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Round 4 - Summer 2033
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Donna Foster is 48, DeJuan is 45, Taesha is 16 (Brian Johnson is 18)

 DeJuan Foster could not believe his luck. His life had taken a complete turn since he met Donna. He was positive that he would be single for the rest of his life after Taesha's mom left. He grew up in Englewood and in Englewood a man couldn't be soft. He had lost the respect of most of his friends when he fell in love with Taesha's mom. She was known to get around and his friends just couldn't believe that he wanted to make her his girl. But he loved her. And the happiest day of his life was when she told him she was pregnant with Taesha. But being a mom cramped her style and she left them shortly thereafter. He was determined to be a good dad to Taesha and not worry about women anymore. But then Donna came along and just changed everything. He truly loved her.

 He had struggled to find a job after he stopped working for Derrick. But he just couldn't stay after finding out what Derrick was getting into. He still had ears on the street and knew that he was involved in even more shady stuff now. DeJuan had gotten out just in time. He promised Donna that he would go legit and he had kept that promise. He was now working as a repo man. It was a pretty solid job. He didn't have to put up with the bullshit that the other repo people did. He was much bigger than most people and they didn't want to anger him. They were afraid, and that just made his job that much more easier.
 Taesha was 16 now and DeJuan just knew that he was going to have to mess some little boy up over her. She was beautiful, just like her mother. But she was nothing like her and hadn't really shown much interest in dating. Donna warned him that it wouldn't last, but he just wanted to enjoy it while it lasted. He would cross that bridge when he got to it.
 Right now she was more concerned with completing the bug collection she had began as a child. She would be going off to college soon and wanted to have it done. She worked hard in school and wanted to earn as many scholarships as she could. DeJuan couldn't have been more proud of her.
 Money was pretty tight since they were helping Brian out with school, but he made sure to let Taesha know how much they appreciated her hard work. The gifts were small, weren't very much at all, but he knew that they meant the world to her. And he loved to see her smile.
 Brian was visiting for the weekend from LBU. He couldn't stay because of his responsibilities to the band he and his best friend, Kenny Coners, had started. Donna was just glad to have him in the house.
"So how is school going? What are your grades like?" she asked.
"Mom! They're fine. School is fine, I'm not going to flunk out or anything."
"I never said you were! How is the band?"
"It's going pretty well. We're getting more gigs around campus and word is getting around," he said.
"That's great sweetheart.......any girls caught your eye yet?"
 "I'm sorry! It's just that I talked to Tabitha and she said that Kenny had met a nice girl and....."
"Stop right there. I'm not Kenny! I'm just having fun, we're only 18 for goodness sake! I'm trying to talk him off that ledge as we speak!" he said.
"There's nothing wrong with finding a nice girl to spend some time with. Just make sure you're, you know, careful," Donna said.
"I'm so not having this conversation with you."
Well a mother could try couldn't she?

* Title comes from this song from Ginuwine

* Taesha is so pretty! I didn't even want to add any make-up to her because it actually takes away from her! She's a knowledge sim so boys are the last thing on her mind.......much to their dismay I'm sure lol

* DeJuan is working in one of the NPC careers that I got from modthesims. They don't pay much at all!

* Donna kept trying to talk about children while Brian was there and he just wasn't having any part of it lol

* Taesha will begin LBU in the fall of 2034. I'm interested to see what happens with her and Kenny since he had such a crush on her.......should be interesting lol


  1. You'll be surprised by those knowledge sims sometimes. Bill Carr is a knowledge sim and his antics during his teen years prompted me to go ahead and let him have a romance secondary.

    WCIF Dejaun's tattoo?

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  3. Apple Valley - Haha yea tell me about it! Celeste Sky is a knowledge sim and now that she's on Peragama, she's all about the love lol....DeJuan's tattoo is in this overlay box, which has lots of awesome tats! :

  4. Wow, Taesha is beautiful! DeJuan is going to have to keep a close eye on all the boys in the neighborhood when she finally notices them, lol. ;)

  5. I love those overlay boxes. I haven't used that one yet.

    But Taesha is such a gorgeous girl. I definitely think DeJuan is going to have to watch out for all those boys because even if she hasn't noticed them, I bet they've noticed her!

    Heh, Brian is still in denial, lol!


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