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Not Enough Hours in the Day

Round 3 - Winter 2030
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Tabitha Coners is 40, Terrence is 39, Imani and Imara are 3, and Kenny is 16
(Orlando Centowski, Brian Johnson and Nicole Thompson are 16, Taesha Foster is 14)

Tabitha loved being a mother. Oh it was tiresome and there were times when she wished there were more hours in the day, but there was nothing in the world she loved more than her little angels. They were growing so fast and would be in preschool next fall. Time was moving too fast, she wanted to keep them small. But she would love those hours of freedom she would have once they were in school. It was hard to get things accomplished while running after toddlers! She had quit her job in oceanography so she would be there with them. She was thinking of maybe opening a hair salon here in Camden Park once they started school. She could make her own hours and work while the girls were gone. It was something she planned to talk to Terrence about.

Terrence was sure that he would have no other kids other than Kenny. But he didn't know that he would fall in love with his best friend and together they would create two of the cutest little girls in all the world. It was tough, developing Camden Park's buildings and still finding time to be with his family. But so far he had found a balance. The girls' personalities were already so different. Imani was content to sit in the house with her mom and following her around as she maintained the house. Imara on the other hand loved to be outside and was much more observant that her sister. He loved them both more than he ever dreamed possible.
On his days off, he and Tabitha split the responsiblites. He felt bad that she had to do this on her own when he was at work and Kenny was in school. She must be super woman to be able to handle them both alone!
Kenny was also smitten with his little sisters and he would miss them when he went away to college. He didn't mind when his dad married Tabitha and was even happy for him. But he was on the fence when he found out that they were going to have a baby. He was use to getting all of the attention and didn't want to simply disappear because they had a kid together. But he never felt left out of anything and was happy to have sisters. Who didn't love being a big brother?
Kenny was happy that the city asked his dad to head up the project of building up Camden Park. He really was.......but it was just so.....rural out here. There wasn't much to do and not many people even lived here yet. But soon he would be at LBU with lots of girls and his best friend Brian.....he could deal with the inconvenience for a little while.
Kayla Knowles was also going to LBU with him and Brian. All the guys at school thought she was so hot. She was pretty, but she didn't really do it for Kenny. She was that brooding artsy type girl and never gave any of those guys a second glance. She was going to major in art, he just knew it. He really didn't know what he wanted to major in. He had been thinking about it and coming up short. It was something he and Brian talked about all the time.
Kayla was really good friends with Orlando Centowski. Word around school was that Orlando was gay, but no one had ever saw him with another guy. Or girl for that matter. No one but Kayla. Kenny was interested in seeing how he acted once they got to LBU.......if the rumors were true.....
Kenny was glad to be getting away from Camden Park and LaQuest Beach for a while. He had developed a stupid crush on Brian's step-sister, Taesha Foster. Even though Kenny knew that Taesha was only his step-sister and even though he knew that 2 years wasn't a big difference, he felt like such a jerk for wanting to kiss on her......and that's automatically where his thoughts went everytime he saw her. He didn't know why, wished it would just go away. But it never did........
He didn't think Brian suspected anything, but for good measure, he made sure to talk about other girls when Brian was around. He didn't really think Nicole Thompson was all that cute, but Brian liked her so he played along.......He didn't know what he was going to do if Taesha joined them at LBU.....maybe by then he would have a serious girlfriend and these stupid feelings for her would go away........
Alana Brown, the mayor's wife, stopped by on a regular basis to let them know how much the city appreciated all of Terrence's work. Tabitha wanted to like Mrs. Brown, she really did, but there was just something about the woman that rubbed her the wrong way. She respected her as a woman, opening up her own restaurant even though the tabloids said that her husband was completely against the idea. But there was just something else about her......
Tabitha had invited over Tessa for dinner and had to get it started before she got there. She was worried about her sister. Every since that fiasco with Derick Pace, Tessa had been grasping at straws, desperately trying to find something to do with her life. Tabitha didn't understand why Tessa wouldn't simply just get a damn job and work. She had to do something glamorous, couldn't be just a normal person.......she needed a reality check, bad!
Tabitha ran off to use the bathroom while the food was cooking and Tessa, in her usual fashion, burst in on her.
"Dammit, Tess, can't I pee in peace?" Tabitha yelled.
"Oh calm down, it's nothing I haven't seen before. This is too important to wait!"
"What is it Tess?"
"I know what I'm suppose to do with my life," Tessa said.
"Oh, yea? What's that? Get a job? Maybe settle down and have a kid or two?"
"PLEASE! That's your life, not mine!"
"And what's wrong with my life?" Tabitha asked.
"Nothing! It's great for you, but that's not who I am."
"Then who are you Tess?"
"A musician! I'm going to start my own band!" she said.
"A band?" Terrence asked her after Tess left and as they were putting the girls to bed.
"Yes, a band. She thinks she's going to start a band at 34."
"Tabitha, how is it even possible that you and Tessa are sisters? I mean really, it's like night and day!"
"I know, I know. I don't know why she's so irresponsible," Tabitha said.
"So what does she want? Because she didn't need to rush all the way out here in the sticks to tell you that she wants to start a band."
"She needs money. She invested most of hers into that damn club with Derick and what was left over went into buying her house. She wants me to front her the money to get instruments and hire a drummer and a singer," Tabitha said.
"Tab, no. Tessa needs to grow up. We can't bail her out of every jam. She has a nice house, she just needs to get a REAL job and take care of it."
"I'm not stupid Terrence. I'm not helping her this time. I have a family to think of. I saved my inheritance because I knew I would need it one day. Kenny is going off to college soon and the girls will go one day too. I can't keep treating her like a child......I have my own children now."
Kenny had shown an interest in music and Tabitha went out and bought him a guitar. He was a young man who had all the time in the world to do whatever he wanted to do. Tessa was a grown woman who needed to get her priorities straight and Tabitha wasn't getting involved anymore. She just couldn't do it anymore.
And life did not revolve around Tessa Gunner! Terrence woke up late the next morning as usual because the girls were up late which meant he and Tabitha were up late. Seemed he was constantly running out the door for fear that he would miss his carpool. It was crazy and busy and hectic but he wouldn't have it any other way.
Tabitha loved her life, and she loved her sister. But she had her own things to worry about. She couldn't force Tess to grow up, but she could give her family her best. There may not be enough hours in the day, but there's just enough to love the people who matter most. Tessa was one of those people for Tabitha. But she was no longer the only one and it was time she realized it........

* So this kinda became about Tessa, but how could it not? She seems to command attention, no matter whose story she is in!

* The twins keep this family busy! Terrence is usually late for his carpool and Tabitha is constantly tired but they will grow into what I hope will be cute kids in the fall of 2031.

* Kenny really has the hots for Taesha but seems hesitant in his interactions with her. It is kinda like dating your friends sister since Brian and Taesha's parents are married now. Maybe once they're both in college it won't feel so awkward anymore......who knows with these sims!


  1. I don't think Kenny should let Brian being Taesha's stepbrother stop him from making his move. Even if Brian gets weird about it initially, he's got to get over it eventually. But you're right, when they're in college, it might be less awkward.

    Taesha and Kayla are both so pretty. But then all of your Sims are! What defaults do you use, out of curiosity?

  2. Yes, please let Tess grow up. Poor Kenny, at least he feels awkward-some guys wouldn't care

  3. Wow, Tessa and Tabitha are quite opposite, it doesn't seem time has done anything to change that. A band at 34... interesting. I really like Terrence and Tabitha and their sweet little family. <3 And Tessa is always great to add some family drama into the mix, what family doesn't have that one relative that is off in their own world.

  4. Carla - Kenny and Brian have been friends since they were kids and I think Kenny is just really afraid to mess that up. I really love my default skins, they make such a difference in how they look. I've used the same skins since I started using default skins:

    I sometimes switch my eyes up, but right now I'm using these:
    They're realistic, but not too much so.

    Apple Valley - Tess will probably be 50 and still immature lol......Kenny really is a sweet kid.

    Maisie - Tabitha and Tess are quite opposite, but I think that helps keep a balance between them. Tabitha will still be getting her out of jams, just not as much since she has her own little family now. Tessa is all about the drama!

  5. The twins are so cute... I can't wait to see them as children and teens.

    I think Kenny should make a move or at least let Brian knows how he feels about his step-sister so he won't feel so awkward around her.

    Tessa, Tessa, Tess. What more is there to say.

    I love those cribs. Were did you get them?

  6. Love me some Tessa and Tabitha...Tessa will be okay, it's just gonna take a long time. :P I love to see her antics, and now with this band idea...she's really trippin'!

    I've got a Camden Park, too! LOL! Everytime you mentioned it, I thought about mine. hahaha.

    The twins have a beautiful nursery! I love how different they look from each other. The lighter skinned one really favors her brother, Kenny!


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