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Never Knew I Needed

Round 5 - Spring 2035 - Peragama
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Celeste Sky is 25, Satitu Oros is 62, Starema Orionious is 160, Totia Yidida is 54

It's the conclusion, so of course it's a bit long :)

Celeste had definitely not been looking forward to this meeting. She knew that King Rolared would want to know her decision. She really hated her conversations with him.
"So Celeste Sky, have you made a decision? Will you be staying here with us? Or are you returning to the humans?" he asked.
"Yes, your Highness, I have made my decision."
"Well, let's have a seat then," he said gesturing toward the couch.

"What have you decided?"
"I have really enjoyed my time here. I've met the most wonderful people and made some friends and have learned more about who I am. For that, I will always be grateful. But if you are intent upon continuing on with your plan, then I think my place really is back on Earth. I know what it feels like to grow up and feel different. And I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So I want to be there for those kids who are going to be born in LaQuest. They need someone to be there to help them understand where they come from and why they look so different. Unless you've changed your mind?" she asked.
 "I cannot change my mind, Celeste. Our survival depends on us blending in with the humans," he said.
"Well that's more of a reason for me to go. I can help make it a smooth transition for everyone involved. Its the right thing for me to do."
"And what of your life here? I know you have grown quite fond of Satitu," Rolared said.
"Yes I have. But we are going to find a way to work it out. He knows how strongly I feel about this."
"I commend you, Celeste Sky. You have a kind and caring heart. This is something that will take you very far in your lifetime, no matter where you are. I have a proposition for you," he said.
"What kind of proposition?"
"I agree with you. We do need someone on Earth to help our offspring. I do not want them growing up not knowing of their heritage. It would counteract what we are trying to accomplish. I would like for you to be an ambassador for Titisanera."
"An ambassador? What exactly would I be doing?" she asked.
"You would speak on my behalf with the abducted party. Explain too them what is going on and be an aid for them in raising the child. In some cases, the parents may not want to keep the child. It would be your responsibility to either take them in or find another home for them. I would also expect reports from you," he said.
"How do you know I won't try to warn the person before you have a chance to abduct them?" she asked.
"Because we will not let you know their identity until they have returned to Earth. We would also expect you to bring the children to Peragama before they reach adulthood so that they may see exactly where they come from. Will you do this?"
"It's basically what I was planning to do on my own. So I accept your offer. I will receive payment for this won't I?"
"Yes, we will pay you. We have studied the monetary system of where you live and are able to replicate their currency," he said.
"Well, I guess you have yourself an ambassador!"

"Live well, Celeste Sky. You will go far in your life, your heart is that of a warrior. It will aid you much."
"It was very nice to meet you, King Rolared. I look forward to working with you to ensure things go smoothly. Goodbye," she said.
"I have a feeling I will see you at least once more before you leave," he said smiling.
"Ummmm, ok. Well, until then I guess," Celeste said a bit confused. He would see her again?
She jogged back to Satitu's house. She was so conflicted. She would like nothing more than to just stay here with him, but her conscience wouldn't let her. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if Connor and the other innocent kids that would be born into this shitty situation had to grow up feeling alone the way she did. She just couldn't allow that to happen........
"So how did the meeting go with the King?" Satitu asked.
"Pretty well. He offered me a job as an ambassador for Titusanera," she said.
"Wow, that's great! I can't believe he offered you a job! What would you be doing?"
"Just basically helping the kids that are born on Earth. There's really not much more to it than that. I can be there and help them understand what's going on! It's the perfect opportunity. And I'll know about every birth in LaQuest Beach."
"I'm really happy for you," he said.
"Are you? I know this is hard for you. It's hard for me too. I just love you so much......"
"Don't. We promised that we wouldn't waste these last few days talking about how we don't have much time together.  I don't want to do that."
"You're right. Let's not do that," she said.
"How about I take you out to eat to celebrate your  new job?"
"Sounds like a plan to me!"
"I can't believe my mate is going to be an ambassador for the King. This should really help business boom in the club," Satitu said laughing.
"Like you need any help! Everyone in this city knows who you are and love coming to Pixie Dust. I don't think it could get any more popular!"
"Eh, maybe. Who knows....."
"I know. You're a hardworking, successful guy. It's one of the reasons I love you so much," Celeste said.
 "And here I thought it was my good looks," he said smiling.
"Oh, those are a big part of it too, trust me!"
"How about we head over to Tempora Satu after dinner? I think you should see it at least once more before you go. Maybe the elders have some parting words for you," he said.
"I don't know......they may be pretty pissed that I'm leaving. Everyone else seems to be. I haven't talked to Totia since I told her."
"She's just going to miss you. She'll come around before you leave, I promise."
"I hope so," she said sadly.
"We haven't been here since that first night," Celeste said.
"I know. I never thought I would find my amourio so early on in my life. I have lived 62 years on Titusanera, and I have never met anyone else like you. I suppose I was waiting on you," he said.
"I always wondered why nobody on Earth wanted to be with me. I thought it was because I was too weird, too different. Now I know, it was simply that I was suppose to meet you. I don't know how we are going to make this work Satitu, but we have to. Because I can't go back to any kind of existence without you in it."
"Then don't.........."
"I could stay here and try to salvage this life, but I have no life without you. So I want to share yours, even it that means moving to Earth. Will you marry me, Celeste Sky?"
"Marry you? Oh, Satitu, I don't want you giving up your life. What about Pixie Dust?" she asked.
"We'll work it out. My knee is getting a bit tired here, are you going to give me an answer?"
"Of course I'll marry you! I love you!"
"I love you too. I have one more surprise for you as well," he said.
"What could be better than this?"
"We're getting married tomorrow."
"What?! What do you mean tomorrow?"
"Celeste, I want us to be married in the place where we met. I don't want to be married on Earth. I already planned everything out," he said.
"Confident, weren't we?" she asked smiling.
"I knew that you loved me. I knew that I loved you. So yes, I was confident. Your mother will be here in the morning, Iranu and Takiptu are coming, so are the Kind and Queen........and so is Totia."
"My mother? Totia? She's really coming?"
"Yes, she's really coming."
"I guess we're getting hitched tomorrow then! I love you so much, Satitu Oros."
"How much?"

She took him home and showed him just how much..........

Starema transmitted in early the next morning.
"Oh, Andromeda, I've missed you so much," she said.
"Still calling me that huh, Starema."
"I wish you would call me mother. I'm so happy for you, he's a good guy," Starema said.
"I know. I really lucked out."

"I was hoping that you would want to stay here......" Starema began.
"Don't start that. I have to go back."
"I know you do darling. I think it's a wonderful thing that you're doing. I am very proud of you."
"Are you really? I know you may not understand why I made my decision."
"No, I do. I wish someone had been there for you when you were growing up. I would like to stay with you and Satitu if you would not mind it," Starema said.
"Are you kidding? I want to eventually have kids, and I know nothing about babies! I'll need you around."
"I'm here for you for as long as you need me. Always."
Totia arrived next.
"Hey kid," she said.
"Don't hey kid me! Where the hell have you been?" Celeste said hugging her.
"I was pissed when you told me you were leaving. So I decided to just make a clean break. But then Satitu called me and chewed my butt out and told me he wasn't going to allow me to break his fiance's heart. Then he told me about his plan and I decided to just hold off until today. You know I like to be dramatic," Totia said.
"I should punch you in your face," Celeste said.
"Nah, you'd never win. I'm a Timtiu. Plus I taught you everything you know. So are you ready to become Mrs. Oros?"
"I've been waiting on this my whole life. At least, that's how it feels," Celeste said.
"So where are we doing this?"
"He fixed up Pixie Dust and we're going to have it there. Starema is here."
"Yea, he told me she was coming in. So what is he going to do with the club?"
"He's still going to run it. He can transmitt in a few times a week and let his staff handle the rest. He won't exactly be able to get a job in LaQuest for a while. We've got to figure out a way to get him citizenship," Celeste said.
"That man loves you, you know that? He's giving up his whole life."
"I told you we need to find your mate," Celeste said laughing.
"I've told you I don't need that crap right now. I don't want to be all consumed like you two."
"Yea, yea yea. You're not going to run off right after the ceremony are you?"
"No. I'm sorry for how I acted Celeste. I've just never had a friend like you before and I'm really going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you too. You helped me figure out  who I am. I can never repay you for that."
"It was my pleasure. I've never been to Earth. Now I have a reason to visit," she said.
"You're welcome there anytime! We can hit the beach," Celeste said laughing.
"I've never been  to a beach.......sounds like fun. Come on, hun. We've got to get this show on the road!"
Satitu did a wonderful job on the club. It looked really nice. And everyone was gorgeous. Celeste started crying as soon as everyone arrived. All the people who had made this trip such a beautiful experience were all there. It was almost too much to bare. She would miss them all dearly.
Satitu couldn't imagine his life without Celeste. And he wanted to be wherever she was. He wasn't excited about moving to Earth, but he was excited about his new life with was sure to be a crazy ride.

 And just like that, Celeste Sky, or Andromeda Orionious, became Celeste Oros.

Totia would miss her. But she wasn't lying when she said she planned to visit. She couldn't let the best friend she had ever had just leave without ever seeing her again. King and Queen Titsen were very happy for Celeste and Satitu. She was a wonderful girl and a shining example of what Titisanerians were capable of.
Iranu and Takiptu still didn't understand their cousins obssession with the humans, but they would miss her when she left. Starema was so proud of Celeste. She left two Earth years ago a very bitter and resentful young girl and would return a strong confident woman. Starema could not ask for anything more.......except to hear her call her mother, just once.
Satitu Oros was the best thing Celeste never knew she needed. And she was so glad that she was forced into this trip. Because of it her life would never be the same........
King Rolared came up to Satitu after the ceremony.
"Congratulations, son."
"Thank you, Your Highness. I am so glad you were able to make it."
"I would not have missed this for anything. That is a special female you have," King Rolared said.
"I know sir. I am quite lucky," he said.
"I heard you are going to keep your club."
"I am. I'm just going to transmit in a few times a week," Satitu said.
"That will be quite uncomfortable. I may have another solution for you. We have a vehicle we have been testing out for travel to other planets. I would like for you to have one. It will make it much easier for both you and Celeste. It is my wedding gift to you both."
"Oh thank you, Your Highness! You are too kind," Satitu said.
"It is my pleasure."
"Congratulations darling," Starema said.
"Thanks. And thank you for making me come on this trip. It has been amazing," she said.
"See, mother always knows best," Starema said smiling.
"Don't get too cocky, mother."
"You called me mother!"
"That's what you are, aren't you?" Celeste said smiling.
She never thought in a million years her life would turn out this way.........but she couldn't be happier if she tried!

Extra Pics

Mr. and Mrs. Satitu Oros

Totia, Celeste, and Satitu

Celeste, Starema, Satitu

Who says kings and queens are no fun? As soon as it was all over, Kiteria ran over to start spinning.....I think Starema is a bit confused at her behavior!
Totia decided to belt out a few tunes on the karaoke machine. She sounded terrible, but it looked like she had a lot of fun!

* Title comes from this song by's from the Princess and the Frog soundtrack :)

* Whew! So this is how it all ends, I hope no one is disappointed. I was on the fence about what to do until I ran across this career on modthesims. It was a sign! So she will be at the top of this career and she will help Connor and all the other little alien spawn adjust to life among the humans. I couldn't let her leave Satitu behind though, just didn't seem right.

* I've added alien abduction to my ROS and now all abductions will happen by either that or accident. I don't want TOO many aliens running around :)

* Satitu is now a playable and he and Celeste and Starema will be living in Lorrington. They have a nice sized house there. I have this cool space vehicle for him to drive when he visits Peragama. I will still show glimpses of Peragama and talk about the characters there. And of course Totia will make some apperances :)


  1. That's a wonderful career for her, I am so excited that she's going back to LaQuest.

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  3. That career was made for her!! I'm so glad you found it, and went in this direction. I didn't care where she ended up as long as they were together.

    Though I will miss the scenery and vivid colors.

  4. What a great career for her! And with Satitu moving to Earth, I'd say she's got the best of both worlds now. :D

  5. I'm glad everyone is happy :)'s the perfect career for her!

    Maisie - We'll still see some of Peragama as Satitu is keeping his club and Celeste will have to check in with King Rolared from time to time....not to mention that we can't leave Totia completely out :)

    Carla - She really does have the best of both worlds!

  6. I guessed right. I thought that Satitu would come to earth to be with her and he did.

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