Monday, October 11, 2010

Everytime I close my eyes

Round 6 - Winter 2036
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Jacob Ellison is 37, Lorelai is 31 (Kimber Henderson is 44, Adam Broaden is 22)

It feels like spring time in winter
It feels like Christmas in June
It feels like heaven has opened up
Its gates for me and you
And everytime I close my eyes
I thank the Lord that I've got you
And you got me too

Well it was official. Lorelai and Jacob were going to be parents! She was so excited, but so scared at the same time. When the doctor called her to tell her the good news, she almost dropped the phone! She was going to be a elf mom.......

Of course Jacob was beyond excited....
"I'm going to be a dad! Oh baby that's so great! I'll teach him how to throw a football and how to play guitar and maybe even the drums and......"
"Jake! Slow down! And what if we have a girl?" Lorelai said laughing.
"Oh she can still play guitar and the drums. But I'll need to go buy a gun," he said.
"A gun? Why?"
"Because if she is even half as beautiful as her mother, I'll have to beat the boys off with a stick," he said smiling at her.
"How about we just wait on the gun buying to see what we're going to have," Lorelai said laughing. Jake always knew how to calm her down.

She and Kimber Henderson had become really good friends and went out to lunch at least once a week.
"I'm glad we're friends and everything, but I gotta tell ya, I'm so jealous of you!" Kimber said.
"Jealous of me? Why?"
"Me and Kip have been trying to have another baby for years! But I guess it just wasn't in the cards for us. Caleb is destined to be an only child," she said sadly.
"Oh don't say that. It could still happen."
"I'm 44. If it didn't happen when I was in my 30's, I doubt it will happen now," Kimber said.
"You never know........"

"I'm really enjoying being the tax revenue specialist for the city. I've stayed at home, writing my books for so long, I forgot how fun it is to have somewhere to go every day, you know what I mean?" Kimber asked.
"Hmmm? Oh yes, I know how that can be," Lorelai said distractedly.
"What's so interesting that it's pulling you out of this riveting conversation we're having," Kimber asked laughing.
"Do you see that woman?"

"Oh my, she's very........odd isn't she?" Kimber said whispering.
"Yes she is. She reminds me of this new student I have........" Lorelai said trailing off.
"Yea? Why does she remind you of this student?"
"Oh, it's nothing......just a coincidence I'm sure........."

Things were going very well at The Hub. So well in fact, that Jake had decided to make some changes. The restaurant part of the club wasn't doing very well and he decided to take it out and turn the second floor into a lounge area. This also allowed him to put a nice office upstairs for himself.

He hated to let the kitchen staff go but he really had no choice. He knew that once the baby came he wasn't going to have as much time to devote to the club. He didn't want to worry about whether his restaurant was going to bankrupt his business. They took it well. Well, about as well as one can take getting laid off.

The only person from the kitchen staff he kept was Tessa Gunner. Instead of laying her off, he promoted her to club promoter. She was a very charismatic person and Jake figured she would bring in alot of business. He would really need her around when he took some time off.

He also decided to promote Adam Broaden to manager. He was fresh out of LBU with a degree in economics and Jake thought he would do an excellent job. Adam would run the club in his absence.

Although he knew it annoyed her, Jake couldn't help calling home to check on Lorelai. A baby! He almost couldn't believe it. He didn't know how much of Lorelai's......."talent" would be transfered to their baby, but he didn't care. Their kid was going to be special and spectacular, elf or not!

She couldn't believe how lucky she had gotten. Of all the humans in the world, she gotten the best one of all!

* No Lorelai isn't the Oops sims are just so rabbit like! I decided that she could go ahead and try for a baby since they both constantly had the want and since Jacob doesn't have a traditional job and could keep the baby while Lorelai still goes to the school. They got pregnant on their first try when I removed the birth control! They really wanted a baby lol

* I don't know whether or not this baby will be the heir to Vasadori. My requirements are still a child that inherits the elf ears so we'll see. I plan to do a mini-update with Lorelai visiting Austra in Vasadori, so more on that then.

* Baby Ellison will be here Summer 2037. This kid can't help but be cute, look at the parents!

* Does anyone know how to get rid of that glitch that sometimes causes sims that you hire to lose their make up and eyebrows? Tessa looks ridiculous but I can't fix it! I tried to make her selectable and send her to the mirror but she changes out of her work uniform before the window pops up.....Maybe I'll just let her work in her street clothes.


  1. These two are such an adorable couple. They're going to be fantastic parents! It would be nice for you to have an heir to Vasadori but it would be less pressure on the kid if they weren't, I think! Can't wait to find out.

    Weird, why Tessa changing out of her work clothes? Have you tried not bothering to make her selectable and using InSim or SimBlender to change her appearance? That will have the same effect as sending her to the mirror.

  2. Hmm, I'm not sure abou the glitch, I know it's widespread though. Wait, so their baby can be heir to Vasadori as well? I thought it was only the light/dark elf baby thing...I'm so confused.

  3. Carla - I will be explaining it all more soon.....I think I've finally got how I'm going to let this play out. I'll have to try that simBlender idea

    Apple - Since Elvin and Tessa's baby didn't have the ears and the prophecy only really says that one parent has to be human then they could possibly have the heir since Jacob is a human. The dark/light elf stuff will play a part later. I promise to explain everything :)

  4. Congrats to Lorelai and Jake.

    Jake did the smart thing remolding his business. Those restaurants take a lot of work.

  5. Yay! I'm glad to hear that they're having a baby! I can't wait to see if the baby inherits the elf ears.


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