Friday, June 11, 2010

Something New

Round 4 - Winter 2033
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 41, Caleb is 13 (Alana Brown is 37)

 Kimber couldn't believe how big Caleb had gotten. It seemed like only yesterday she was holding him in her arms. Now he was 13 and was almost as big as she was! Oh, he still liked to play with that old remote control helicopter Kip had bought him years ago. And he still was frightened whenever there was a thunder storm, although he would never admit to it. But he was on his way to becoming a man, and Kimber didn't want to lose her little boy.

 A few years ago, girls were icky. While he wasn't talking about how pretty they were just yet, Caleb was starting to bring home more girl friends than was the beginning of the end as far as Kimber was concerned!
 Alana Brown came over one afternoon with a big goofy smile on her face. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary as she had been smiling that same goofy smile since she gave birth to her twin boys. Kimber envied her. She had always wanted another child, but it was looking like it wasn't going to happen. Alana had gotten on a fertility treatment, but they couldn't afford to do that. Especially not with Kip's job situation......
 "Have I got good news for you!" Alana said.
"I could use a little good news. What's going on?"
"I have talked my husband into hiring you as the new tax collector for LaQuest Beach!"
"Alana, I don't know anything about doing taxes! Kip does ours!" Kimber said.
"You know how to add and subtract don't you?"
"Of course I do, but...."
"No, no buts. Your main job will be to simply collect money during tax time. You'll also be handling the finances for the city. So when we have something built or need to use city funds for a project, you'll work with Christian in getting everything paid for. The pay isn't huge, but it's pretty decent," Alana said.
"I don't know what to say! Thank you so much, Alana. We didn't know what we were going to do!"
"Well I'm glad to help. And I have some news for Kip as well."
 "Well speak of the devil," Kimber said as Kip walked up.
"What's going on," he said.
"We want Kip to be the first principal and teacher of East High School," Alana said.
"Are you serious? Kip would be wonderful as a principal! He loves working with kids!"
 "So what do you say Kip?" Alana asked him.
"I don't know.....I mean I really don't have any training in working with kids. And I don't really have a background in education. And what Kimber means when she says I love working with kids, what she means is that I love working with OUR kid."
"Kip, if I didn't think you could do it, trust me, I wouldn't ask. Christa will be going to East High. I want her to get the best education possible. I really think you could be good at this. And the pay is much nicer than you were making at that law firm," Alana said.
"I'll give it a try. At least it's not small kids."
"We have someone coming in to run the new elementary school. I really think this will be a good fit for you."
 "Well I hope you guys don't regret it. I'll do my best. Hey, I'll get to be Caleb's teacher!"
"That's right, although I don't know how happy he will be about that. We need both you and Kimber to come to a staff meeting we'll be having before the start of the new school and tax season," Alana said.
"Thank you so much for this opportunity, Alana. We really appreciate this."
"I'm just glad I could help," Alana said.
And Kip was glad she could help too. Because for the first time in quite a while, things were looking up.....

*Not much happened this time. I created the Hendersons when I started LaQuest Beach so Kip doesn't have a degree by game standards. But in my head, he has a bachelor's and a law degree so it's not too crazy that he's going to be teaching. I was going to create someone to teach at both the high school and the elementary school but when Kip lost his job I was like, why not? And this way I don't have to introduce too many new people. So only one new family will be joining LaQuest Beach next round.

* Kimber finally just rolled the want for another child away. It's like she just gave up! It makes me sad, but I'm trying to stick to my fees and such and they just don't have the money to pay for that fertility treatment that comes with inteen. So unless they get really lucky, Caleb is going to be it for them :(.........


  1. Kimber can also sign up to have an alien baby. I'm sure that's affordable! ;)

  2. Aw...well, some people only have one child, whether by choice or because it just didn't happen for them, so it's realistic to have some Sim families reflect that.

    Caleb is such a great looking teen. He's going to have the girls all over him, so I think Kimber might be right that this is "the beginning of the end".

  3. Aww that's sad that she gave up on another one. :( Caleb is a cutie, I can see girls giggling for him in the upcoming years. This is the perfect family to become the tax payer and new teacher, they needed the finances. Maybe they will be able to afford fertility next year after they get some salary.

  4. It's sad for Kimber, not having another child after all these years, but some families are realy happy with only having one child.
    I know what you mean, it can be hard to have to stick to your own rules!

    Caleb is good looking teen! Are his freckels from a skintone or where did you get them from?

  5. Wow, I agree, sometimes one is all you get. The Dawsons were like that-before they adopted...then got pregnant with twins.

  6. Laurel Crossing - There's a whole different set of problems with her having an alien baby lol.....I've got to see how it works out for the Grays before I get someone else preggo :_

    Carla - Haha yep I think it is the beginning of the end, Caleb is too cute!

    Maisie - Yea I think it will be just what they need. Maybe they will be able to afford the fertility treatment next round.

    Tanja - His freckles are a skintone that he got from his mother. I'll have to look it up to find out where I got it from.

    Apple Valley - If they take the fertility treatment that comes with inteen, they will probably have twins too! That's what happened to the Browns


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