Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All that glitters is gold......

Round 4 - Summer 2034
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Tanner and Keisha Knowles are 45, Kali is 6, Kayla is 19, Ryan is 1

 Keisha loved being a grandmother. She always thought she would feel old, but she doesn't. It's nice to have small kids around again.....it's even nicer when Kinsley and Kevin come and get him!

She loved spending time with him. Ryan is a very intelligent young boy with a contagious spunky personality. Keisha figured that he got that from Kinsley. Kevin was much more laid back.
Since Kali had begun school, Keisha had gotten very bored with all of her extra time. So she became a landlord! She bought a property in downtown LaQuest Beach and was simply waiting for someone to move in. This would be a nice source of income and would give her something to concentrate on while Kali was in school and Tanner was at work.
 She and Tanner had decided to take a small family vacation this summer to Twikki Island. Kali was very excited and couldn't wait to buy a new swimsuit. Keisha had gotten Kayla to agree to come with them. It wasn't an easy feat as she didn't like hanging out with them so much now. Kevin couldn't take off and Kinsley didn't want to go without him so they would miss the trip.
As she picked out a little suit for Kali, Keisha missed her bikini body. She was almost 50 now. Oh she knew she looked good for her age, but she just couldn't shake the feeling that she was starting to look......well aged.......so she decided it was time to let go of bikinis and change over to a nice one piece. After she had one last swim in her favorite bikini of course........
As she walked back up to the house from their private beach, she decided she was being ridiculous......she still looked good!
They got up early the next morning to catch their flight out to Twikki Island. It would take them most of the day to get there, so they wouldn't be able to give Kali her surprise until the next day.
It was about 7 before they got to the hotel and by then they were all pretty tired. Tanner decided they would just check in and start exploring the island the next day.
Kali had really missed having Kayla around. Kayla wasn't the nicest sister in the world, but she was someone for Kali to play with. Kayla had to admit that she missed her sister too. She was getting so big! She would be a teen soon and Kayla knew the boys would be all over her.......and her dad and Kevin would be all over the boys!
They got up early the next day and Tanner and Keisha told Kali they had a surprise for her. Kayla knew that Kali was going to lose her mind when she found out what her parents had planned for her......
They bought them all tickets to Twikki World! Kali couldn't believe her eyes! She couldn't wait to go to school and tell all her friends how she spent her summer vacation!
Kali headed straight for the juggling clown. Tanner and Keisha knew she would love it here and they would have fun too........
They rode the rollercoaster........

Which scared the crap out of Tanner! Keisha almost had a heart attack!

Tanner thought he could redeem his girlish squeals on the rollercoaster by going through the haunted house.....which only lead to more girlish screaming........

Keisha decided to give her heart a break and simply play in the bouncy house.......

She also decided to ask Kinsley about her new nose ring.......
"How many holes do you plan to put in your body?" Keisha asked.
"Oh for goodness sakes mom! It's just a nose ring!"
"And they were just tattoos. How much do you think you have to decorate yourself? You're a beautiful girl, Kayla."
"You think this is about being pretty? It's about self expression," Kayla said.
"Yea? Well you need to start expressing yourself a little less!"

Tanner was forced to ride the roller coaser again with Kali. She was much more calm and collected than her father was!

They spent a few more days exploring the island and then it was time to head back to LaQuest. As far as Kali was concerned, this was the best vacation ever!

* Title comes from All-Star by Smash Mouth. It has absolutely nothing to do with this post, it's just a really up beat song and this was an up beat post :)

* This was the last post of Round 4! Lot of changes coming in Round 5, more on that later

* LaQuest Beach has tons of beaches and there really was no reason for me to have Twikki Island as a vacation spot.....now there is! Twikki World is this lot from modthesims. It has all the parts to create your own park, or you can be lazy like myself and just download the completed lot! Now my sims have a reason to visit Twikki Island as it's the only place they can visit and ride a rollercoaster! Everything in the park works wonderfully, including the merry-go-round.

* Keisha owns a house that I had her to buy using simlogical's lot rights hack. It allows sims to rent homes to other sims as long as they can afford to buy the house. Then the sims can move in at a reduced price and just pay the interest on mortgage shrubs on te lot. I already know who I want to be her first tenants :). They can also buy apartment complexes and hotels and recieve the money from the rentals. The properties still have landlords, playables are just the owners.


  1. Twikki World is an interesting place, I loved how Tanner squeled like a little girl.

  2. Oh, how fun! I love how Kali is totally cool on the rollercoaster and Tanner is freaking out!

    I'm glad you added the note about Keisha becoming a landlord (or landlady, I guess). I've seen that hack but I haven't tried it. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out for you.

  3. Apple Valley - Everytime he got on that rollercoaser he made that face lol.....Guess he isn't really up for that type of excitement!

    Carla - I have high hopes for that hack. It would help get rid of some of their money while also adding to their funds as well. It seems pretty straight forward, I guess time will tell how well it works

  4. Twikki World looks like a lot of fun! Tanner is hilarious with all of his squealing. ;)

    I have that lot rights hack, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I plan to have Waylon Menon buy apartment buildings when he gets to the top of the business career and be the owner for various apartments and businesses in town, but he's not there yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how the hack works out for you!

  5. Shana - I'm also building a military area for LaQuest Beach and I want to provide military housing at a reduced price for those in the military and I think I'll have the mayor own the lots so the money from them will simply go into the budget. There are just so many possiblities with this hack if it works well!


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