do. Tend to a garden and get a couple of cats. Why not? What did she think was going to happen? Some knight in shining armor was going to come and rescue her from herself? From this insanely crippling shyness that she could never seem to shake? Men didn't find her appealing. Plain and simple!
But one phone call made her think that maybe her luck was changing. Maybe things were actually going to be better. Maybe she wasn't too dull and boring after all..........
"Terrance I'm so glad you decided to finally stop by!"
"Um, yea, well we had been talking on the phone for so long you know, seemed silly not to just come by and see how you were doing," he said.
"Oh, we're not going to go out for coffee?"
"Yea, about that..........Look, Amanda, you're a great woman, don't get me wrong. And this is probably my fault. That invitation for coffee was just kinda of something you say. Just conversation I suppose. The thing is, I'm kinda in love with someone and I really want to make a go of that. I love having you as my friend which is why I came over to tell you this in person.......I didn't want you to think I want to stop talking to you. I just want to make the lines clear. Don't want any misunderstandings," he said.
"Well I guess I should have known this right? I mean you've never tried to come over here in all the months that we've been having those phone conversations. Never asked me out. It's fine Terrance, I understand. I hope it works out."
"Thanks Mandy, you're the greatest! Now that we've straightened things out, we could still go get that coffee."
"No thanks, I have an early morning," she said.
Definitely needed to get a cat. Maybe two. And the tomatoes were coming in nicely. Maybe she could start planting other stuff too. Because obviously she was destined to be an old maid. Who says love equals happiness anyway?

*My heart bleeds for Amanda! Every guy she was interested in was otherwise spoken for. Oh, it's such a shame. I really hope to find someone for her. She's just too cute not to procreate! May have to send her on a little vacation and let her bring home one of the vacation townies!


  1. Oh my goodness! How HORRIBLE that they sent sweet Amanda out with Joe for HIM. I felt so sad for her! Ugh, and then with Terrence (which I'm glad he's happy and all) but poor Amanda!

    She is an absolute doll, I can see why you want her to have babies too. Plus she seems so sweet to become the cat lady.

  2. Awww :( Poor Amanda. If I were her, I'd get some better friends! Just saying, her's seem to be a little bit iffy.

  3. Millwood - It definitely sucked for her......I don't want her to become the cat lady either!!

    Ardania - Yea, maybe she does need better friends lol

  4. Oh, poor Amanda! I was getting excited about her and Joe and it sounded like she was too. And then getting rejected by Terrance too.

    She's still young though, so she's not doomed to be a crazy cat lady just yet!

  5. I just want to shake Amanda and tell her how beautiful she is...everything will work out! LOL! There's a shortage of men in LaQuest Beach, that's all. A vacation sounds like the best idea.

    I'm so proud she gathered up enough confidence to flirt with Miss Diva's man, Joe Carr. It's a step even though it didn't work out.

    It's crazy how much I can relate to Amanda. All that second guessing yourself, bless her heart. *sighs* But as soon as she stops looking, her man is going to find her.

  6. Poor things. Amanda is so cute. I really hope she doesn't end up the town crazy old cat lady.


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