Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fast Forward: Amanda Carlson

Amanda Carlson needed a break. After two failed attempts at romance, she was feeling a bit down. So she hopped on a plane and headed to Takezimu Village. She'd always wanted to go and she figured being able to just take off when the mood strikes is one good thing about being single......maybe the ONLY thing about being single!

She hadn't heard from Tessa in a while and was beginning to worry. Word around town was that Derrick had gotten involved with some pretty bad people and The Black Door was no more. The last thing she heard from Tessa was that she was taking the money she put back and was getting out of Englewood and away from Derrick. He found out about her fling with Brandon Lillard and was not happy. Amanda tried to tell her that Derrick wasn't going to be cool with her being with other guys......but Tess doesn't listen....she doesn't think about other people......but this trip wasn't about was about Amanda figuring out why no one seemed to be very interested in her!
She knew it was silly.....knew that it probably wouldn't make a difference......but she took her coin and threw it in the little wishing fountain.....Takezimu Village was rumored to be a place of great spiritual power, so maybe, just maybe she would be able to find her special person......what could it hurt?
The fountain worked pretty fast. Before she left for home, she met Corbin Gray. He was just as smart and reserved as she was and she instantly fell in love. How unlucky is it to find love thousands of miles away? She extended her vacation and stayed an extra couple of days just so she could get to know him more. They seemed to have almost everything in common, and Amanda loved his accent.......she knew she had to make it work..........
And so, after a year of calls, emails, and trips across seas, Corbin Gray gave up his life in Takezimu Village to come to LaQuest Beach to be with Amanda. They were simply living together, no talks of marriage yet, but Amanda knew that this was the man who she would spend her life with, the father of her children......

* It's really short, but my game was all jumpy and I wasn't concentrating on taking the pics......but I think it covers what's been going on with Amanda.....
* Corbin is perfect for her! He's also a knowledge sim and his personality matches very closely with hers........I need to add tai chi to his profile in SimPE since as a native Takezimu-ian he would be well versed in it! I'm pretty sure that there will be two of him in the new version of LaQuest Beach since he is a dominant townie......I'll just make sure no one falls for the second Corbin who is still in Takezimu Village! I'll have the same issue with Joe Carr.....
* I didn't get to play Tessa and Derrick because their bug was the worst of all. I think it was the house they had their business in, but I'm not sure. So there are no pics of their breakup. I decided to allude to it in these last few fast forwards and then address it in the new round when I play their houses. Only one more fast forward and then I'm going to try jumping back into the rounds. Anyone who didn't get a fastforward will have background done in the beginning of their round......I think I touched all the most exciting stories though :)


  1. Amanda is a really pretty Sim. I might have said that before but I just have to say it again.

    Everyone seems to be breeding Corbin Gray into there games. The children that I have seen from him come out great. I might have to send one of my single sims one a vacation.

  2. Corbin worms his way into yet another hood! He's a playable NPC in mine - he married another townie and he's got two gorgeous daughters.

    I look forward to seeing his and Amanda's relationship developing.

  3. Lucky Amanda, snaring Corbin Gray. He does tend to have beautiful children (in an earlier 'hood of mine, he was the father of my all-time favorite Sim), and Amanda is so pretty too. I'm happy for her that she found love.

  4. Oasis - LaQuest Beach is still pretty new, so there aren't many male sims to choose from. I knew that I would probably have to send Amanda on vacation to find her someone, and there was Corbin! I think they're kids will be cute too because Amanda is one of my more distinctive looking sims! (Secretly my favorite as well!)

    Carla - Corbin seems to be very popular! It's always funny to see the different ways his character is interpreted in different hoods.

    Francesca - She is definitely a lucky girl!

  5. Ha! Corbin's back! He's been in all of the hoods now! Too bad for Tessa's and Derrick's breakup, but I'm glad for Amanda.

  6. It is interesting seeing Corbin in all these hoods. I never seen him in mine, but I use a lot of no townie regens.

  7. I'm thrilled to see my girl Amanda find love! Can't wait to continue following their life together.


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