Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hanging By A Moment

Round 4 - Fall 2023 - LBU
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Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Slade Willis, Orlando Centowski, Sam Bauer, Tosha Go, Adam Broaden, and Mindi Mason are all 19, (Taesha Foster is 17)

When the rest of her dorm mates moved out of Teder Hall, Tosha Go had no idea what she was going to do. But then she met John Doe and she knew that she would be sticking with Teder Hall! Oh, she would be the oldest one in the freshman hall, but she didn't care. She had finally found what everyone else had, love...........

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 4 - Fall  2033

 Amanda Gray was tired of being pregnant! It wasn't the great experience she thought it was going to be. She was moody and hot and tired all the time. And having a baby already in the house just was NOT helping the situation! An alien baby at that!


Round 4 - Summer 2033
Last update/ Next update
Donna Foster is 48, DeJuan is 45, Taesha is 16 (Brian Johnson is 18)

 DeJuan Foster could not believe his luck. His life had taken a complete turn since he met Donna. He was positive that he would be single for the rest of his life after Taesha's mom left. He grew up in Englewood and in Englewood a man couldn't be soft. He had lost the respect of most of his friends when he fell in love with Taesha's mom. She was known to get around and his friends just couldn't believe that he wanted to make her his girl. But he loved her. And the happiest day of his life was when she told him she was pregnant with Taesha. But being a mom cramped her style and she left them shortly thereafter. He was determined to be a good dad to Taesha and not worry about women anymore. But then Donna came along and just changed everything. He truly loved her.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Round 4 - Summer 2033
Last update/ Next update
Tessa Gunner is 36, Elvin de Muse is 40

Tessa Gunner was a screw up. She had accepted that a long time ago. But she was a lucky screw up. And no matter what happened, no matter how much trouble she got herself into, she always managed to come out on top. And why shouldn't she? She deserved it! Why work hard when you didn't have to?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome Home

Round 4 -  Spring
Last update/ Next update
Celeste Sky is 23, Starema Orionious is 158

 Starema Orionious had lost her mind! She really had as far as Celeste was concerned. There was no way she was being zapped to some planet that she knew nothing about!
"What is your objection to visiting your home planet, Andromeda? You are not human. Earth is not your home," Starema said.
"It's the only home I know! And how do I know that I won't get killed by some wild space creature?"
"Where do you think you are going? Peragama is not a place filled with savage animals or savage people! You are already in a place like that," she said.
"What do you mean?" Celeste asked.
"These humans have treated you poorly the entire time you have been here!"
"Yea, well you guys gave me away."

Just Like A Pill

Round 4 - Spring 2033
Last update/ Next update
Christian and Alana Brown are 36, Christa Brown is 7

 Business at Fish and Chips wasn't going as well as Alana thought it would. She was barely breaking even some nights and she was scared that Christian would make her sell it. He was a totally different guy these days though. He had paid $2500 for fertility treatments for her so that they would have a better chance of conceiving. She wanted to believe that he had just turned over a new leaf......but she just didn't trust it......

Live Your Life

Round 4 - LBU- Spring 2033
Last update/ Next update
Kayla Knowles, Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, Orlando Centowski, Sam Bauer, Tosha Go, Mindi Mason, and Slade Willis are all 18, Cammie Samuels is 19

 Kayla really admired Orlando and Sam's relationship. Sam seemed like a good guy and the two couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They had all been talking about what they were going to do next year. It was a rule that freshman had to stay in Teder Hall but they would all be sophmores next year. They had all gotten pretty close during their time together. Sam and Orlando planned to move into one of the upper level dorms. Kayla had became friends with Tippy Dean, another art major, and they were going to get a rental house on campus. Brian and Kenny were going to do the same if they could save up the money for it. Neither guy wanted to bother his parents about it. Kayla had no idea what Tosha planned to do.....She was a bit......spacey at times!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Updated Peragama

I added some hood decor planets and a few spacey buildings to Peragama. I haven't played yet so I don't know if you can see the planets in the lot view but I'm hoping you can! Even if you can't, it gives nhood view  a cool look lol. I have 3 more entries before Celeste's but I haven't played it yet and I'm still trying to decide how long I'm going to let her stay. Hopefully I will get a chance to play some today as I'm really excited to send her to a community lot and see aliens walking around! I found some larger planets that actually sit on the ground so if the little ones don't show up in lot view, I may add those......but they are REALLY huge and will take up quite a bit of space so I guess we'll see........

Monday, May 17, 2010

Anything is Possible

Round 4 - Winter 2032
Last update/ Next update
Amanda and Corbin Gray are 36, Conner is 3 months, (Starema Orionious is 158, Celeste Sky is 23)

 Amanda had fallen in love with little Conner Gray. It didn't matter that he was green or that his eyes were a bit unsettling sometimes. He had somehow stolen her heart. And she didn't see any reason to be mad at him. It wasn't his fault that Celeste Sky was a lying bitch who had used her and her husband to save her damn race without even asking her. It wasn't Conner's fault......

Three, It's a Magic Number

Round 4 - Winter 2032
Last update/ Next update
Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 26, Ryan Knowles is 2 months

 Kinsley Knowles was estatic. Her life was progressing along pretty well and she was more in love with her husband than ever before. Their son was a beautiful combination of them both and she was proud to show him off to their families.

Moving On

Round 4 - Winter 2032
Last update/ Next update
Derrick Pace is 40, Charity Jones is 25

Derrick Pace was tired. His club was slowly making a profit, but not enough of one for him to make his moves as fast as he wanted to. So he had come up with a few ideas on how to change his luck around......

The first step of his brilliant plan was to start making his own money......literally! He had joined a large counterfiting ring that had started up in Englewood. Right now he was working for a higher up, but soon he would have his own organization. Or so he hoped. Right now he was slowly adding funds to his bank account so that he could move into a larger space. But it would take him forever to save up the money this way. He couldn't deposit thousands of simoleons everyday without drawing suspicion. So the next part of his plan would require alot of charm on his end.......Charity Jones had a little money.....just enough money to put Derrick where he needed to be.....and he was pretty good at separating fools from their money.........

 It seemed that fate was on his side. She had been having a little trouble with her parents since she began seeing him. So much so that she decided she didn't want to stay with them anymore. She wanted to live with taking candy from a babe!

Charity knew that her parents didn't approve of her being with Derrick. She knew he was a "bad boy". But Charity liked to believe that there was some good in everyone. And even if there was absolutely no good in him whatsoever, she had a feeling that he was underestimating her...........

Because Charity was no fool.......and the streets were nothing knew to her or her family.....Derrick Pace had better tread lightly, because the Jones family was not something to be played with........

* Charity is a townie that I created. At first, I was going to make her character young and naive......but then I thought how much more fun it would be if she was only "playing" at naive. I think it's about time Derrick got his!

* It's pretty short, but that's because not much really happened. His club makes alot of money even though it's not really rising in the business ranking system. But that's just fine by me, as long as he has the money. Speaking of money, counterfiting is of course against the law in LaQuest Beach.......Derrick might want to watch himself!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Round 4 - Winter 2032

Her husband was pregnant.......pregnant! Amanda knew that Celeste had something to do with Corbin getting abducted........she just knew it! And she planned to get answers......because how in the world were they suppose to explain having a baby when Amanda hadn't even been pregnant?

Looking Up

Round 4 - LBU - Fall 2032
Last update/ Next update
Kayla Knowles, Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, Orlando Centowski, and Tosha Go are 18 (Cammie Samuels is 19)

Kenny couldn't believe that he was finally in college! It wasn't all that exciting yet, but he knew things would change soon. He and Brian had already come up with a name for their band, Mellow Metal, and were even trying to get the local campus pub to let them come and play. It would only be music as they didn't have a singer, but it was a way to get their name out there. Kenny thought it would be cool to be involved in a traveling band.....but for Brian, it was much, much more.......

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Round 4 - Fall 2032

Javion Carr is 1 this fall and is a little cutie! He doesn't look like big brother Kayden and for that I am very happy! (Excuse the wonky picture size and the action in the queue, apparently I missed this one in editing!)

Round 3 Summary

If feels good to have gotten through a round! My game is running pretty smoothly now and I am so happy about it! Lots of interesting things happened this round:

Marriage: Corbin Gray and Amanda Gray (Carlson)

Births: Javion Carr

New Residents: Celeste Sky (Andromeda Orionious), Starema Orionious

Pregnancies: Kinsley Knowles (due Winter 2032), Corbin Gray (due Winter 2032)

* I plan to restart collecting taxes this up coming round.
* I don't know exactly how I plan to proceed with Celeste and her mother, Starema. I don't want to just have all my sims getting abducted all at once so I may wait to get someone else abducted.....unless it just happens that it! I have higher risks of getting abducted installed so who knows what will happen, especially with my slew of uni students.....can't keep an eye on the all the time lol

* So I've snuck and sped through Corbin's pregnancy......the kid is totally awesome! But you guys will have to wait until the Winter to see him.......:)

Do You Feel Me?

Round 3 - Summer 2032
Last update/ Next update
Christian and Alana Brown are 35, Christa is 6 (Kip and Kimber Henderson are 38, Caleb is 11)

It happened 3 years ago. Three years. It still shouldn't hurt, but it does. Losing a child would always hurt, Alana supposed. Christian seemed relieved at the news. Thought they should wait to have another baby after he finished running for mayor. After he won. He was still selfish after all this time.........