Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mini-Update: Celeste Sky

Round 3 - Winter 2031
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Celeste Sky is 22, Starema Orionious is 121

She couldn't believe it. Not only was there an alien on her couch. A real, live, being from another planet. But this alien was telling her that SHE was an alien too! Starema had showed up on Celeste's front yard months ago. Since then, Celeste refused to talk to the old alien. Refused to talk to her mother. But now she needed answers......

"Where are you from?"
Titusanera. It's about 5 million light years away from this planet.
"If I'm from there as well, how did I wind up on Earth? Why was I abandoned?"
You were not abandoned Andromeda.
"Stop calling me that! And stop talking inside my head! Your lips move don't they? You can speak right?"
Yes I can. Would that be more pleasurable to you?
"Yes it would be more pleasurable to me! I feel like I'm going crazy with your voice in my head!" Celeste yelled.
No need to yell Andro-...... Celeste.
"Why was I abandoned?"
"You were not abandoned. Our planet is very special Celeste. I am 121 years old, an age that would be impossible to reach on this planet. Our kind can live to be almost 200 years old. We have taken very good care of Titusanera, and it has taken care of us. But our head seesant, what humans would call a psychic, has forseen the destruction of Titusanera. Our years pass by much differently than they do here. The destruction will happen in about 60 Earth years. We must find another home," Starema said.
"What does that have to do with me?"
"Despite the pollution of Earth, we have deemed it suitable to house some of our race. But the humans are very afraid of what they do not understand. The seesant foresaw this vision 21 Earth years ago. It was decided then that our inhabitation of Earth would have to be done in phases. We had to do it slowly, so that they would accept us. Phase 1 was the sending down of babies from our planet. We figured that even with them being different, the humans would have a soft side and not want to harm a babe. We were right."
"You mean to tell me that I'm apart of some invasion of Earth? That I was thrown away by my own people? What a sorry race of creatures! Sacrificing their own children so selfishly!" Celeste yelled.
How dare you, you insolent child! Do you think it was easy for me to let you go? Do you think I wanted to? It was to save an entire race of beings! Do you think we would have let the humans harm you?"
"I don't know what to think! I was dropped out of the sky and left to be ostracized by the only people I knew. That causes harm as well Starema," Celeste said.
"I know your feelings have been harmed, Andromeda. I've watched you your entire life. It's one of the reasons that I am here now. So that you may know what great beings you come from. So that you may exercise your full potential."
"Potential at what?"
"Oh, child, do you think that we are not more advanced than the humans? We are able to travel from planet to planet as we see fit. Did you not think that our bodies would be different as well? You have capabilites that you've never even dreamed of."
"I have magical powers? Is that what you're saying?"
"You've been around the humans too long. It's not magic Andromeda. It's purely mental. The humans just aren't capable of it."
"Stop calling me Andromeda! You said there was phases of this invasion. What's the next phase?" Celeste asked.
"That is another reason why I am here. To prepare you. We feel that the humans will be more unwilling to hurt their own. So we will be taking human subjects back to out planet, where they will become incubators for our children."
 "You're going to impregnant human women with ALIENS?" Celeste yelled.
"Not just women. Men as well. We need to expedite the process."
"You can't do that! How is that fair to them?"
"They won't be harmed! And a human is more likely to tolerate something that is foreign if it comes from them. After giving birth, they will be less likely to get rid of the children," Starema said.
"This is insane! You can't do this, it's not right. What do you hope to accomplish with this?"
"By the time our planet expires, there will be enough of us walking among the humans that the additional beings who will reside here will blend in unnoticed. The abductions will take place all over the world. LaQuest Beach is not the first place we have been. It will not be the last," Starema said.
"You can't do this. The humans won't allow it."
"It has already begun. The first abduction will take place here within the next year. It is out of your control."

* This is the last little update on what's going on with Celeste. From now on the story will just progress naturally, by turn. We will see Celeste again this round, but it will be through someone else's turn. Haha, Starema looks so evil here doesn't she?

* I have hacks in my game that take away the glow around witches and allows them to keep a regular skintone. I also have a hack that takes away that stupid wand that they use. So Celeste and Starema's powers will just be the spells of the witches. I have an idea for one more use of the witches without actually creating witches as well but that will come much later.


  1. Oh wow, Starema does look evil, when she got angry on the sofa, I was like.. whoa! Watch it Celeste.

    Way cool to use the witch powers for your story. I wonder who will be abducted!! Did you roll for it or just pick?

  2. For this first abduction I picked it....I tried to pick a family that wouldn't be TOO devastated by supernatural happenings lol. I think Tessa would lose her mind if she were abducted and Derrick would probably commit suicide haha.

  3. LOL! I would love to see Derrick impregnanted-LOL!

  4. Hmmm, I can't wait to see who you choose to be abducted.

    Starema does look kind of evil but I can sympathise with her too. She's just trying to save her people.

  5. Apple Valley - Derrick wouldn't know what to do with himself! Getting impregnanted by aliens isn't very manly!

    Carla - Starema's heart is in the right place....the circumstances just suck


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