Monday, July 26, 2010

Brown Eyed Blues

Round 5 - Spring 2035 - LBU
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Mindi Mason, Slade Willis, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, and Casey Addler are 20, Taesha Foster is 18

I just want to hold her hand, be her man
I want to know if she'd take a chance
Cause I still have not revealed it
Cause I still get the feeling
That loving her is a game I'll always lose
I've got the brown eyed blues...

Brian never knew he could feel this way about someone. Mindi was the coolest chick he had ever met and he was so glad that he was with her. Sure, at one point all he wanted was to get laid, but things had changed and he truly cared about her now......he did enjoy woohooing with her though.......
That's actually where they spent most of their time these days. His life couldn't get any better. Jacob Ellison was helping them fine tune their band, he had a beautiful girl to woohoo anytime he wanted, and he was doing pretty okay in didn't get much better!
Casey Addler had kind of joined their group through his dating Tippy. Brian couldn't believe the guy was so smitten with her. She was insane! But Casey was very protective of her.....
"I'm just saying dude, Tippy is unstable. You sure you want to be spending so much time around her like that?" Brian asked.
"Hey, don't talk about her like that! Do I ever say anything about Mindi?"
"There's nothing bad you can say about Mindi," Brian said.
"Well there's nothing bad to say about Tippy. So just drop it," Casey said walking off.
Brian contemplated running after him and punching him in his face for talking to him that way, but the guy was in love with Tippy Dean. He was suffering quite enough as far as Brian was concerned!
Kenny was facing some problems of his own. He and Kayla had been spending alot of time together lately. And he was beginning to develop feelings for her, which was just not a very good idea. He had just broken up with Cammie and Adam had broken up with her.......they didn't need anything complicated right now.....
But his stupid heart wouldn't listen and would beat faster whenever she was around.
"So, we haven't taken a spring break as a group since we got here. So I begged my parents for some money and me and Tippy are going to Takezimu Village. We want you guys to come along," she said.
"Oh that sounds cool. Why Takezimu Village?"
"I've still got to work on my senior project. I have to take 10 pictures for my portfolio and I want them to be good pics. And Takezimu Village is beautiful. At least it is in the brochure I got," she said laughing.
"That sounds like fun. I'm sure the guys will want to go."
"Well this is a group trip, friends only. Tippy is leaving Casey here and Brian will need to leave Mindi. I just don't want to be subjected to all that PDA!"
"You know, there's nothing wrong with a little PDA. I would be happy to help you keep your mind off of it," Kenny said.
"You're so sweet, you know that? I don't think we would have anything on those guys. All they do is slobber all over each other all the time!"
"Well just know that my offer stands. Anytime you need it," he said.
It started to rain and he had to say good-bye to her. She really did have the most amazing brown eyes. Adam was a loser who didn't know just what he had in Kayla. If ever given the chance, Kenny would never make that mistake.
"You need to get laid," Brian said to Kenny.
"What?" he exclaimed over a mouthful of food.
"You need to get laid. I think that's why you keep putting these girls up on such high pedestals. First Cammie, and now Kayla. You want her? Go get her. It's obvious that she's feeling you," Brian said.
"I don't want to just "get laid." I want it to mean something when I do this."
Slade squeezed his eyes shut.
"That's such a chick thing to say man," Slade said.
"It's the truth. And Kayla has already been hurt once. I don't want to hurt her too."
"You're all in love with her already and you haven't even touched her. I don't think you have to worry about hurting her," Brian said.
"Why do you guys care about this so much? It doesn't bother me that I'm still a virgin," Kenny said.
"Yea well, it bothers us. You've had girls throwing themselves at you since you got on campus, and yet you're still the last one of us to get laid. Don't you think there's something wrong with that?" Slade said.
"No, I don't. It takes more balls to do what I'm doing than what you guys are doing. How easy is it to just get laid for the sake of doing it?" Kenny asked.
"Hell, not as easy as you would think," Slade said laughing.
"You're getting laid on this trip.......end of story," Brian said.
There was a new liberal arts building on campus and Kayla loved it. Now she had somewhere to hang out with all the other art majors. It was also another place for her to paint. Tippy also had classes there since she was a drama major. Tippy decided to tell Casey that he couldn't come on their trip at the liberal arts building. Hopefully he wouldn't make a scene!
"Awwww babe, why can't I come? I hear Takezimu Village is beautiful. We could do it under the cherry blossom trees," Casey said.
"As tempting as that sounds, Kayla is paying for the bulk of this trip and she doesn't want couples coming along. You know what that asshole Adam did to her."
"Adam's not all bad........"
"You're still hanging out with him? How could you Casey?"
"Because he's my friend. I'm sorry about what went down with them, but he's still my friend."
"Fine. Be friends with him. Make sure you tell him I'm still coming for his balls," Tippy said.
"I can't believe you're leaving me," he said.
"I'll make it up to you baby. You know I'm good for it."
"I'm going to hold you to that, lady. Is Kenny going on the trip?"
"Of course, he's part of the crew," Tippy said.
"How is that fair then? He and Kayla are practically a couple."
"They're still in denial. But I think this trip might be the kick they need."
"Then I can go then," he said smiling.
"Sorry hun, you're out. But I'll call you as soon as we get back and I'll start making it up to you," she said.
"I can't wait......."
It was taking time, but Kayla felt like she was finally getting over Adam. Tippy was a big part in helping her let it all go. Kenny was also a major part.........she didn't know where they were headed with their relationship, but she was excited. More excited than she had been in quite a while...........
And of course, Tippy was more excited than she was.
"So are you going to seal the deal with Kenny on this trip?" Tippy asked.
"Seal the deal? We're just friends, Tippy."
"Oh you are such a liar. Fine. I can wait to get all the juicy details later."
Kayla just smiled.
Taesha and Gordon decided to just hang around campus for spring break. They were officially a couple now and Taesha didn't want to leave Gordon behind. She had some things she wanted to work on for school anyway......
Even though they stayed in one of the cheapest hotels available, it was still very beautiful. Kayla knew she would get some great pics for her portfolio here.
As she checked them all in, she came to a decision about Kenny. She didn't want to rush into anything, but it wasn't like she just met him. They had know each other since high school. So why shouldn't she give them a chance? He was so much better than Adam could have ever hoped to be.
So of course, her first order of business was to ask him up to one of the rooms.
"Kenny, we've known each other forever, but lately things have gotten a little......complicated between us," she said.
"I know, and it's all my fault. I don't know, it's like I just woke up and looked at you one day and really saw you for the first time. I know we're just friends, and I'm not trying to ruin that......."
"Who said we have to ruin it? Why can't we just take our friendship and build on it, make it better?" she asked.
"Is that something you want to do? I don't want you to feel rushed."
"What do you want Kenny?" she asked.
"Then come and get me..........."
He finally got what all the fuss was about......woohoo was great! But he knew it was great because it was with Kayla.......
The rest of their trip was pretty uneventful. Kenny tried his hand at learning some of the local language. From the look on this local's face, he wasn't doing too well!
Kayla cornered the local ninja and asked him to teach her the mysterious ways of the ninja. After successfully answering his question, he taught her how to mediate and transport her body and spirit to other places.
Brian knew something was up with Kenny, and he planned to get to the bottom of it! He was acting more strange than his usual.......
And he couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Kayla. Brian had a feeling that ol Kenny had taken his advice. He hoped so, because his friend was just too sappy!
The next day they all decided to check out some of the sights and sounds of Takezimu. Kayla still needed to get a few more shots for her portfolio before they left.
Brian cornered Kenny as soon as he got the chance.
"So what's going on? What's with this stupid grin you've had plastered on your face?" Brian asked.
"What grin?"
"Seriously? You're really going to try that with me? How long have we known each other? This has something to do with Kayla doesn't it?"
"Will you keep your voice down! They're sitting right next to us. Can we talk about this later?" Kenny asked.
"You're damn right we're going to talk about this later!"
Later that night, Kayla was thinking about Kenny. And Adam. She was pretty sure she was over Adam, but she didn't want to hurt Kenny if she wasn't......maybe she should have thought about this before sleeping with him!
Brian and Kenny sat down at one of the tea tables and Brian started the questioning.
"You slept with her didn't you?"
"Yea, we slept together," Kenny said.
"Well how was it? She looks like she would be awesome in the sack," Brian said.
"Don't talk about her like that! What's wrong with you?"
"Sorry, how was it?"
"I'll just say this, I can see why you guys wanted to get me laid so bad," Kenny said laughing.
"My man!"
"What's so funny?" Kayla asked as she and Tippy joined them.
"Oh nothing. You wouldn't be interested in it. It's a guy joke," Brian said.
"Well that means it's not funny then huh?" Tippy said.
"There you go again, busting my balls. Why do you get such a kick out of doing that?" Brian asked.
"Oh you wouldn't be interested. It's a girl thing," Tippy said laughing.
They headed out early the next morning. After a good night's sleep, Kayla felt like she was back on track. Kenny was definitely the guy for her. And Adam Broaden could go straight to hell!

* I'm going to start putting up some of the lyrics that determine my song choices at the beginning of my posts.

* I never thought of putting Kenny and Kayla together, but they had their own ideas. Kayla rolled up fears and wants concerning Adam after sleeping with Kenny. They rolled away the next day so I guess she's just a little confused right now.

* Kenny certainly enjoyed woohooing with Kayla! And she had some fun herself. I always snicker at some of the sounds they make. Kayla was singing opera lol. And Kenny couldn't wait to tell everyone what happened:
Apparently he was very excited!

* I installed the clean templates and forgot to create some vacation townies so Takezimu Village was pretty bare. Does anyone know an easy way of creating vacation townies and tourists?


  1. "That's such a chick thing to say man,"

    LOL. The whole conversation over the table was great but I did giggle at that!

    I'm glad Kenny finally got Kayla. They're so cute together but I hope Kayla manages to forget about Adam. Kenny's the way to go!

    I know you're a member at N99, so if you'd like, you should check out the Sims 2 Pictures and Videos forum. The July Project was to make Sims and a bunch of us have uploaded the Sims we created. I've downloaded them all and have been using them as townies. Inge's Teleporter Cat made it very easy. :) That might work well to populate your vacation hoods.

  2. I hope she sticks with Kenny. LOL at Kayla spreading the news! Love the pic of them all walking onto the lot to check things out, they look like a big group of friends, so realistic.

    Ditto Carla at N99, there's lots of sims, and I put them in my vacation hoods too.


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