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Drops of Jupiter

Round 4 - Fall 2033
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Celeste Sky is 24

It's a weeeeee bit long, but so much happens to Celeste and I have to squeeze 4 years into 4 little updates lol
 Celeste never really looked at the stars. At least not when she was on Earth. To get a view like what she had now, she had to look through a telescope. It really was beautiful on Titusanera. And the more time she spent here, the more she didn't know if she wanted to return to Earth. Because, here, she fit in. And she had wanted that her whole life.........

 Totia had been training with her for months.....well, Totia called it training. As far as Celeste was concerned, it was torture.
"Do we really have to do all of these stretches and junk? I mean I'm sure you don't do this everytime you're about to fly," Celeste said.
"For the last time, you are not flying! You're levitating. There is a bit of a distinction there. It's not like you go zooming off into the clouds."
"Whatever, I really don't feel like it this morning!"
"Another late night with Satitu? You two have been seeing quite a bit of each other," Totia said.
"Yea, we've gone out a few times......we're going out again tonight and I have nothing to wear."
"Well we can shop.......after your lesson!"
 "Remember, you must inhale deeply.....release all the tension, nothing should occupy your mind.......your focus is to be on achieving the most serene, peaceful state of mind that you can. Only then is your mind free to explore its endless possiblities. Only then can you access those areas of your mind that make you different from any other being," Totia said.
 "Focus, Celeste. Let it all go. There is no criticism in the state you are in. There is no ridicule, no expectations. You're free, mind, body, and soul. Release your inner self!"
 "Holy crap, Totia! I'm flying!"
"If you call it flying one more time, I'm sending your butt back to Earth! Now focus, or you'll fall," Totia said.
"Like yesterday?"
"Yes, like yesterday."
 Soon the lesson, or toture as Celeste liked to think of it, was over.
"I really need something to wow Satitu tonight.....I'm thinking of maybe going to the next level with him," Celeste said.
"You mean mating with him?"
"Geez, is that what you guys call it? It sounds disgusting when you say it like that!"
"Oh, grow up Celeste. That's what it is.......there's something I think you should consider before you do that," Totia said.
"What? Will one of us die or something?"
"Sometimes, you say the most ridiculous things! You've been here for 2 years and it's like you got here yesterday! It's not that......I'll explain over lunch.....after we get you something to wear. You also need a gown for the festival the king and queen have planned for you tomorrow."
"Do I have to go to that?"
"Ugh, Celeste. Of course you do! It's in your honor!"
 Supposedly, the best place to get clothes was at Nefarious Supplies. Celeste had been there two years and had never been. The place kinda gave her the creeps.......and so did its owner.....
 Totia assured Celeste that Kito Dermone was a nice guy. And Celeste was sure he was.....but she had no intentions of finding out! She planned to avoid him for the remainder of her trip if she could. He just seemed so evil........had to be the eyes!
 Celeste kinda liked the first gown she tried on. Totia didn't agree.
"Red? With that red hair? Don't you think that it's a bit much? And what is with you and black?" she asked.
"What's wrong with black? It's slimming," Celeste said.
"You don't have anything to slim down! Next! And try something with color this time, please?"
 "I love it. But it's also the dress I'm wearing," Totia said.
"Well I'm not going in the same thing you are. I didn't really like it anyway....not really my style."
"Yea, it's not dark and depressing," Totia said.
"Bite me."
After trying on about 4 other dresses, Celeste found one she could live with. It showed more skin than she would like, but so did the outfit Totia picked out for her date. She wasn't comfortable with it, but Totia told her she never would be if she didn't at least she did.....hopefully Satitu would like it.
 They had lunch at Easy Eats.
"So what's so bad about me sleeping with Satitu?" Celeste asked.
"It's not that it's bad.......haven't you wondered why he hasn't tried anything with you in 2 years? I'm sure a human male would have tried by now right?"
"Well, yea. But I figured he was just shy, like me," Celeste said.
"Satitu Oros is a lot of things, but shy he is not. We are not like the humans, as I've told you. When we mate for the first time, we become attached to that person," Totia said.
"So do humans. Girls fall for guys all the time after they have sex."
"I'm not talking about an emotional attachment, Celeste. I've read some of the human poetry and they speak of "becoming one" when they are in love. Well, we literally become one. For the rest of our life, we will have a connection with that being. You feel what he feels, no matter where you are. There is an emptyness that was never there before when you're apart. It's a big deal. It's why I've never done it." Totia said.
"So there is no infidelity here? No one cheats? No one messes around?" Celeste asked.
"No. Never."
 "It is why he hasn't tried anything with you. You are leaving to go back to Earth......aren't you?" Totia asked.
"Of course I am! I've enjoyed my time here, but Earth is my home. It's all I've ever known."
"You don't have to leave. I'm not trying to encourage you one way or another. But no one would object to you staying," Totia said.
"I just don't you're saying if I try tonight with Satitu, he will reject me?"
"I don't know how he feels......but I can tell you this.....if he is willing to, knowing that you are leaving 2 years from now, then he already feels the connection with you," Totia said.
"Why does it have to be so complicated?!"
"Because we're complicated creatures."
 Celeste didn't know what she was going to do with Satitu. But she knew that for once, she wanted to be completely open and honest. As she looked at her face in the mirror, free of the heavy bangs she used to hide, she felt beautiful. That's what Satitu did for her. He made her feel beautiful.
 " look wonderful," Satitu said.
"Well, I figured if I'm gonna be here, might as well do as the Romans do."
"Romans? This must be a human saying," he said.
"Oh, that's right, I'm sorry. It's just that Totia always knows what I'm talking about."
"She has studied up on the humans more than I. I really had no reason to. Before now that is," he said.
"Oh. Well what are we doing tonight?"
"I wanted to take you to Tempora Satu. I know that Totia already took you there, but I have a dilemma and require an audience with our ancestors."
"Shouldn't you kinda do that alone? You know, in private?" she asked.
"I have nothing to hide, no reason to shield this from you. I think it would be a good lesson for you as well. Shall we go?"
"Sure," she said.
 As soon as they arrived, he asked her to sit down beside the waterfall.
"What do we do now?" Celeste asked.
"Now, I voice my dilemma and wait to be answered. You see, my dilemma is that, after over 50 years on this planet, I have fallen in love," he said.
"Oh. Lucky girl."
"It is I who is the real lucky one. But she is only here for a time. I do not know if I should continue down the path my heart has already begun. You see, even now, before consummating my love, I am connected to her. And when she leaves, I will not be the same," Satitu said.
"That is quite a dilemma. The lucky girl was wondering about this same issue. Totia told me about the powerful connection that is forged. But she said that it's only know."
"There are two connections. You see, we can feel this with anyone with whom we mate. But, when we meet the one made for us, whose essence is our pair, the connection is forged from the time you meet," Satitu said.
"So what then is the solution?"
"That, we must wait on," he said.
 He laid her down and pulled her close to him. As she lay looking into his eyes, she had no idea how she was suppose to leave him. She had never met anyone who made her feel the way he did. She had crushes on human boys when she was in school, but they weren't as all encompassing as this was. As she closed her eyes, she could hear voices......either she was crazy, or this place acually held some significant piece of.........something.
Andromeda Orionious. You have met your amourio, your mate, the pair to your essence. There is no couple in history that has been able to fight the allure of their amourio. This is your home, your culture, your destiny. No matter how you may fight it, Satitu Oros is your mate. It was decided even before you were conceived.
Could she fight it? Did she even want to?
 "Even if I leave, right now, and we never do anything, will we still feel this.......pull? Even with me on Earth?" Celeste asked.
"We will always be connected, Celeste. For the rest of our lives."
"So it really doesn't matter if we.....consummate it......then, does it?" she asked.
"The pull will be stronger, but it will still be there."
"I can't leave here without becoming one with you. Everything, my mind, my body, my heart, is screaming that this is what I should do."
"Are you sure about this Celeste?" he asked.
"Take me home."
 "Are you sure about this, Celeste? Because I don't think I'll be able to stop once I start," Satitu said.
"I've never been more sure of anything."
And she was sure. If she would be punished with forever feeling empty and incomplete once she headed back to Earth, then she would take as many memories of him as she could back with her.
And her night with Satitu Oros was the most perfect night she had ever had.
 As the sunlight shined on his beautiful face the next morning, Celeste had no regrets.
"Are you coming to this stupid party they're throwing for me?" she asked.
"It is not a stupid party. The king and queen do not throw festivals very often. You should be honored. And I would not miss it for anything. I cannot wait to see you in a dress. It should be a rare treat," he said laughing.
"Haha, I'll see you later."
"I look forward to it."
 She had never seen this much of her chest before......Totia owed her big for even agreeing to wear this thing! It was a pretty color.......and it did look great with her hair like Totia said it would....but she felt naked! Hopefully Satitu would really like it......Satitu.....she had no idea what she was going to do about him......
 The festival was being held at Peragama's little community center. It wasn't the formal, uptight gathering that Celeste thought it would be. But she shouldn't have been surprised. Smoking things that got you high wasn't outlawed in Peragama.....these people liked to have fun!
 The first person to greet her was Queen Kiteria.
"Andromeda, so nice to finally meet you," she said.
"Likewise. I'm suprised that we hadn't met before now. Starema told me that the King wanted to brief me about my human childhood."
"In due time, dear. I told the King that it was more important for you to get to know your culture, learn about our planet. He can ask his silly questions before you leave. Now please, go, mingle, this festival is in your honor," Queen Kiteria said.
"Thank you."
 Celeste also ran into Handida Spitera, the seesant.
"So nice to meet you," she said.
"You as well. Totia has told me that I would need to speak with you before I leave. That you had some things to tell me," Celeste said.
"She has informed you correctly. It is a request of the King that I give you a reading before........"
"Ms. Spitera? Are you ok?" Celeste asked.
Handida seemed to be looking right through her. She stopped in mid sentence and had a far away gaze..........
Celeste was more than a little freaked out by this little outburst. Handida seemed to refocus and excused herself......A fork in the road? A decision to make? Geez, what kind of psychic reading was that? It was all so generalized.....what the hell did it mean?
 As she was trying to escape the awkwardness of Handida's outburst, Celeste ran into another person who had her markings and eyes.
"Andromeda! What's going on!"
"I'm sorry, do I know you?"
"Not officially. I'm always getting ahead of myself! I'm Takiptu Orionious. Our mothers are sisters. I'm your cousin," he said.
"Totia told me I had family here! It's nice to finally meet you!"
"I have a sister who couldn't make it. But I'm sure you'll meet her in due time. Her name is Iranu Orionious. I know you have alot of people to see or whatver, but we've got to get together before you leave for Earth," Takiptu said.
"I would love that! I'm staying in Starema's house right now."
"Well I'll be sure to stop by."
 Before she could take a breath, she ran right into King Rolared.
"It is a pleasure Celeste Sky," he said.
"You called me Celeste. Everyone else has been calling me Andromeda," she said.
"I've had quite a few chats with your mother. She alerted me to the fact that you do not like to be called that. Was I misinformed?"
"Oh, no , no she's quite right! It is nice to meet you as well. I look forward to being able to speak with you about the humans. Maybe we can come up with something better than abducting them and turning them into incubators," Celeste said.
 "Your mother spoke of your stubborness. I had hoped that spending time here would have shown you what we are trying to save," he said.
"I can appreciate your cause. I just do not think that we have to save our planet at the expense of Earth."
"Expense? Do you not think we would like to simply go to Earth and request that they allow us to live among them? I will not have anymore of my subjects killed by those savages," he said.
"Savages? You call them savages, yet you're bringing humans here and torturing them and returning them home carrying alien spawn. Is that not just as savage?"
"We do not torture anyone! The procedure used is only mildly uncomfortable to them, and they are allowed to give birth in their normal fashion," King Rolared said.
"Men do not have a normal fashion in which to give birth. For them, it is torture," Celeste said.
"How many times have the human females wished that the males could feel the pain of childbirth? They resort back to their original selves once the child is born. If they were more accepting, this would not be neccessary."
"It is still not right. There has to be another way."
"Do not for one second forget that I am King. My audience with you is not to discuss a plan of action. We have chosen the best way to deal with this situation, and my decision stands. Do not forget where you are," King Rolared said walking away.
 She was torn. She didn't know where her loyalty should lie. Yes, the humans were not the best species. They had their flaws. And no, they had not accepted her when she was younger. But whenever she thought about Amanda and Corbin and Conner, thought about the love they shared, the love they willingly gave to Connor.........not all of them were bad.......but at the same time, this was her real was where her roots were..........but they abandoned her on Earth, she didn't care what the reason was........
 As she hugged Satitu, she understood what Handida was saying. She was at a crossroads.......she had to choose between her life on Earth, her comfort zone, the only place she's ever really called home.......and a life on Peragama with Satitu.........and she had no idea what she was suppose to do......

* Title comes from this song by Train........I forgot how much I loved them until I heard this song the other day!

* I went a little mad with the pose boxes lol......but I found a bunch of really sweet couple poses and I just loved them so much!

* Celeste is confused and so am I! She's so happy here and it would be so easy to simply let her stay.......but I think a part of her would really miss Earth.....she spent most of her life should she stay or should she go? I haven't even decided how this is going to end lol.....maybe I should create a poll :/

* I hope everything makes sense....I'm creating this little world as I go so things may not come off as I mean them's all a work in progress! We'll leave Celeste for the rest of this round and have her last two updates next round before she comes home......or before she announces that she's staying......who knows :)


  1. If you put up a poll, I don't even know how I'd vote! I'm as torn as you and Celeste are. It certainly seems like she's found her "one" with Satitu but she has a life for herself back on Earth too. Heh, maybe Satitu can go back with her.

  2. Goodness gracious! You must have a lot of fun picking out their custom content and such :P I think that Celeste should go back to Earth and help protect the people. If Satitu really cares, I bet he'll follow her.

  3. Carla - Such is my dilemma lol.....While I can understand her wanting to go back to her life on Earth, she'll still have to deal with being, for the most part, alienated by humans. Nothing has physically changed for her so she would still have to deal with that......but staying on Peragama would simply be her running away. Not to mention her strong feelings about what the Titusanerians are doing to the humans....sigh.....

    Tessa - I don't have a much custom content as I would like actually lol.....They still have so many things that the regular sims have just out of me not being able to find things more suitable to aliens.....but I think the differences between LaQuest Beach and Peragama are pretty significant......If I send her back, I don't know how she would be able to protect the people.....she's still learning about the capabilities of the Titusanerians and isn't really prepared to take them on.....not to mention I think the humans would think she was a nut!

  4. Btw those circles on the floor in the next to the last pic are what they use for beams you to different floors and only takes up one square....wish I could use them in LaQuest Beach!

  5. Wow-Celeste is at a crossroads and I feel her pain about the vague reading-What the Heck?!?! Good thing she got it for free :p


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