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You Don't Know My Name

Round 1 - Spring 2023
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Donna Johnson is 38, Kinsley Johnson is 16, Brian Johnson is 8

Donna Johnson doesn't know how she got to this point in her life. Five years ago she was happily married with 2 beautiful kids. Then it was all taken away in one swift move by a freak storm and slippery roads. Her husband Franklin was a good man. The best man she had ever known in her life. He wasn't the best business man and they had always had to struggle, but they struggled together. Now she struggles alone. But she can't think of that. Because she has two kids who need her to be strong. So she joined the military to feed her family. Franklin didn't want her to work after Kinsley was born so she never really gained any job skills. But they were making it. She hated living in Englewood and knew that it wasn't a good place to raise her kids, but it was all she could afford at the time. Plus, she was trying to save up for Kinsley's college. Because she didn't want her daughter to end up in the same place.
Their duplex was substantial. But it was no where near where Donna wanted to live. She couldn't believe that at 38 years old, this was the life that she was forced to live.....
She figured she was pretty done was far as romance was concerned. She lived next door to a cute guy named Marshal White and his sister Ariel. Marshal was definitely nice to look at, but he was much too young for Donna. And she got the feeling that he didn't really like her very much. Burning the kids' food and having the fire department have to show up early in the morning didn't really help their relationship much.
"Maybe you should be a little more careful. Some people are trying to sleep in the morning," he said.
" I'm sorry Marshal. My goodness, it's not like I purposefully burned my children's food. Accidents happen. Well accidents to normal sims like myself. I suppose someone as perfect as you wouldn't be able to understand that."
"Whatever Donna. Learn to cook," he said walking off.
See? Complete and total hostility!
Kinsley and Brian knew their mom was having a hard time, so they didn't really mind the burnt food. Kinsley wanted to get an after school job to help her mom out, but she wouldn't hear of it. She wanted Kinsley to concentrate on getting scholarships for school. Donna had saved enough cash for Kinsley to attend LaQuest Beach Community College but she wanted her to go to Sim State. She wanted her to get the full college experience.
Donna hated living in Englewood. Everything was all run down and too many shady people hung around. But she couldn't afford to shop in the nicer shops in LaQuest Beach. So she simply sucked it up and did what she had to do. Brian was growing like a weed and he needed some more clothes.
They were growing up so fast. Soon they would be out living their own lives and Donna would be left home alone. She hadn't really dated since her husband died. It didn't feel right and she didn't want to hurt the kids by making them think that she was replacing their dad. But sometimes she really did get very lonely......
Whenever she had some extra money, she would buy Kinsley the star gossip magazines. Kinsley really wanted to be a clothing designer when she got older and wanted to sell clothes that famous sims would wear. Donna would love for that to happen, but she was pretty sure it wouldn't. But she did think that she could become a designer. She had alot of talent and that was why Donna was determined for her to go to college.
She wanted her kids to have a much better liffe than she had and she wanted them to have more opportunities. There was nothing that she wouldn't do to make that happen for them........
Kinsley wasn't doing as good as she wanted to be. She didn't have much more time to get her grades to where they needed to be. She really wanted to go to Sim State. It was further away and they had a great business program. Her mother had saved up the full tuition for LBCC so she only had to get scholarships to cover the $2000 difference........easier said than done!
She's been hanging out with Tristen Jones so she can get some information on her crush, Kevin Knowles. Kinsley really likes Kevin, but they are from two different worlds. Kevin's family has a nice beach house outside of Lorrington, the richest area of LaQuest Beach. She doesn't know if he even knows that she's alive.........or even her name for that matter......but that's where Tristen comes in. The guys are pretty close so she figures he can tell her all that she needs to know. He tells her that Kevin likes her and even gives her his phone number! She doesn't know if she should call him though........
Brian has become a pretty reserved young man. He really misses his dad and can usually be found playing in his room with the remote control helicopter his dad bought for him on the last Christmas that he was alive. Brian loves eletronics and thinks it would be cool to create cool robots one day......
Kinsley decides that she has to give it a try with Kevin. She really likes him and doesn't want to let her fear stand in the way of her at least getting to know him better. So she calls and invites him out after school the next day. They planned to meet at the Archimedes Arcade downtown......
She finds the gossip mag that her mother left on her desk. Celebrity sims lead such interesting lives! She wants that one day. She knows that she has talent and all she needs is an opportunity to do it.......hopefully she would get it one day......
Donna hates the military. It's not really her, but joining the reserves was the most secure job she could think of. So now she's up at the crack of dawn, heading out for training.......she hates it, no doubt about it, but it's a neccessary evil.......
But she doesn't mind too much because she really has some great kids. Kinsley makes sure the house stays clean for her mother. Since she isn't allowed to get an after school job, she helps by making sure her mother can enjoy her off days without having to worry about picking up things around the house.
Donna and Kinsley both come home in great moods the next day. Donna finally moved up a rank after working for years without a promotion. Kinsley finally got an A in the class she was having the most trouble with. Things were looking up for both Johnson women......
Especially for Kinsley! She met Kevin downtown and they immediately began acting like the very best of friends. She didn't know if he liked her like she liked him, but she did simply enjoy being around him. She would have to be sure to get Tristen a really nice Christmas present!
Kinsley has a secret love of playing video games and forgets that guys like to win. She's trying to get the high score on the pinball machine and Kevin begins rambling on about something.
"Ah, I mean, I think we should hang out some more. You know, go places together. You're a really cool girl....."
"Uh, yea. Give me a second, I'm only like 5000 points away from the high score," she says.
"Are you even listening to me?"
"So what were you saying?" she asked as he stared at her chest.
"Oh, ummmm.......I was just saying that I think we should hang out more. You could come over to my house, we have our own private beach in the back."
"I don't know Kevin, what would your parents think if you brought me home?"
"They wouldn't say anything! My parents aren't like that at all. You should come over sometime,"  he said.
"I'll thing about it."
"You really should think about it........I like hanging around'll be great....I promise."
She really wants to go. But most people from Lorrington aren't the nice accepting people that Kevin seems to think his parents are........but she does really want to go.....
He's alot of fun. And he is probably the cutest boy she has ever seen. Kinsley has never had a boyfriend before. She's never really been interested in any of the lowlife guys from the places where they have lived. But Kevin is different. Maybe meeting his parents wouldn't be so bad......They had after all raised him to be an open minded guy.......she didn't know what she was going to do.....
What she did know is that she never wanted to stop seeing him. So the only way to make that happen was to get this over with, to jump in and see if she could be accepted for who she was and not where she was from...........because he was so very worth it.........
Kinsley wasn't the only one getting to know the people of LaQuest Beach.......Donna was tired of being alone and she felt that the kids were old enough to she was getting out and about and working hard to meet someone nice to spend some of her time with..........she just hoped that she would find someone worth the trouble........

*Donna and her neighbor Marshal cannot seem to get along! They have 2 bolts but every conversation with them turns into an argument. So I guess they won't be getting together! I think Kinsley and Kevin are cute together.....he's the only teen boy that she has been attracted to so hopefully they will end up working out!
* LBCC is my college in the main hood. It has about 6 dorm rooms or students can live at home and attend the courses. I used Squinge's Mega College Pack to make my main hood college. It costs $750 a semester for a total of $6000 for the whole four years. Sim State University is one of the regular universities and it's $1000 a semester for a total of $8000 for the whole four years. I used SSU because I wanted students to have to option of joining fraternities and sororities and I don't think I can do that with LBCC.......I imagine SSU being about an 4 hour drive  from LaQuest Beach. So they can go close to home or just far away enough to have a little more independence!
*I can't remember where I got their duplex but I love the run down condition of it! I tried to make sure the buildings in my Englewood area looked run down so that it fit with where the sims are suppose to live. I love it!!


  1. Englewood looks great - it really does seem like it would be in a poorer, inner-city area.

    Kinsley is so cute - I'm glad she finally got her kiss from Kevin! I hope it lasts.

  2. I agree, Englewood does look like run down inner-city area. Very fitting for the storyline! :)

    Kinsley is cute. I hope she and Kevin work out and that his parents are as accepting as he says. But maybe he should stop blatantly staring at her chest in public, LOL. ;)

  3. I love your rundown section of town!! It sets the atmosphere perfectly! Those clothes on the rack were an awesome touch too!

    Yikes, too bad on the hostility between her and the neighbor. I hope she's able to get out of the bad area of town, nothing like losing your husband and starting over in your late thirties.

  4. Thanks guys! The clothes came with the lot.....I have to remember where I got my urban lots....I think it was from
    I wanted to try something different since I had to start over anyway!

  5. Yay an interesting new blog. Its good to see Donna making strides to move on, its not fun to being alone.

    And I love the grubbiness of that lot

  6. That guy Donna was talking to is cute! And Kinsley is just a super teen. I love her. She and Kevin look so cute together. But I'm really wondering if his parents are gonna be as accepting of her as he is.

    I was really turned off by Marshal in this update. LOL! He's got no patience whatsoever with Donna and he's being an ass! LOL!

  7. Marshal has alot going on! And Donna's cute guy will be making other appearances Simmington Hills :)

  8. Wow what a rough start for this family! Kinsley rocks, I really hope things work out for her. Hopefully Kevin's family is accepting as he says they are. I also hope Donna is able to find love one day.

  9. Ok, so you're using the mega college pack. I didn't know that made it possible for them to attend uni. in the main hood like that. Since I'm using the uni. in any hood mod. And with that mod you can't play and university hoods attached to it. But do I really need another school? lol

    I really like this family. Too bad they are having such a hard life after her husband died.

    I hope things become better for them! But teens have a way of messing things up for themselves. ROFL


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