Thursday, April 29, 2010

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number!

Round 3 - Winter 2031
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Donna Foster is 47, DeJuan is 44, Taesha is 15, and Brian Johnson is 17

She felt it some days. Felt like she was almost 50 years old. 50! Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday that Kinsley was dancing on her father's toes. Now she was a grown married woman with a life of her own and Donna had remarried. She didn't know if she would find love again after Kinsley and Brian's father died. But DeJuan came along and changed all of that for her.

Money was tight around the house now. Brian would be headed off to college next fall and Donna and DeJuan wanted to pay his full tuition so that he wouldn't have to worry about that while he went to school. They had already started saving up for Taesha to go, but at the rate she was going, she would probably earn enough scholarships to pay for more than half of what was needed.
She still liked to indulge every once in a while though. Right now the focus was on Brian and getting him into school, so Donna got Taesha a little something every now and then so that she would know she was cared about too. It was tough, their little Brady Bunch family. But they were working it out together.
DeJuan was also starting to show his age as well. There were fine lines around his eyes now. But he was still the sexiest man in the world to Donna. She loved him more than she could express to the world.
DeJuan had cut all ties with Derrick Pace, and for that Donna was glad. Derrick was bad news. It was all over LaQuest how he was involved in the brutal beating of a man. Donna didn't want DeJuan involved in it. He didn't need that kind of trouble. He hadn't worked since he quit bouncing at Derrick's club, but they were doing ok, and he was in the process of looking. He just didn't have many skills to put out there. And he was too old to join the military and work with Donna. He had began a friendship with Joe Carr. Joe was over a decade younger than DeJuan, but he had a good head on his shoulders and they were both originally from Englewood. Who says you can't overcome your environment?
 He wasn't happy that Taesha had started bringing boys home from school. Sure, she was 15, but he didn't want her to have any interest in boys until she was 30! She wasn't all that interested in Gordon Nott, she just liked beating him in video games. She was more concerned with getting into college at the moment. DeJuan hoped that she kept that attitude.
Brian couldn't wait to begin college with Kenny Coners. It was going to be so much fun! His mom kept trying to remind him that he was going to college to get a degree, but Brian wasn't really concerned with all that. He was ready to meet the girls! And so were his other classmates. He was bringing different people home almost everyday now.
 He and Kenny were both into music and they had decided that they were going to start their own band once they got to college. They didn't have a name yet, but Brian knew that chicks dug muscians......they were going to have more girls than they could handle. Which was fine with him!
Kinsley was much more accepting of DeJuan now. She trusted his intentions and saw that he really made her mother happy. And her mom deserved to be happy. She was glad everything worked out. Now that she could stop worrying about her mom, maybe her and Kevin could have a few kids of their own!
Donna was already asking Kevin when they were going to give her some grandchildren. Kevin was still in med school, working as an intern at the hospital and he didn't know if it was the right time to add a kid in on top of that. His parents were paying for med school, so it wasn't a money issue. He just wanted to be able to be the best dad he could. He wanted to be like his dad.....
Donna loved when Kinsley came for a visit. She really missed having her daughter around. Her and Kevin had a nice loft apartment over in the warehouse district, so it wasn't a long trip for them. Donna expected to see them more often.......she also expected some grandkids soon!
Yes, she and DeJuan were almost 50 years old.......but age was such a number, not a state of mind!

* I promise, DeJuan isn't naked in that last pic! The angle just makes it look that way. I love the Slim Body Builder body type! It's just so hunky haha.

* Brian and Kenny are going to be among my first kids to go to LaQuest Beach University......I'm pretty excited about it! I am going to let them start a band since both of their PDH are music and dance.


  1. Wow, Brian's dreams of the band and all the girls. Such a boy :P

  2. Letting Brian and Kenny start a band is an awesome idea - can't wait to see that.

    I'm glad Kinsley has grown to accept DeJuan. I remember she was a little dubious at first.


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