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If you could only see

Round 5 - Fall 2034 - Peragama
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Celeste Sky is 24

 Satitu had asked Celeste to move in with him, and she gladly accepted. She knew that her time on Peragama was slowly coming to an end and she wanted to spend as much time as she could with him while she was there. That's if she even went back to Earth.......

 They had settled into a comfortable routine of hanging out together during the days.......

 And snuggling up in bed at night......of course they didn't JUST snuggle some nights.......

 Celeste had finished the bulk of her training, but in her time here, Totia had become one of her best friends.....she would miss her dearly when she left. But if Totia and Satitu had anything to do with it, she wouldn't be going anywhere.
"Why can't you just stay? You know you like us better than those humans!" Totia said.
 "Why must we go through this every day? You know I would love to stay here with you guys...."
"Then stay! I mean you're living in this castle that Satitu calls a home with a male that loves you! What more could you ask for?" Totia asked.
"It's not that simple, Totia. Any way, since you're so concerned about my love life, how is yours exactly?"
"Non-existent, just the way I like it! I'm not ready to feel the emotions of some guy all the time. I like being on my own right now. Don't change the subject Celeste!"
"I'm not changing the subject," Celeste said.
 "You are changing the subject! This is your home Celeste. You belong here. What are you going to do? Go back to Earth and put those bangs back in your face and hide who you are from those humans? You're free here. Satitu loves you. I love you. Can't you just stay?" Totia asked.
Could she just stay?
 Satitu had no idea what he was going to do. He could hear Celeste and Totia's conversation from his hydro-chamber, or as Celeste called it, his pool. It was encased in glass and he could see downstairs through it. He knew nothing of humans really. The few things he did know didn't lend his curiousity to want to know more. He couldn't understand why she would want to run back to that. Or how he would be able to let her go......
 As he fixed them all dinner, he knew that he would have to try everything in his power to convince her that her place was on Peragama......and with him.
 "I've been telling Celeste that she will never see the stars on Earth as she sees them here on Peragama," Satitu said.
"Oh that's true. You guys have to look through telescopes to see them right?" Totia asked.
"Yes, we do. And you know we do. Is this the best you two can do? Stars?" Celeste said laughing.
"Do not underestimate my want to see you stay. It would be very unwise," he said.
"And I'm on his side, so you're double teamed," Totia said laughing.
Celeste didn't want to even imagine what these two had planned for her.
 She found out the next morning....
"So we will be having some guests later today," Satitu said non-committally.
"Guests? What are you up to now, Satitu?"
"Me? Up to something? I would never," he said.
"Your sarcasm needs some work," she said laughing.
 "It could be this way all the time," he said pulling her in for a dance after their breakfast.
"Satitu, I don't think you realize how hard a decision this is for me."
"I do. I just hoped that I would be enough to make you change your mind," he said.
"That's not fair! You know I love you more than anything else."
"I guess we will see, will we not? Go, get dressed. Our guests will be here shortly," he said.
 He invited over her cousins! The horrible, sweet jerk! He really wasn't playing very fair. He knew that she had always wished for family. And she had it here with Takiptu and Iranu. But she also had Starema back home.......
 "You know why you're here don't you? Satitu doesn't want me to go back to Earth," Celeste said.
"I do not understand why you would want to go back there anyway! I spent a bit of time down there. They are such primitve creatures," Iranu said.
"They aren't all bad. Some of them are quite nice. And if the King is intent upon knocking up humans with alien spawn, then I could be there to help. I know how tough it is to grow up being different," Celeste said.
 "That's a noble idea. But haven't you suffered among them enough?" Takiptu asked.
"I just really think I can make a difference. A friend of mine's husband was brought up here and they have a little boy now. He's going to have it even tougher than I did because he looks like Totia," she said.
"Oh, he's a Timtu. Trust me, he will be just fine. The humans should be the ones fearing him, not the other way around. Totia looks sweet to you I'm sure, but do not misunderstand. Her kind is capable of great rage," Iranu said.
 "I've never even seen Totia mad," Celeste said after they went downstairs for dinner.
"That's because we all know not to anger a Timtu. Humans would not be as wise," Satitu said.
"That's all the more reason for me to be there to help. The last thing we need is a war with the humans right? Isn't the whole purpose so that we may live among them?"
"She's quite stubborn, isn't she?" Iranu asked.
"Welcome to my world," Satitu said laughing.
 "The humans are such a joke," Iranu said.
"Have you seen their television programming? They think we're all green with irregularly shaped heads and huge black eyes. It's ridiculous," Satitu said.
"Come on guys. Aren't you being just a bit judgemental?" Celeste asked.
"They make fun of us and we're judgemental? Yes, Satitu, she is quite stubborn!" Takiptu said.
 "Thank you for coming by," Satitu said.
"It was our pleasure. I am sorry that we could not be of more help. We, too, would love for her to stay. But the decision is ultimately up to her," Iranu said.
"I know. I just can't imagine my life without her."
 Celeste went with Satitu when he went to work at his club, Pixie Dust. She had never used a bubble blower on Earth because it was illegal. But it was perfectly legal here and Celeste saw what she had been missing out on. She felt her problems just melting away.......
 Satitu needed a drink. He had made a decision where Celeste was concerned. It didn't make him happy at all, but Celeste's happiness was more important than his own....and it always would be, no matter where she was......
 Totia came and joined Celeste at the bubble blower.
"So you still want to go back to Earth?" she asked.
"Oh, don't come ruining my high with this nonsense! You guys act like I'm happy to be leaving!" Celeste said.
"Fine. Go. Make me have to make another best friend. I tell you what, you're selfish Celeste Sky!"
 "Come on now, Totia. We can't handcuff her and make her stay if she doesn't want to," Satitu said when he came over.
"Hey, I thought you were on my side!" Totia said.
"Sorry, Totia. I am on her side. I always have been and always will be. That has a tendency to happen once you mate."
"Ugh, stop calling it that!" Celeste exclaimed.
Satitu and Totia just laughed and enjoyed the moment.
 How could she leave this? Leave them? Spitera had been right, her life was at a crossroads......she just didn't know what path to take......
 No matter what she did decide, she knew that Totia Yidida and Satitu Oros would always be in her heart.....

* Title comes from this song by Tonic

* I've decided what I'm going to do with Celeste. Of course, I'm not going to reveal that until later :). Celeste's last update and decision will be Spring 2035. There is no solution in this situation that is going to make everyone happy, so I'm just going to do what will make me happy lol

* I am curious though, what would you like to see happen?


  1. Wow, not an easy desicion. I'd like her to return so that we could continue to get updates from her, if she stays would she become a non-playable playable?

  2. Apple Valley - Oh no, Celeste is one of my favorite sims! No matter where she goes, she will always be playable!

  3. Seeing she'll always be playable, I think I'd like to see Celeste stay. She's found her soul mate in Satitu and she's not going to find that again!

  4. I'm hoping that her staying is what will make you happy, cause it will make me happy too! She's tried it on earth, she was lonely, her dates went bad, even when they had kick butt names. Totia and Satitu really care for her. And she's with Satitu, I hope she stays with him.

  5. Hmmm... I think she should stay. Maybe then she can gather secret information and come back and Kick some evil alien I-will-implant-all-of-you-earthpeople-with-my-babies butt!

    Plus, she's happiest on Peragama, and that's what counts!


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